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BJ & Jamie - Drinking and Breastfeeding? (3/28)

Mar 28, 2014|

A woman was seen drinking beers and than breastfeeding, the waitress called cops had her arrested.


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On Alice this is out of Arkansas a -- called toad suck alcohol are alcohol aren't include. We'll wait to -- all over -- town called toad suck Arkansas wait there's -- town called toad suck. These children -- the fearless. -- -- Will be dashed and I think we. I I know someone from you and I swear it I swear I did tell us up guy named -- -- front yeah isn't what he had eighty as the shared in it says I'm from toilets that acts. True story -- real place. Somebody team of that mean drunk I -- so well and are easily replace not gonna Colin toed socks on and answer you that we look at the -- and -- -- exactly -- place what I. I can't find anything. Are -- a story. I would young lady 28 years old she's got a baby she's traveling with a family coming back from funeral we stop until it's up to get some dinner. They go into a restaurant to grab pizza and beer remember it's her family she doesn't have a husband it's just her and her baby six months old. They have pizza and be here. After about 32 or three Beers with the family sitting there though her head in the Clinton two or three right three that I drink -- stance and they consumed some alcohol. At some point the six month old starts cry. The mom twenty years old picks up the baby and starts -- the the waitress notices this goes to the manager and says -- The only deal with there has been drinking beer and they've been drinking pitchers of beer and now she's breastfeeding her kids that's not cool. The managers tells the waitress -- mind your own business she's a customer she can do whatever she wants to do. Waitress upset when that answer. Grabs her cell phone calls the cops they come they arrest the mob. Yes they they arrest her for child endangerment. Because she's drinking and breast -- Well yeah it did but they shouldn't. She should never call the car makes me crazy that you think that a baby should have alcohol and you shouldn't do anything about it. She should have never called the cops why do you think that. Because how many establishments are there where waitresses serve people all the time alcohol alcohol alcohol maybe if they get up and they walk out and get behind the wheel carts the same thing call the cops on people yeah yeah. -- Yeah I just made you would have called the cops if you're at a restaurant you see some lady that hit a couple of Beers and -- -- -- address -- call the cops. Yeah I -- I knew that she had like three Beers and -- she was ordering more absolutely. Really tell the advocate at that point I say no. Well OK you know. Nancy and me. 30322. -- 3032225423. It's OK to disagree. With the script no I don't mean I'd I'd -- and that and will you are like that mr. Family Guy with three kids that find it odd that you would say that. You wouldn't do anything for baby having beer. It would be the same -- if I saw Stanley a restaurant I saw the dead drinking a few Beers in the Stanley goes out gets in the car -- -- kids in the pull off. I wouldn't call the cops you see it every -- are -- kids are being in danger to. And whether this should I mean this didn't like this is just I mean when this is correct when you -- an instrument. I think judges let your feeding them baby -- biggest difference is is. And -- a country that but I mean this -- has no choice. You know not to consume alcohol at all. Mean it's his pedigree I just don't think it's the -- -- -- I can't call the cops on this moment -- go all the other non emergency line -- -- who. I know -- -- crazy during these two little kids there and jump around the back of car. -- -- and not job like she is on members of the night of the non emergency number two -- that makes sense of there's Karl over the road to get kids to -- yeah that makes sense to me. But I don't know of the restaurant thing fed does to me Vinny takes up higher. She got fired the next week they're not seeing why she got fired but we can assume that the manager was upset that she's called the -- some of its customers. Which -- almost -- -- -- up again. They have pump and dump and they also have the strip saying he would try your breath -- the missiles epidemic from the bother. -- -- -- -- I agree that if you feel like you're gonna go out and have dinner you're gonna drink you probably should fix the formula or have some breast milk it's already prepared and be ready and that way but. I just don't think cola cups Jenny. I don't think he debate he put your drinking. Yeah right like trailer and -- have your baby you move that pitcher a big old frosty mug near it. I get what you're saying -- -- awesome I I just in to do so many ways that that a waitress can call the cops and anybody drinks it goes out and gets in a car that that. That it's just not. -- again isn't it seems they would have an obligation. No because are you participating in the in the child's. You know device on you if you're serving this woman I don't know. I don't know 303222542. For every line has -- up a Jenny. I think you have to turn on its own agenda it's. They actually Linux. It totally -- they need that child is too young. -- cannot protect itself public tactic. You're totally advocate BJ. Yeah fear at all. Your Nadal and you get in the car after drinking you're making your own slate at -- -- out note late. But I'm saying that waitress to see this all the time. -- they they serve people and over -- people see him go out and get in the car behind the wheel of the -- -- Well I mean I get back I understand that no one should be doing apathetic on their regular. Not baby did not have actually east. Well I you know you know early next are you can't seem to do that -- I -- I -- I I think that the take Kerry. I. I just. Thinking about that and you know I