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Bj & Jamie- Woman lies about kids cancer! PT_1 (3/19)

Mar 19, 2014|

PART 1 - A Colorado woman lies and tells friends and family her son has cancer.. she even convinces her son he is dieing!


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On -- this -- bizarre in this lady. I hope she does -- off the hook up to get a feeling she has he saw the story of the bomb that has convinced her side and everybody around here the son has cancer and I would say in the see India I think his pronounce. And. Need didn't like me hanging in the union named yet I don't know I don't know how are standing. She's the mommy and is a roar are. She's the -- here in the area that has a four year old. That she's convinced every 1636. Course started when I was four started wouldn't force the four Italian bishops are convincing people he's now six and then he has cancer and it turns out not true. Yeah. Everybody. It 25000. Dollars worth and have fun and prizes and -- six years old now and she's 48. She was arrested on Thursday because they figure out. -- your -- did not answer him. -- -- So she's convinced now that she's taken the steps written and we've all heard of this before -- bombs have -- the cancer -- and usually they take themselves having cancer in order to get the money they don't drag her to get into it but I have heard of that before. But this lady takes an even a step further she not only convinces everybody around here including the schools and in all of her friends and family whatnot. She convinces her own sudden. And then he's. -- That is the saddest story I've ever. Seen is starting at eight months yeah -- and Carolina I don't screaming but. -- Us now here's what's really -- shave his head every day every day before I went to school -- day yesterday. She -- his bed every morning. To convince the kids that he's got cancer he's only got eight months to live in -- to Q school -- that belief in part lasers at her she was even shaving his eyebrows. I did see that. -- kind of put faster some of Puerto all she's done already and a warm. If you got a common on this 30322. -- 3032225423. -- I saw this yesterday this is what really. -- -- They're saying that there's a good chance that this lady which I guess we found out yesterday that she's pregnant again. There's a -- yet yesterday the news came out I guess her husband said that she is pregnant and she's going through this whole -- -- legal system. But I heard yesterday that there's a chance at this girl because this woman she could get a plea deal because she's pregnant. Sorry. My comment is this I hope they throw her in jail and throw away the key. Is bigger current and tell -- that he's dying and when he's not. Die -- what they had I not. -- -- -- let's avert you know causing harm to them but this mental harm. And they had a out walk for the little boy they they were promoting a lock for the little boy. In June 2013. And that they sit on the web site he had only ate like eight more months to live. On Thursday when they did the search warrant when they served a search warrant they found 43000. Dollars in cash in her home. While this is all money collected on the pretense that her son is dying of cancer. And the part is she told they might yet she did not grandpa and aunt uncles they probably did to what that debt is claiming he did know I believe it did that. This thing that he did not. I know that his own son didn't have -- -- no wait a minute. Dad not now because not seen any reports from the doctors. Didn't go to a doctor visit. She probably -- mean people do scams like this are good but GB. Keep your academic and he trusted air. Are not I'm not arguing that but let me I'm just playing doubles and I could -- If I'm a father in common household -- my children were not separated or divorced and so that I could see happening there. You didn't go to any of these when the kids only get eight months to live you didn't go to any of these doctors screenings blood being taken none of this -- is -- -- -- As you didn't go he would know. They always ask this guy know. But the thinking is is steamers are amazing liars you know obviously right right. She could have said listen you can't go they only allowed the moms in the rumors you know because they're like -- and that happens. -- she told in this tournament bought yet only one person is allowed in -- with them because he feels more comfortable with me obviously she's very believable. Scammed everybody around her including her own family what can you Stephanie. That's crazy. Stephanie. They -- this is her hairdresser. -- -- just -- this was her hairdresser alt a PM -- PC it was her hairdresser. You know about the cancer. And the humidity and -- or transport year so I have. Heard story after story I mean I would very -- at any Hayden and I mean every and I am a parent I -- how many stories I am and these spatula each. Might it can't get it and try and hurt her hair and I'm not there and repair. My mother and I are planning on going to be -- -- structure it. Oh yeah. Your body into the computer and all. -- Get real returning to Allison got a comment on why so so you're close to this lady. She do everybody. Thinks she should go to prison. I each -- school. Do you think it out of it and yeah it's really stat. It's clean and green it's called green greens yeah. And I you know oracle RI. -- -- Stanley -- Cheryl little boy that didn't Little Rock. At seventy she knew what she was doing all along it's not like she's got a mental -- yet okay you're a little bit whacked if you're out there wouldn't have been like this but I agree with Jamie I think it's total greed I think she found a way to do to subsidize their income but so to speak by getting all the money getting all these free trips what. -- Disneyland. His last. They call it. Written it architecture that Obama. And I you -- what might. You know her ultimate -- you know regionally or -- -- You know libertarian. -- So think about this Vijay -- 23000. In cash -- how hostname and this dancing going on for two years so how much marriage should blow through there estimating anywhere between 6200000. Dollars. That doesn't count the trips and all the food that's been delivered to their house you know and people are sick people bring food like Sean brought me baskets stuff when I had back surgery so people have been giving giving in giving. And all of it again. Under the pretense to scare has died of cancer and what really blows me away is Stephanie how she convinced her own son he's dying. Now and now. And I would see. It it. And Toshiba can't keep me the story. And -- you know. Now or -- aircraft on his treatment and what. I wanted to really got. Is that the -- treatment is -- huge I'd be real like mad respect and that you look at it on and on -- -- I. She did not know that he's an ice -- It like -- my aunt and uncle. She should go to prison I'm telling you this woman should be doing five years in the in the camp I don't care she is pregnant. As city really quick I just ask because somebody -- here that also is like dubbed best buddies when they're. Did she ever asking for money. -- should never be any now. When Arnold thanks Stephanie thanks so much and glad the little boys okay. He wanted to quick break here in combat of these yet because this wonderful -- best friend know what on the line -- OK let's do this displays commercials and he quickly here there will come back and complete a song I can come straight -- -- a commercials and -- her desperate okay this crazy it just this woman just whacked. Jane Jane. -- mornings on Dallas 1059.