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BJ & Jamie - Moving in too soon. Sean & Shaina. (3/17)

Mar 17, 2014|

Sean and Shaina moved in together after just one day... is that too soon? Bj says yes!


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Jamie you know I bet you when you're working with somebody for a couple years -- so. You know everything there is about the person because you've been out with a person you've been drinking with a person that eve -- you know had so many conversations and yet on Friday. I find something out about Sean and chain and that I'd never heard the full and I am super shocked. There's swingers now known and I knew that part out at me. -- No no a New Mexico flashiest. I've known about what -- thing -- -- anywhere big -- -- -- back tees off from new customer to death not known about that. That they're new artists know why I know about that tonight I found that out along the way good. That -- is actually getting on finding that the that the first time this morning action but I. Not enough not enough we're talking about people that I. Let your children know when we're talking about Eugene you were talking about doing good. I don't Wear big -- Alvin and I calculated as you are and I'm not aware of what's Yeltsin's idea let's go back to -- that you guys that kind you get when you are a -- today there are certain things we do know. -- -- -- Is it that's you guys are 50%. They didn't -- -- -- -- yeah -- around nude yeah you know like 75% most -- actor. Okay it's true. But on Friday we'll talk about Cheney and and doing things kind of the -- backwards who would be you know looking at a house pretty sad and down on house or somebody before you -- -- sure why -- commission on pops up in talks about how he moved in with his current wife she -- A the first won't. They move together -- let's. With the with the -- it to that at at that it just it was. Perfect amendment in -- and I met we spent a couple hours together and within that timeframe we just knew that that moment at least two hours we would be together forever yeah a couple hours as he knew -- just lived together the elitist really be together forever and so we spent Friday night together and then that next morning we both left to other camping area and that I just had to go right to our house. Well I okay well I agree with you Vijay and I went from. I do think this does sound slowed cheese ball and I had to address and science and they -- and -- challenging and dynamic -- -- -- -- holiness. So I don't wanna get on the cheese ball you know. What he's gone and I can have you thinking. I can I feel like. Like glee is -- -- -- the first time I met him last year like I knew I was gonna spend the rest my life with him. -- would have never taken that step to move in with him the very next day. Know you've got a lot of comments and story well I wouldn't because yeah I wouldn't be very cautious you know holding hey I don't know I'd like this person I can tell that this person's gonna be great for me and that would probably have something clicking year. You don't literally -- in -- they were at a camping site they came back to town he went and got his stuff not only his golf people got his. Nick Price is just her house and little -- yeah. Until that's so weird. I didn't bring it keep its kids back till the next day so after the yes exactly so tell me again Friday -- team in the hunt and I just told him that I. Friend of mine and lower -- and -- and and -- we're gonna be standing here for a little while and they -- back and forth between their mom's house and our home. But they just do the. Home I'm home they called our home in one day heads yeah. We did our home they went back and forth between their mom's house and our home into the and that's. Did she throw the flag and say hey wait a minute that boy I think this might be just a little bit too quick now he didn't say anything and elderly kids. I policy fifties era I think two and four. The fifteen years a little kids to a four year -- is that you can imagine this is right totally. McDonald's. Happy meal and a picnic and it just seems OK that's the -- like there's that. Question is so great with -- -- -- and she's fun to be around with knowledge she was some crazy. You don't nut job that -- doesn't do drug -- he drinks a little Italy on weekend and I. I can't get she's she's a wonderful person and it's all worked out the best don't get me wrong and I. The big picture but it was better hit that son had that kind of stability eight and act at. Act that is just I can only imagine what I was saved from by being -- -- because I had just come out of a relationship you know Coleman's that are a little bit earlier than now. They're not a couple months earlier and now he's -- minutes. Hi I I don't know what I was kind of in a weird state right this was looking for some things. And and got provided me -- CNN and it's just -- provided CNN with I don't know we've just been to get -- now what is the verdict and what are you living and I was kind of stand in the band but it was in the house with the kids and their mom in Morocco have a dating. -- he -- man that's I was in the car will not come out of my VW up -- -- and you running and they hand you reliving the vehicle an abandoned house that as the wife was still