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BJ & Jamie - Strippers at the St. Patricks Parade. (3/17)

Mar 17, 2014|

A local Strip club had a float in the parade and some of the girls were a bit.... Um...


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Eight EJ and -- Wow I don't love the controversy. Oh my gosh finally it's gonna be beautiful today yes it was really nice guy for this heavy sweater because I just learned is going to be like sending 2 PM and -- snow tomorrow that -- it's crazy -- -- the wrong outfits Colorado -- got on the so I don't know where -- the controversy. Saturday you -- on FaceBook yeah doesn't know what exactly happened. Studies show. I guess shotgun Willie's OK. Decided to -- a float in the -- strip club. Here it is just a club and so I guess they decided to a foot in the break and it's a dairy dairy family. Friendly. Race. Can not what you saw how many kids are down and how tons tons and it's a Stanley that it is appealing -- they put it that well apparently allowed the girls didn't act very -- what they don't. They've added that they act like they wanted to. It to maybe get knocked up. And have children of their own Omaha is how they were active or someone in the pictures for the girls that are like pizza and but none zip on the float their rights yet there yeah. And then and then there are a lot of girls like I -- ways and their butt -- -- announce. Really short again there cowboy boots on red and and cropped top and yeah. What it does south was the I got to a FaceBook comments at the biggest bear in harassment of the saint patty's parade was the shotgun Willie's. It's fun after rock concert but did my kids need to -- to -- glide touching herself. As the Sam MI NN. Then why. -- -- -- herself but add this Chris guy he posted that apparently when they went by shoeless. And noodling herself. She wise yeah a little graphic see familiar on your rights. Loops those necessary Sharon just knew it. Which -- it's a sad day in Denver when Europe posting this kind of thing. You've really. Gotten old social support it right I guess -- Well. Or anything do you think it was bad that the -- -- a -- in the parade. Ruth -- -- expect a I don't know why -- the I didn't see the flow though I have but there were a lot a lot of children I mean right there on the streets. So maybe we could have been a little class year. Weeks like he had 2333. Other. Comments or -- of the top of. I think when you go down there though you're gonna see blue is your probably go to -- some marijuana you know and a -- does the strip club really make it. You could comment 30322 wells drilled 32225423. I just got a little bit raunchy on the show doesn't really slowed at Saint Patrick's Day parade do you think that that's an -- placed. For a float like that to be in a family event like the Saint Patrick's Day parade there's a lot of good years lot of things going on. And I don't know you know there is a lot of things and I I agree that that the -- again just facing the floats there's not anything going on the floats I mean. Yeah as you walk up to the -- there's there's drinkers and it's crazy what not but if -- just with the family in your lawn chairs. Watching the parade it's just parade is marching band right you know like that arapahoe. High school was there -- -- Porsche is the worst and the police I mean it's it's really fun for kids -- -- great music I mean a lot of -- -- perform via an and so bad drives in one night. And so I think -- when you're all curled up in large ears and -- not -- the brain you're a little shocked when a girl is funneling. Yeah yeah it's strange that they actually had a float in the parade I do find it strange to not offended but but I didn't see it and I did that little kid stuff so it's hard to me to say. But I find it strange I don't I don't think ever been in it before I'd never that I have any big -- Good morning. Well. I know that Stanley bing and everything but does not permit to defense. Everyone -- apartment in -- parade. Yeah yeah. -- they would they were given the OK they didn't like just began. I'll act on -- beat down eight. It's idiotic and it didn't look at the. And a shotgun -- were saying that do you think ten afloat like. They accepted exactly but the problem and that the promised him if they said no all. Then that's even a bigger deal because they said now. Because now it looks like discrimination after some some degree but that's not where we I don't know who's at fault that's not really the issue the issue is do you think a -- like -- should be -- where all these kids are attending. Definitely not definitely not -- just. I never when they must finish so torn I'm sure because they say no it becomes an uproar. I've never heard of this campaign. They said yes now it's an uproar. Yes your right to open a part of this parade past seven years or so and I'm never heard of this controversy again if you got a comment 30322. Out of 3032225423. And looking at the video that Roberts shot. And posted. A little bit raunchy -- know my Miley Cyrus up there. You know -- got the biggest compliment -- BJ what's happened let's listen this way a -- of and it's gonna turn it up for a while they ready. You know -- I should be excited. Yeah yeah yeah. Floods that she -- that's what I mean it's not his floated the flow of the game guy with him. I'm hopeful that some -- got a big. Big I mean people are so happy. But that it really hit again and again -- troops who wants to show -- -- -- that somebody request additional. Didn't charity for the club. Okay. -- I think you mean passengers aren't. I don't think you really mean what you -- and I'm really wasn't I was off to our. Yeah I really do on the Bible I think is amazing that he was singing -- -- -- and that's his. It's another company and they went in Paris. I don't -- all. Go -- was a crowd going crazy Florida they don't. Yeah I wasn't really sure about and that's. And I'm so yeah -- yeah I don't know even notice I notice I notice and I'm serious someone felt it. I'm sure at least once your wife somebody they. -- -- What's up would you comment. Station. Or how to prepare. -- -- Well I'm sure they couldn't have you know. Your boobs -- -- who are anything again and -- it. -- The race car. Shortly. Should be fighting and. -- -- They weren't we I mean they were still. You know they were still lawful. You know it's just adding it's like she has yet to -- is. She didn't do anything illegal that's what you mean the -- push the envelope. But you know I find it weird to -- and -- You can go to and -- scheme or two nuggets game you are bought bombarded by strippers from Brooklyn's all the way to the front toward the Texas and I thought that we. I have already out we can't expect any part of society today. Parents bring their kids about this particular. Yeah. Isn't there anything we can go to anymore we can't even go to would am raid now without sexuality. Not to without the -- Anything you you got a. -- -- -- -- But that's not in a -- sexuality that's just. They are yeah I mean that's just having the room float on that this is not they're not looking to peanuts and stripping on the writing on the -- There -- right. -- already established several. He did you have no point though if you thanks Jim and thanks appreciate. It if it. Everybody answer own no morals you can fire a gay and lesbian floats militant underground for a minute that the innocent and well I think I think people were upset because it brought her kids said -- they never really seen in the past because I've never have to be in the paraded past. And for the first time they were bombarded with some strippers on afloat and they're like hey this is little little out of position here. Mean it was so I think when a girl is fondling her own body parts yeah. At a family event then don't promoted as a family event. Right because of those big girl on a float fondling her movies yeah tanner who -- name at the foam finger around dude you'll Miley Cyrus singer he should warn people just. -- -- -- -- Vijay and -- We see more things on Dallas 10 by.