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BJ & Jamie - Missing plane. (3/11)

Mar 11, 2014|

We all have a theory on why the plane is missing. what is yours?


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Jamie no one has heard the underwater camera attached to the black boxes there should be good for up to thirty days. No emergency locator beacon signal and no radar track showing where the plane might be wild and crazy. And this is is missing in action this is a little weird story the mystery of flight 370 where is the airplane so. Where did take off from Malaysia -- Malays. Yeah inflationary took off at that. -- -- -- How -- -- was headed to headed to Beijing. And then it's announces Mason and it would it's been here for a couple of hours this happens over the weekend it was what last Friday before punting -- -- thanks and in that fight got into the air for two hours. The net -- contact with the airplane and then nothing. Nothing they've found nothing in three days which is like unprecedented. Because we have an air crash you find something you flood debris field you find the seniors some old bangers or what are Rua called. And the flight box you find something and it's -- It's OK yeah and Don again a minor -- yesterday's like. I'm no way you know -- some believes of those people under DIA irrelevant and an alien aliens and alien base under a CIA right. Is so he thinks said that that the mother ship need to be fixed -- said because Asians are so Smart -- that they that they chose that that claimed that a lot of Asians -- just a Smart again thanks all the technology. On their mother ship this is -- to me yesterday who he didn't -- This day and I. Like almost -- racist and -- that's been here. -- they miss you should plan because calling them incredibly intelligent brand -- yeah well races against us guys who are saying yeah. Our power you know our race right saying that they picked this plane because there were a lot of Smart people out there. -- -- that's my theory I mean they're not gonna grab a plane coming out of Denver if they. It's a terrible -- -- I have. Take a plane if your mother ship is breaking down -- and computer work heat you've got to pick up somebody who can work on a computer. So -- it's not like the display was captured by the Geek Squad and a -- hear him mention of his breaking down and they need the intelligent A agent. I shocked how many people that are going on like CNN. In these major Fox News these major networks -- Actually believe what you believe he now. Are people that brought yesterday I'm sitting there watching CNN at Indiana guy out there he goes well the this could be that defining moment in Anthony. Was he goes this could be the defining moment you know -- touchdown -- on the -- to be that defining moment -- we can't -- there's -- -- we didn't touch on the -- it was really a videotape remember -- -- -- -- we did some studio -- always -- state Syria and that's -- and didn't spend more yeah. This could be that defining moment of this is just plain is never found and we find out that there are. Aliens out there that -- -- there is. And Bermuda Triangle no no no this is who subtle world. Harris passover we mentioned some below -- you a lot of people don't listen over there could expect that that is not like this not a whole plane and several hundred people. I here's a bit creepy to add to your -- while I so there is this pastor and I guess during a July 2013 sermon. He yet he's of Nigerian pastor. And he warned of an Asian airline accident involving the deaths of more than 200 people. He said the crashing because by a problem with the plane and that could've been detected the plane been properly inspected. Told don't forget this some Nigerian man to them Niger you're -- about pastors and Nigerian pastor. -- -- name if you wanna know is TB Joshua good -- with you predicted. Should listen to TV. And tell him. They're saying now that that because it's taken so long because it's down 345 days into this thing that everybody. Like 90% of the population here in the US has developed their own theory they have their own thought as to what happened. Now short thinks it's aliens he truly believes it rightfully you think it's him. The jets had to read -- -- you what do you think -- it -- seriously and I think in disintegrated. -- he -- -- explosion on the course I think I can remember when Hawaiian Airlines start peeling away Alia and all those people and the whole airplane is started peeling away. -- -- people how. Now that's what I think happened there and they were really I have there and they had maybe AM how would -- call in the fabrication. Menem something that was weaken the fabrication -- So you think of playing just completely fell apart admits guy yet and they just haven't found debris field yet -- could take a long Tom -- I think OK can I think here's what I think happened. Remember back -- now that Goldberg got to when he died wouldn't put that plane went on a cruise control. The yet nothing where answer yeah Stewart. Remember they they were in the airplane like six different people in the loss compression inside the airplane ride