there the kids -- -- still there the -- was still living in the same and so he had visitation in the -- your mom's my. -- -- And I they -- a -- married then we had two children. OK let him. It's and they they were in the same house we've heard these stories before we're okay where everybody asked to stay in the same house because of financial reasons -- her kids are staying in the house again today he's running and then one of those guys fans like as you know pop up I gotcha yeah. Yeah hypnosis is still no plan. -- ovals leg and ban can be like hotel room. At the same time and visitation was in the main. Yeah incident and she was Eli went into the house -- and Alamo -- The kids came to visit you in the -- -- -- that we Gervais that hey it's my kids. And Townsend and can land was in the driveway. All of the visitation how I understand how -- -- hallows I just slept in the answer at this is the weirdest thing I don't. Okay so then let's like scroll for any goes to this -- I don't know this bay conveyance. You know life and bands it was not help -- band was called upon the upon but there. -- you will -- -- -- as -- yes but but but but. And you proved in the next day his genius with the kids yet this gave them ball around. -- -- and -- this program together among them I am. He's very mysteriously given you went to we showed no genes on to something here you went to a show called bombs and band can. Christ put you guys again there are that's -- I think. Modern day bomber blew -- this is our. Final I thought I -- he knows what Murray is so it's the modern day murder rap. I don't know it is not a about it and it just worked perfect for us and I know are not alone I know there's plenty of people they had met their perfect. Spouse at some sort crazy party or someplace he should not meet someone. Just like you know and watch in those two on Saturday watching her and -- DOT -- I can tell you guys are on the same project you guys are still in love and you guys still -- each other that I'm surprised you don't live with each other right now. Always want to know I don't know we have kids that rush on well. The -- that's a. Yeah yeah. Well there's that big a difference a meeting somebody and at first sight he realized I could spend the rest of my life for this person and literally moving in the very next day of that person with your children. There's a big difference there. And I think let him hey I'm I'm gonna seek an independent convention crazy but yeah. But I think there's also different when you have the tune of four year old and there aren't kids from the other side. So you don't have to blamed anything right you know there's no blending plants it thinking about the situation wasn't real good. -- outside the enslaving. You sound crazy idea of -- I know -- I didn't I didn't. The reason why don't we waited a year is because we have yeah. -- when he hit we have known we have families to blend in as a major -- you know is on the same page. 88 you you you're sitting back -- -- saying hey yeah I think there are a lot of people out there and a -- -- -- the first time just know it was right just moved in the -- now up but you can't get one call somebody that met somebody on what day and moved in that very same day challenge seem. OK with Charlie she will -- the drug induced. So when they had a story like that ever. -- Diet Vegas and I was married and took that back -- -- nice but yeah. It is our runner up but the bachelor and the TV show that -- business. He was this I was bachelorette she she he was the second runner up you most married she didn't pick him and so I was married and he's like let's get married I was like. That does night when no human realities and yeah and is if you domino I don't know this. I don't wanna get meant little this at all. I don't know I did OK I would say let's take some calls and I don't -- get one call as -- I get my and my husband or wife and. I've heard of people moving in the first week you know within a month what -- I mean I've -- of quickie but this is just way over the top you meet somebody in a -- the band's show. The next morning you short the doorstep with your kids. So it was what ten hours ten -- and yet. Literally ten hours later and if you think about that five hours -- but still they knew each other for -- war -- hours. It's every line is -- don't tell me united Heather look at I didn't own tether you to move in the first day did you. Next I can tell us -- -- Oh about sixteen years ago and I and my head and can I got a -- -- How would it work how important leader to chat. And he called me that I would but only on the sound. Young outs are about when he yelled. At a forty year old driven home. It looks like them and that I would consider the rest IST. Yeah even yeah. But now -- we went to breakfast the next day I went -- -- how we get right. Listen to what you're saying you've got a child you've never met this person the only perverts -- -- We we are Atrix it's -- or how I children together. Is that crazy like a winner I sons and seen a little bit crazy love story but yeah like. And every way he saw her face to face for ten hours you spent your time it's ever been moved in the next day. Eat well we only went to action. You know. Or five hour week at. It didn't practice on they had to the kids the park. It's