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Bj & Jamie- Woman lies about kids cancer! PT_2 (3/19)

Mar 19, 2014|

PART 2 - A Colorado woman lies and tells friends and family her son has cancer.. she even convinces her son he is dieing!


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-- On Alice an amazing story right here in Colorado right here in the Denver area to the mom that is convinced her four year old -- these decades or you can died eight months and everybody around her including her own family her own husband as wells -- school system she's collected money who knows how much money that -- 23000 dollars -- house. Take a trip to Disney World I mean. Just a lie after lie after lie. You know Jamie it's not getting that the. Chris I guess that it would get normally because of all the other big stories out there let them missing airline Rihanna -- on Vioxx. Lot of things yeah right now my whole Russian invasion thanks so this jinx didn't -- -- back page no lose. When really it's just to discuss the story do you ever watch that show American greed again on them all wrong and I -- how people scam people. Is just amazes me what people do for money. I mean and what I mean I actually a marriage in green -- what people go through and do offer for money. And people can say that it's a mental illness at this ladies and like -- crazy need to go to a -- some psych ward I don't care what you say I agree to change this is nothing to 110%. -- Here's your close friend we have a close friend. The girl that fake cancer first son can and her name is Lindsay I'm Lindsay. High eighty. -- I can't even believe they. Sure -- right. Her story never cheat I mean she obviously you re re good liar. Because I mean every time I would go and like Karen -- at her and I don't hire her years. So I can't even believe he. You know I mean we've set for -- like she caddie after I heard it yet and count -- out. About her only eat and eat and and we're going on hand and may I do believe that it was. Well a lot. Yeah you know I found that somebody had duped me really I told -- -- here I mean do immediately it into believing all kinds of things. And when I found that it was not true I truly grounded crying because I couldn't believe. All of you don't get -- just soul but boom. We all they get. Because -- because personally you get vested and it's -- she's dragging your emotions down this highway with -- on this journey that she's going -- -- and then if all else. I know -- -- I mean current state -- it all out every single a all of the -- meant that she -- -- -- -- -- -- And more -- On it adding that 88 at stake in lot eight. So so your calls your closure good training -- for hours about this do you think. And her husband -- I understand really how how do you couldn't yeah. I'm totally wet I would let me -- -- -- and I think it's like there's no -- you like CNET com lets you liking him tightly like he went to act like that. It's did you hear people going -- I he never saw some reports up the dogs at home never spoke to adopt a kid that died in eight months hey you never -- spoken to his position. Mean I'll bet they apparently -- run not walk. Donation pink or ham and so I don't understand how I felt like any date they need shirt. -- still. Needs G. Yeah I mean it's been going on her right. Now did you did you who did you give some cash. You know didn't I would really really well you know he did way more. Right. He did it had a sensitive everybody over to doctor. I mean you get several thousand people doing this to you buying your story that's a lot of money it's -- and -- don't. You know I I know it's like you don't you couldn't. -- back or her I mean. -- I don't now. -- think you're reading her basically her and her face but blog every day about. -- and another appointment today the doctor said it's not looking good I mean she blog at every day. And I would think that if somebody duped me like this -- you can answer this but but if somebody duped me like this. I would think it would take you meet pretty simple -- I was one duped. It would take me for ever to get over this. I couldn't I would every would consume meat every day how did I get sucked into the -- out she pulled assault. Yeah under her neck cracked I am I never. Ever know. Somebody -- main highlight it and I hit. -- -- is gonna sound weird but you know if you wait it hits to the core BKG. -- you -- and what she's doing I think. For me I think what Lindsay does she's re living every moment she saw Martin talked to her I would I was. Nationwide that I would. I would it would flashback on me I would it would take me months years to get over. Well that is her story -- -- -- all the way. Didn't change it is easier when you know you and can not only. Paris Paris. Here's what I heard your ears here and T shirts and maybe you can correct and you are wrong because I'm going on just what I saw her hurt I can remember -- got here's how she got busted I guess a -- Children's Hospital was at one of the events or shoes cost or something overheard a conversation -- talking about her son. Picked up on the last name and realized it in the oncology department at Children's Hospital he didn't recognize -- chic didn't recognize the last bank went back -- check done and sure enough that Stanley wasn't registered as have been coming in for treatments so they went even further and looked and other hospitals and found that they couldn't find it anywhere and that's how it was exposed. Here you play. Oh my -- Yeah yeah. Doctor hadn't been around within earshot this -- gonna -- And are you would still being being duped because she would keep it going in knowing in knowing. We really weird it that light I think a couple of months ago she's hurt and -- they feel like you're Asher. She got hot about it because that happening by I don't know that way. Eager to get beyond really right on army it was but I mean get it into her. I don't know it was making physically ill go to -- hot at all. She probably Ashley young and now we don't know if she really did go. -- -- -- And she's in court today she goes to court today I had a feeling that -- she's grown in the past few weeks that they were on tour that somebody was investigating. And that's why she was like OK it's about the all unraveled you know. And we and you OK listen I know because we talk about American -- or whenever blob of money money. But when you can think she paid he's met then do you have -- -- -- I now I am Ali lit the match. I had that that just kill me I can't imagine. She shaved his head shaved his head every morning before school and told him how long he had the live. Black people and older kids can't -- pregnant there is saying that she may get a plea deal and not go to prison. Sorry not this woman up for the next five -- When you say social services at least in the kids. -- I would thing I -- This this this this child abuse yet on actual movement. Anybody -- And my life that I ever -- -- mean it trot out every beat out people doing creepy saying that it I never. Personally at -- young and I. We balls we CDS would never seemed to this degree I guess in answer behind. And what it would it ironic is a bit this morning I how common is I didn't hear anything about it art. Yeah. -- lot like a -- it out. Has been back page news because of everything else going on day that we -- National story that is the others we don't blocks yesterday you know that's. Now I haven't heard yeah I'd say here's -- I pray that here's Chris tigris. Now. Is up. -- I got a brand growing up. That was taken for like it certainly is long and I were actually not from anybody you needn't go to stated. At a gate insurance. You know -- are upset some of the so they were brought to urge you hear about some like this. Just makes me absolutely sick period so saint. You know. What if people weren't stuck here here's where I agreed I think here's where we are with the story I think that you're about to find out that the dead is going to get indicted two. I -- I cannot believe that the father did know Chris. Well -- and that's the thing you are out there or. And I go to just about every important that I -- have to stay up those or orchestrate your ships. -- have to stay up those appointments. Social go to work so I mean I you know it there's no way ego. -- Haven't you been around those fathers that are deadbeats that -- does not even vested in their kids and all you know hey. Now I've I've known those right at it when it like not when you can seem to -- -- Yeah I -- thank -- and -- -- when a -- and I ask -- what you're getting. She made shirts and I think she recommends that husband like I got this you can see there blob of all of your reaction. Should. -- I thought that they would get to the T shirt level more I think you really cross the line. It's a -- hence we see mornings on Dallas 10 --