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BJ & Jamie - This show is getting healthy. (2/7)

Feb 7, 2014|

We are all getting more Healthy.


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-- I don't know if you realize this or not people but this year was change if we are very and changed. I don't know if it's before -- very -- on our speakers but on the shows change. Adoptive adopted a whole new attitude around your. Lifestyle. Her differently Jamie got to treadmill allow last night I didn't. I don't have a song that. I had changes -- add new attitude. Well thank you. But she got a treadmill. You're gonna change in -- all except in Pasadena yesterday that that dad is dead -- best predictor of the future is the -- Knighted say that the someone's that was that was a Dr. Phil is somebody in the best predictor of the future -- the past you know this that -- -- -- had that big. Bulletin -- -- know what I'm saying is -- treadmill yesterday because of the quote that I BJ that I meet here on the show. I'm just showed him a little -- the credit for May come -- but you can bring your Dr. Phil and -- predictor -- the past his future all of the features but what was it I said yesterday take you up a light went off in your hands and you say you know what. He's right you said. Well I I can't wait to have another guy entered Tuesday's cheeseburger. It's not -- -- Tuesday through that message is a separate restaurant her -- third movies -- -- Is an honesty and -- I said I had a cheeseburger the day before Brad and I sit at some point that it's time to change my lifestyle. For the better in -- but I don't do it today. I probably will never do that's let -- that's what I said and so I said man -- -- Libyan. What did it's that hard to even remember you can bring in Dr. Phil you actually I didn't really. Okay here's basic rights of art is not done. Being silly but he said that I I don't think I'm ever in changing if I don't just change and averaging Dallas delivering this NASA. The Arab -- guy so I got my treadmill. That's how -- it is I think it was a little bit more eloquent to draft. Send us that that's the like like -- never changing is not about me and I don't like when I say sure I guarantee him -- all. Africa -- something about that you never changed and you won't change. It's time for a change I guess I should thought it was more relevant than that now looks like. You know. One of those quotes like it was lazy streak and the reason yeah poster. He's had some others yeah they get -- sky mall she came out. Please tell it like you don't eat you're worried that you never gonna change your life I was gonna live like that and AMP don't start changing -- -- -- -- changes so you decide that you're gonna change because. If you don't change and you'll never change you know is live like that he wanna change -- so yesterday all right so you get to treadmill right I did get -- You may realize that the you don't decides in Georgia and. So I go home yesterday -- Denton a guest than the few minutes in the recliner yeah I'll admit there's a few things I did don't normally do. And all of a sudden this show -- so called the doctors. Well -- Travis Travis he was the backs Travis what's store worker stocks -- -- yeah he was a bachelor is hotly was he's. He's got a new book out. And it's called the doctors -- okay I've been watching this all at least one day at what they used to play fed that OBG white girl she's not anymore. I don't care about her coupons. It was a book yesterday. And he said the most important meal that you could eat during the day is your breakfast and I skip breakfast all the guys are being part of my second. This is because of ice I skipped breakfast. That's a part of my bet your fat this is you miss a meal. Is that what I'm getting here. So part of mine and he's fat because dramas and -- Well yes in a way that is correct. Part of my sentences are missing a -- of him so as of today I decided that I was gonna bring in yogurt a banana something just something to. Eat in changed my way of thinking in the way of up eating and my eating patterns I'm going to be healthier. So you're adding more food to your diet and that's gonna change your life no. Yes that's what you say. Well it's complicated and what happens is that I I often. I skip breakfast and I don't eat only the afternoon and then I'll go to -- eating in the -- that all fat stored up and I'm gonna. Eat it early so burdens off during the day that's what -- -- I think your cabinet that you have a problem because we both come from I think is -- late night -- examines what are they. You need at night. I have just raving. There's army's grip -- peppers. This breakfast is great thumbs. I have this late night habit of getting up in the middle of the night like at 12 midnight 1 o'clock. Don't go down and have some Oreo Cookies. But there's a -- some kind of candy and -- anybody's nutty buddy -- nutty buddies but I'm gonna cut those out at a stop buying them. Hey you know -- I've imovie and I believe -- and why reaching into I took the lab changes -- you know if I if I Wear wedding dress Ireland my bad my arms. I'm engine they are not I'm changing because a why is sure on a male model and I'm not well you weren't asked I was impressed. And residential to itself -- Well you know it's kinda get bad in and I don't mean this against us but I am gonna. That fat jokes aren't working on Shawn -- -- Because you're now heavier than him. Hurt. That's not true again yet this does not true he who -- yet how much do you way short. On the farming -- on the exact I'll I'll -- the exact -- and -- -- -- -- you are you are heavier -- him now. Amish UH so than fat jokes -- work and -- to -- ATU at. 230. -- -- 231. And about seven at the -- event. Yeah. But it honestly about 42 to their forty to 5239. And a half -- it -- imagine fifty. You are about to -- 8%. -- morning. We're changing our lives around here and just -- a bad -- gets on -- working now begins did the heavier guy. Then it's not funny emergencies not as heavy as he Lebanon and we go out in public people look at -- and go -- Why he has to get on this because he's not -- think this guy's legs in the economy the end and that's not a. This -- and congratulations on that went ethnic thank you. -- -- -- Just economic and with the caveat that thing because not funny -- fanning the Marisa what we're gonna send in -- Tiger won six. Explained everything why you should eat breakfast in the morning and it likely sit. Back and at least within ten minutes when you wake up and how. Oh yeah okay and yeah not at all if you do like a quiet and protect as. Really try to team because what if your idea doesn't like -- can mount so when you wake. Don't care and that's not true is doesn't he wakes up at 2 AM and hasn't anybody. So I'm not starvation mode as he never writer -- I starvation. But a nutty buddies. And that might help a lot -- Is the -- you know Chad is is today we can't go to -- bar. Let's -- problem. The is that training you realm that we can't get there for our double cheeseburger you know what come hell or high water we will get to that -- we can't LSU block all of that -- and we will take the back -- Well I don't know -- Come back through British -- coming through large super yeah. Yeah. We are part of our -- but I -- -- -- -- in -- your cheese burger day I'm not changing everything in my diet that we -- today TT. Yeah I think it will part and the other thing is that there was a train derailment and get hit the but there the trees -- the track what went off the track exit is crazy these two big huge wheels. Let's to get the gas station which would have taken out but bar while in today alien. I think would impart -- that -- the tracks and maybe walk over them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And get probably currency's safe -- -- times seemed you know when that tape of the. Either way -- with a Mark Halperin describe secret we have our Friday every Friday but Bernard King maybe this is Jesus. Maybe Jesus what she did she is an intervention right so -- he do -- the trains in front of bugs so you're mad there we can't. Sorry I am an -- and -- get to disarm it's great well. Yeah -- you know let it Stacy -- -- -- -- can shoot the food over -- -- delist its banks and its yummy this. So what easing Sharma the derailment. Well you can see the actual footage from the gas station as the train derails and then the wheels come role in -- way -- know what a car -- -- -- double leg and back up the others have car they're right at the railroad and then he gets the late and then here -- the -- As the head into the guessed that today. Di -- holy Moly. That bodes wasn't taken out there I'm an unintelligent of this cheeseburger on the planet. And the -- if Yemen never had it's you know fun little it's a little hole -- so good habits. Everybody in Colorado knows about it I think adding didn't -- so it's been around not and should now yes -- said that whatever of the little -- in Madrid Italy where. Right like try to count yeah. Everybody -- is right anyway he got there okay. Wake up with BJ and JC. We didn't morningstar's thirty Dejan palace -- -- and.