in the plane flew for another like three hours yen before ran out of gas yeah I think that's what happened. I think this airplane loss compression and I think everybody on board to die that. Indices on cruise control it's somewhere in the jungles weigh in -- -- not looking. Osaka but I but he did the math. Not known and unknown if it loses complete compression if big tires compression system or decompress. You know inside the the airplane the mask everything nothing can work you know because that little -- thing and now they make private jet pilots Wear oxygen I don't -- been -- crazy really the -- -- loving it and -- and so I think somewhere like just -- in the jungle somewhere. Who -- the pain. How come they have been able to pick it up on GPS it's Wii and an iron and in a decision that radars and it's it's a lack. It's terrible thirty days I. Actually of all three theories that talking about. And he got a theory three a 3.2 L-3 0322. Alice what do you think happened because right now nobody knows nobody knows anything. Up all three series right -- to take because if you include the painting what what happened to the paint much -- paint. Right now your theory has more credibility than any of us -- -- remind us. Nobody would start paying. And distant Aggies celebrated as well they can't add anything can disintegrate. Not black box yeah picking and -- no cheating. I know I understand there may not too -- banking. Everything everything you're saying that this is an anomaly that that black box was destroyed. The -- was destroyed everything was destroyed and disintegrated yes place that theory I don't. -- -- -- I don't know. This is one of the big it's huge mystery. It's crazy it's just it's it's it's like one of those some stories to suck you win and you can't get enough information. It's like I can't wait to find out what the truth is what happened to this here. Right that's where is that area it's like areas not -- area 51 with good talent out of 54 of them -- studio. Disco was nothing but that doesn't sound like an anomaly that could -- -- Against Leonid -- and -- -- the RNC Agassi at about. I'll get a good luck with that on the -- do what Vijay usually the Palestinians know ideally I have to -- you see a closed system and all I -- -- ideas and Jessica and I barges tied. -- And I didn't really need change their I have an open -- military. Yeah. Yeah I really you really need to make him I mean I don't wanna me Vietnam's embattled governor about where they're. Scared of being on can't afford. Yeah and it's not adding up. Others say what is stolen passports -- from a guy who was trying to seek asylum. He he ready to get the hell out of dodge and the other way and I think they've cleared haven't they. And it should discuss too stupid and not capable of doing. Terrorism act is what is it about the other guy. So I I I think I think you support terrorists and if they -- -- thinking along that lines in this could be duplicated somewhere else in the world I think it would be putting out warnings and blah blah -- I think they really truly believe it's got nothing to do with terrorism that way that's why they're not playing that at all. I -- you don't open won't they can now I think you know on doing our thing you know the the under blanket this Canon greater. -- only -- -- -- the search area under the embargo would have been my what are your your inability signs aren't sort of. Something I was counting her you know. He knows that the Pacific -- -- yet well I have I was only two in Atlanta and that -- and lots thanks Jessica that. And she dumped the fifth Arctic. I I don't know I don't know what's happened this -- he's just such a mystery Alexis has a theory okay. -- -- I it was a well. I hope that may be in the first came and -- it. -- -- -- gasoline. I do you know I think yeah. Here we don't -- kids there -- about a third deck ballistic museum of this guy yeah it's. If you watch the Flintstones. You give her credit only that you give a mother -- credibility that the at at at at at I think -- mother ship makes a lot of dealerships are -- o'clock. Makes more as a -- clothes. Makes more sense. And then you're married to actual. Tackles the big -- 200 million years that we know love -- -- Jurassic Park exactly -- look look look -- all right well they got lectures series we have John. I got high and it. John are we doing this because last I saw where they're saying that now in America 98%. Of us have developed our own theory to what's happened this airplane. What are -- very stupid one but I haven't. She's I think -- like this to continue booked a white lawyers and basically look I import. And I am. I. That steel group. Hamburg so you're saying this airplane flew back to not like 1954 something yeah yeah. Well it's sort of like older street every event remember you know mr. -- doctor Eric paper up -- and Eric Barton -- exactly exactly. I I think that would set up flux capacitor. And compassionate. Is getting screwed up dude I think -- -- a wonderful -- sitting down and drinking Beers -- our producer she ought to think that. Doesn't sound a lot of life that he knows we're talking about a year