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BJ & Jamie - Sean the super model - Recap. (2/7)

Feb 7, 2014|

Last night was Sean's first time on the Runway.


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-- -- -- -- -- -- Pictures. You handsome animal -- employ a star wise but did you like you haven't a little bit make an -- -- -- I don't. It's amazing -- just a little bit of -- and just take guidance this dark out from under your eyes and stuff. As brightened just a little doesn't have now made that a bunch of stuff in my parents made it really hard to where -- media -- him to bed. No no comes aren't available only to leave and I've been nickel and the guys -- yeah I've been delightful and a little pieces back. And the -- bought us gala thing here yeah and it rubbed off on the Dallas hasn't you can push it. No big deal it it was awesome I had such a glass. -- on that first. This on Wednesday at super not a super sized model last night supersize yeah. And -- was the only man on the catwalk he was he was on the catwalk last time for the goodwill yup. I guess he had their annual laden what's called exactly sure on this goodwill. -- it was goodwill exchanged. Camp and that they were just had chided create awareness for their goodwill and net you know is lot of nice clothes there who were doing at a clothing sloppy could bring your clothes in. And swap out ten articles clothing. And it was awesome. Yeah -- I mean clues yet on did not look like it will handsome than some may donate it looked like it was purchased -- -- So one of the vests yeah. My outfit and you know I had to Kashmir events I never saw a picture of the Prada Shoes. There are other area but I did I didn't see him that night and -- me there that's fiction I didn't see him again Felix infection the Prada Shoes that you want so badly that. -- -- purchase -- -- badly wants and that keeps tennis and I think he's about -- born he really does. I can't feel the pressure on the shoes and that and nine cents. Each time all. -- -- brown shoes they and sterility and -- -- skin and something I don't. That's Kobe beef -- and the. Louisiana and media laugh. 150 dollars hundred. Just one discipline and and they came off a dead guy. That's BJ's the area. I don't think there because I vision Scopes -- like brown -- moral blackness and I instantly and got real 15100 dollar bearish news notes cubs though he'll Wear whatsoever on them -- -- -- guy. Is the black that I hope he preferred black issues and therefore he donated at Doral and terrorists use. Because they weren't used to that black -- issues. Just -- would day. And I'll dial back that's why and donated them to do that's what happened they usually -- that a black right gets damaged. Is there are blacks so hard and remember I screwed that one of your black -- in his business class. While one of the event the 800 people showed up last night Jamie -- Now that you 800 you know why just to see sounds like the well I'm sure a lot of them were there for that athletic as sincere. I got a lot of -- That it is -- side edited it got me off guard -- maybe a little nervous. Did you feel like your file to run until like this is your calling against Islam and. Yeah I think that I might be a runway model I think there might be a runway model in me who really -- yet and there's a little Libya where you. Lance and I stumbled along so. Literally you just got my turn who where do you think -- next game against who who who you get a -- for Dexter well I'm not real sure of -- I'm sure there's some opportunities and they need the full figured male model. And I think that on -- got. I think I'll candidate and possibly low and pick up my stuff and answers and other than another agency or something important and technical problem. -- that's what we need you know you need need need an agent like the lions club that. That is yes but or yell -- -- see out of that place the. College unfriendly to -- Big -- -- and there aren't enough. A third president passage that's your yes no built the lodge where the -- yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you can deduct the VFW lodges -- -- -- fashion show you should give a lot of work and I'm probably the -- My destiny yeah yeah deep pitcher in ancient yeah I -- California. You know Disney though for -- I know yes it was a long day and did a fabulous job and you look terrific may -- -- really at. -- a model he did. Sexy. You know I felt I felt good because of the closed it good and they they were really nice clothes and so I feel pretty. Pretty proud that you are surrounded almost gorgeous women follows women backstage Seattle. You know they say that there's like different things you can do that will actually change -- personality here for -- like when I got this long hair -- hair extensions. You know the -- academy don't you know Denver. When I got here since I just felt like sassy here at prettier -- intensity yet that's. And so from -- others ala options like we'll get her hair caterpillar editor. -- -- makeup or whatever but silent night. He's shoulders went back he just felt really good about themselves so I think volume -- get on to new outfit this weekend and see the changes you're. The attitude to have like he was like bitch -- haven't seen her around and stuff he -- yeah he's like how he didn't mention that he got like he got his main card down while. -- yeah I usually just just from reading all doled out with knowledge. Yes -- -- -- good trip and I tell you what it was Franken about this morning which which I was waiting on him to bring up there and he's not doing you know he's got a bit embarrassed well I think he thinks that -- is probably gonna punching when he gets home but but but I thought I'd bring it up is sub. Jamie he got dressed and I'm dress. In the same dressing room with all the TV -- women. Writes yes he watched him. Brett you're not completely -- don't know you know. All right in this very that was an Olympic gold lead and in day old dale what's your name. See here's the deal cedars and day where no well I I see -- -- -- these booms around -- stops they were getting -- other Al backstage -- outfits and get everything in the right play as usual in -- skirts down and he was telling me about it he was all doable. He was like I'll teach you shoot. They're these girls being leaked -- through shirts that -- -- -- -- believe that's in the world I yeah ice on the mall and close friend at yeah. So what little cold front I picked it. I didn't -- Your system have been. I I think he's gotten. And that's what he told me when he -- Even bragging goes dude you're not gonna believed as we reduce dangerous in -- these girls were hooking each other they were changing thousands -- front of me. It was called breach. That's what he was bragging I feel at the Pineapple Express -- yeah. At -- Attribute it what do tell the and a -- and use anger as he got what Mitt beat. Well on the you know what general rule before they get this yes. The minute we're all there yelling about -- -- -- a little plot that. Yes and tells what went on each Hezbollah has the biggest boobs. Clinton in a month that eluded the pictures without. -- did you know that I. It got to go to your -- and the thing is that's what he was bragging about what your wife's boobs look like an and then you're looking at those pictures the only one has like as you know I mean. Not as -- but. Big boobs is believe -- -- is my. You're just. The message goes -- get -- and -- I don't know that's exactly why he was simply -- modeling world because you have to share dressing her with the girls. Man. Well we're all that -- skin preempted ready or not I mean it's business since this. Like your -- and -- now apple yeah. Obviously. Yeah I really well and as a result business not all business every day of his -- the daily and Sunday they have to know he's an and it ends. This should that a yeah. He's done I think that I know John goodwill and after this and also did well there's so much fun. We'll -- at 757. Wake up with BJ and G weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 10 I --