don't agree that she should be now. And that that direction I want you thinking here after my frat -- and I'm okay with them -- not like paint Margarita are bad when I was pregnant and after the baby was born -- was getting really hot. Let my -- my doctor you know how long before she can have a Margarita. My doctors and law you know she -- not -- -- whenever -- -- Like a small amount about call that actually get through to the -- not explain here. Pickens tactic it camera bag you definitely get. Let's listen I don't. First of all images have been the the none -- -- -- at the net PBS person here and I hope he can -- is. We don't know how much alcohol goes to the baby so don't take her advice for OK even maybe her doctor said that. Don't mention who are -- to get you don't know but but on the same par on the same side. Now that you said that we don't know how much baby. -- have -- baby gets alcohol habits alcohol -- -- -- displays had two or three Beers how much alcohol is actually going to get another toward call on the congress -- probably not. -- did -- did not get enough this child endangerment. I think she should probably she was being totally hear it on all and -- like shouldn't be doing at. And power play and election outcome compared with a backup bottle I totally agree with -- Benefit doctors telling you that it's okay to have won actually -- that mean I talked about. Just remind you all she says yeah. Just -- -- I was married to a surgeon. It. Who this is -- -- pediatrician. It donuts by OBG -- and probably hit it but you don't just remind all of you just because -- doctor says. There are dropped her old nose and I told him for that uncertainty and to go yet to go get a book you guess he forgot how to do it it Pakistani -- And that's not it would they have duty to manual before operating that's not good. You -- what impact on us and have a decision I Jesus this is Lisa -- that this lady got arrested and is she's got child endangerment charges now. I think the waitress overstepped her boundaries. I -- down and how -- debate me. Six months. Okay it was newborns can tolerate less than a six month old. -- beer is not as strong action -- shot that would be different it was two Beers that's not did not warrant calling the cops. Issue that you can't yet. -- not -- hear how Hamachi had to drink beer and eat how much he had eat how long she was there. How much like the baby due -- did not did not aren't caught Aslan. There's a married at GBM behind them yeah. Cost of the deals. On those are slam packed city here I am -- Can you hear all the holding the -- -- thank you would call this is Aubrey operate. Your thirteen. Okay what about what she got. Well I think and content help about alcohol and women and if you can do -- alcohol that it usually. And that -- keeping your happy breast feed because the. I'll call it in the -- and -- failure -- -- -- during the they'd be giving it. Blood alcohol to -- -- you can't it's not old enough to tolerate that kind of treatment. Hey have you guys that had those you know that that class like that where babies come from clash yet. I'm capsule don't ruin it yeah -- don't go don't go organizes. Funny I -- agendas. When I was with old you don't -- it is in his son had an oh my god he's is there is like. I think. He's so I said -- -- an -- but on the economy -- -- -- the let -- know we'll get different hair. And I think. It is now the you know it's the pubic hair and no you don't. It was the quote of the day that that. Kenseth won in Atlanta and I just don't Lamar calls it a -- lady calls the cops the waitress does. On -- my personal opinion that I actually believe. I don't like. I kind of agree to disagree with BitTorrent because I believe yeah right she shouldn't have been thinking about you think the same time I call the cops. She ultimately a big hit because I keep it -- overnight because she's in jail and also the mom it up charges widgets can make it quite. Of -- and like you know harder. I mean it or are they throw like I really do right. -- New York because you know like -- drastic actions shouldn't. Maybe just let mom know like eight bases this is what's really going on when he -- actually -- -- and into the baby. You know. Oh yeah I can't but think that there's some kind of liability on the on the restaurant and the waitress smiled must win the discerning under huge my early in -- -- Tyler -- works at a restaurant Tyler. Yeah. I -- so yeah I mean in the city Colorado yet you continue to serve somebody. Patricia and he's just like outskirts and particularly serve them all night naked behind the deal on the -- the image as well Rachel themselves -- Until somebody else restaurant and you looked over. We don't know what what about a pregnant lady or somebody breastfeeding. I mean -- -- some happened that actually it I'm sure that there's a lot out there attack could come back and meet. I keep all the time. Where kids are in in that situation where they shouldn't be in my managers -- -- ego to handle that sort of thing like my manager ordered set. You know this is wrong weapons. That made him now. How often he went and why he's admitted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean there's got a decent guy and. I they -- -- in the rest it wasn't I will bright idea to do this in a restaurant in south Arkansas by the way I found out how that why they named it -- that that's pretty interest to do wind up talking cell when that the barges would come through or whatever. And that water was too low for in the day I am so all the captains go to this bar. And they drink so much alcohol that they -- swell up like toads. It was cold toad suck right because that it would it -- that the water was so low in the can get through and then all the captains would we go to Barnes -- like -- or do you make sense to me I -- in Arkansas to death with secret sounds -- the 11100 dollars it's coming -- TJ and eight. -- mornings on Dallas 1059.