Portman all -- like exactly exactly yeah. -- -- I yelled thanks done. And. So. Why are you guys. And pocket the -- -- seeing each in this just my opinion one opinion shift gears here to show last. -- They are living in the show lost right now they are on an island -- now there's some guy out there -- -- -- gung ho. Letter to completely out that order you'll walk out there doctors saving people. You know we got a modern day pop star and hear people. There's a fat stuff. Bad -- -- you think that the. Now stands theory. Unfortunately also it and they're on the island of Hawaii I don't think there and Eric worked all right. So hopefully it's you know to -- environmental -- All our have you ever seen Gilligan's Island. -- -- -- that. -- -- -- I know there was a professor on this airplane didn't do it I. Irish banks banks that's a good actually it is a good and I we have modern -- -- lost Lydia is -- is that this is really hard to -- and Indians there and I had Lydia. Eric hello. I senate and the -- outside a completely ironic that we are on the brink of -- -- Cold War with Russia and a large plane -- -- -- hundred. People -- -- people. -- Bit. Then in Iraq and I'm thinking presented for. You know North Korea you know they've Ben -- in an ailing list is North Carolina isn't a. -- -- -- I heard yesterday the North Korean theory. Because that guy's been on like you know he basically just all gibberish. Since it Dennis Rodman who are there he's an all gibberish and he's finally acted shocked this thing out of the sky. -- -- He quit throwing huge government slogans. And it ocean a couple of weeks ago let me ask you must end -- -- -- so. The I'm -- announced that the latest. On the same team at that I can I am at a RO LD is now Hunter -- at her. New England I'm just so crazy -- everybody has a theory I don't think our last when he went in the F I here's Joseph I don't. Yeah. I guess my wife -- a pilot and hurt pilot trends claim that pre 9/11 there -- a lot of chatter about. Terrorists trying to actually steal claim. And they would turn not transponder. Fiber route -- there's no reason urged the big -- the plane is sitting on the ground somewhere and I ran. That's -- her I. I saw -- -- -- -- yesterday in this what makes a lot of sense that these people were are -- they just cut everything off until Covert and missing sitting somewhere in the Third World country. That they solely airplanes and everybody on its hostages. Having that that would be crazy having gotten a letter is not yet the ransom note in no not yet. Well that's a that's a good I mean that's good -- good and that you know I mean that's -- possible yet you right. Very plausible that this could happen because it's one of those in the were -- yesterday when I heard this theory. But it's one of those of like look you think you have those buried you think you've got those down. We can still do this it's kinda like you know. -- flexing their muscle showing showing US we can do this bill. -- but why wouldn't they take I -- you know. Domestic fight because it's harder -- mean. Don't say it's hard to get a US flight so they went for you -- no matter where he can't it be she's touching your muscle to say we can do this. There somewhere in the world and middle attack. The pilot actually carried on. Sorry. All of our domestic flights the power to actually carried on the Democrat. Yes. I would like my friend who I know his captain but at the picnic they hit inside and even ice pick yeah what would it. I got one bullet. In the Big Apple little passing it to region of Edmonton you why it's a pilot. Your -- a pilot. He these -- I was gonna it's not government at a news that he was in about what was she commercial -- just spread it yeah that's what it was good students and his connect adjacent -- and -- say -- -- and I know it's not brain and it's mean and I know them a check. -- raise it well I don't like it when chicks are behind the wheel. On a flight yeah me. Did you see it a lot actually. What -- you see a lot of it more than and it seems like they'll argue flights have added I don't know they seem a little bit edgy yeah. Amenities that downtown -- I'm with you know that. They seem a little. It's Hilo big key run and no Dolly and I feel like they're gonna panic but we've got pro -- We have that one lady over the weekend who read into that skydiver you know -- -- parachute out of the federal lady was 87 here is what she say that deadline back off she she actually did quite well. A woman pilot via a picnic if she could run out of the -- Who wanna die the pair's students she hit in mid air. That's the -- video of this happened in Florida it's -- little -- coming off the ground she'd do it touching -- Lady do would touching ghost -- she runs through a parachutists why even parachuting onto runway. That's a stupid move -- -- -- but they let you know flipped. There is. We seven week and would gain -- and -- I mean we we've accomplished enough and should GS at this woman does not have a driver's license because he's our minor points. Absolutely when we have. Things they haven't it's addicts and it's a PGA hence we see -- Mornings on Dallas 105 now.