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BJ & Jamie - Wrong Lyrics for song CUPS. (3/17)

Mar 17, 2014|

Jamie was sure that in the song CUPS they girls is singing you will miss her TACO.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On Alice talk Osama no links. With whom you Jamie -- Many things and crazy and you know I. And you know and on that marijuana hard I think today on C now and I think today and CNN they they're gonna have a test like how crazy are you because I know -- it -- Well he -- contaminated by an event watch TV or cracking up because it's like tonight on CNN -- contest how normal are you think this indictment. I think it left the field where I go might again I think that test and it's so you hear talk goods in this in this so it's -- and saying so the girl because I really like the song but -- is very catchy. On it take -- that I butted negated and then -- -- and -- and and it says. I'm -- you gonna miss him memo walled -- of this big bout that Todd though. You know anonymous new when -- -- for -- to talk to every time. She says taco here we go you ready. I know you don't see the -- out but it's. Only view. -- And now but I hadn't heard it's billions. And from -- land there's need might not -- ELI here. I never heard it can't afford to -- and I even type your nuts and I started pulling audio and I was like he doesn't know what -- -- it. Honestly about my own -- that the that the. -- -- Who don't. Can't not on the bottom dollar. Jamie that I agree -- -- and -- and she may be but another change. -- you -- and I think you did you read. And am so glad I'm not alone you know so glad. -- You data that you see I'm not crazy people are crazy that -- a hole when you're also -- I know it does and that's -- I thought it was like a secret thing because he's. Mr. Obama talk who by the way too busy just reported that now I Disney. And the Disney movies via the -- plant cleaners in the movies yeah. We're racing at Disneyland and they've found winners. Big is the idea. You're a sweeter to Disneyland and good -- it and that's not the right she's still crazy the way. The U her tibia. OC. In -- Obama while. I cannot go to that song is totally different search and some treatment -- -- -- -- -- that he. Changes that's that's borderline we should be playing that. And with with the we can't play that you and kids -- So happy that they're so happy that everybody. Adding -- it sometimes just the show makes me feel so normal which is weird hearing taco today -- Yes no reported Al -- -- out literally that -- here pilot that are. If I keep on right here at -- I I'm okay. That's very tough up and I just. I -- -- you you didn't hear adult I'm -- and other weird owes Sarah. You -- your five year old say. Tiger and play out. -- I doubt he -- -- -- and that's all here. Because the five year old knows that that that the dot globally and it's. -- -- you'll really you know he thinks it's real tacos like -- I don't know yet. There is a member of my son's thinks that -- work with that lucky son. Member yeah we stayed up all night to -- -- lucky my son thinks it's about the dog is is. He's missing in the got to find them all lucky the dog they stayed up all night -- -- if -- -- to -- Tracey -- that yeah. I don't -- -- -- I dare say that the royal thought -- and instead it queens DC you're Greenpeace. Pretty I mean. -- we're gonna find that we're gonna -- it -- senate queen -- -- green beans. And again I am writing this to us why he hasn't. You have it. And stay clean BER. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Countries. -- and kind. A year tacos a lot more so yeah green beans might be a stretch it that. -- race. -- -- Vijay and she needs. Weekend mornings on Dallas 105.