better and better. Get a better. It's getting better because before she was just on the phone but now they they went to breakfast so they had may eggs urged. And then they did it to -- kids -- went down a -- and then they moved it Jamie what's fun is this don't you. You know I mean look you hear what can I how can I argue with fifteen years. Between Heather and her husband and saying -- and -- on fifteen years like I don't argue with that. -- We're definitely not the norm. And you know it worked. I don't know how to argue. With the success that everybody is Katie you know and I mean here you -- Aren't just -- is all weird to me. It's not only that I had about an injury. An -- and Eric -- together. That's almost LA. But you're in Korea out of laying everything out and -- -- yeah he did for protection from the. How are we know by military. We're going on nine. And I can honestly -- -- I -- I can't act curious. Or -- your wedding anniversary. Smiley is a new theory here's my new theory DJ -- -- you only have seven -- -- So you to figure that like let's pretend that they I'll do what you did and so they really I'll have only been married seven years OK you know enemy. Get to be taking the time that you and rightly so I went to and then not college Eagles did eat. All these people really haven't been married fifteen years. Is the first I was getting to know each -- I guess it doesn't really know region when they moved in together they aren't eating the first part like your show rounds wife Teresa. -- -- -- -- are we going to -- We're doing great calling up to win some money with the secret sounds like the fact that I only know what she. And let's move in the very first day. It ever did. On my parent it -- I had eighty bet my mom actually love it without a good -- never write anybody except on. Is that we did they just drove up its bandwidth -- scrap -- is hit it looked to air act apple. You didn't see anything. I'm so I was shocked -- shocked we cannot have children. I didn't take very seriously should not contribute your children to -- anybody can I do believe I can stand by that. I'm -- but I wouldn't got about it and Mary you know I I am. He's talking about going going to marry you he's telling you this on the first day. That. Is the winner in elements that I mean they ended up with. First I guess to just move -- -- and to a different driveway and -- Expect. -- He got. At least some of the kids. Yeah allegedly that was happening on the other side apparently allegedly and so like a built in my arm for the kids like a great. There's no -- for -- Not -- and I would have sixteen children who are able Atkinson. I think that we -- kept having our own children. We weren't able -- together. I'm saying you know first day there's only upside for this. Yeah. Like you know breakfast candy how you have in some notes the Europeans that -- -- and I -- When. I'll if you ever seen you could totally miss out on your true that. It's totally agree was that a 100% and you. Can sabotage yourself because I've done it last year. You cannot deny it would over I'd say too much. We will have -- each other and then where would we be. So they decided keep apartment I just nobody. In the -- say it's. It makes easily dated for a couple months you would never lost each other. Or -- -- Hillary. Actually. Think when you know you know BJ. Yes. That's how I was yeah yeah. W van editor cute the next -- the movement and I I don't I don't know weird but here I'd guess I don't know. -- weird because I can't. What did you really yeah I'm so torn between both sides yeah my eight and mice my intelligence tells me. This is it really dumb bad idea but the reality is everybody has called it lasted for fifteen years every line is load up. -- kind of people that's done this enough to tight -- in this and I know I don't wanna be on and and I tell you get to get that big tree and it -- like bad those those sick being levied heavy people that's awesome. -- It is the first time I'd like. Malone. And known and not the island -- -- The -- for a little while I'm known that you do you've done and over a period of time it's been a year you eat it's what I. Two men -- -- you know at the very idea. I did that you are I -- marry this guy I did I told everybody. I did. Did. I told you guys. Okay -- -- -- let's say you did you you knew the very first cut but you still wouldn't show up the next day with your son at his front door. Well I think he is I wouldn't had to have had a child I probably would have. Don't spend the night for a few weeks and are no. Maybe this isn't my thinking OK I came from a broken home with step parents and stuff like I didn't. For media didn't seem odd to have to reintroduce. Could be step parent into the relationship. Because I had been introduced to so many moms and -- over my life so maybe that's the difference is I wasn't thinking oh my god at the yeah. I think enough tickets yet exactly and I think because my parents -- married for 42 years yes I was -- -- anxious and I introduced him. But I I energy use him OK some armed. For two months and yet you took it easy for us I -- -- lesson about him for two Mark -- who opens the way you're supposed to do it. Yeah normal -- you're normal -- all of the attitude contains eight. 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