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BJ & Jamie - Nude Yoga!? (3/31)

Mar 31, 2014|

We found a new workout for Producer Sean! Nude Yoga!


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-- -- Jamie did you see the picture of Lady Gaga showing up for performance of the weekend. She had on me new suit with a nude suit and kiss is like KM. Can't think of how you describe it it's it's almost like KM of flesh -- like the -- group. -- now -- -- -- through OK okay so so you can actually see your nimble and you can actually see where you hear me. And so she covered those would just roses. General rose here rose here on her breasts -- to -- one down here to cover that that was it. A metallic real nice but what you walking down the sidewalk that out that. Paradise that. A look at your order of and it you know and it just and -- -- -- -- -- an -- -- black -- in the eighteenth -- well she was headed to -- yoga. And so she's had a you have to take the flour salt to participate at all. What Vijay started out as I was screaming -- ever get I just read that article on ABC news. That that new things seeing in the nation is called new yoga I. How -- this is gonna sweep the nation when you see the pictures hacks who yeah. Deep can you imagine you show -- that sunlight. Dance studio somewhere to do yoga and everybody is naked. And they have pictures of an -- downward dog looks like a budget at all. Boom -- efficient and don't look up. What about happy baby. Well I'll lose lose. Knew he had no well yeah here's what I don't get well let's see health benefits from doing nude to having on some sweat. -- is all that is filling -- -- that you're in finding -- yeah inside them. -- -- I would try leaving I left. So gross is legislating every stinks. That's an excellent innocent they OK we did this and now -- to -- cooking with -- would you. Dig up there close -- on yeah on the new yoga is now gonna replace India. We have to be totally made the. I don't think this is to sweep the nation I think it's -- I can use this drastic can you imagine going into that room and the flow Warren. -- -- Need for shared these people -- touching -- after being completely he would. But just like all the Sox might do it yeah I'll go. -- she heard the I am totally fine but the class I'd love to see you Rhode Island are now this is just weird and doesn't go here Bennett. -- -- Not comfortable in my own skin like I don't like to be making it I don't and a G and whenever you. I'm like I Wear my -- into government clothes underneath Nairobi now and I'm just not a walk around. Do you guys human -- big become so. Comfortable in -- with your body your carefree. I don't know I just this is the body god gave me and it's what I got so I'm not ashamed they're worried about it and whatever Yemen after that little tablets didn't guard in the juniors most cover that thing out knack. Let me get -- -- they believe that when girlfriend and she just walked -- ran naked all the time she's only -- -- -- I don't get me neither but we. -- -- -- I've heard of people in in fact I worked with a girl that that admitted this. That when she left the radio station went home the first thing she did was stripped down to nothing in working clean the house. -- I don't like what she gets from I mean I can't actually yesterday I don't see myself. -- I'm the on screen and money completely naked and all that and then Lisa walks in and she's completely naked I don't get that. That is really I -- And a plot how how old they don't cover you know like I don't apply it. -- you know that there are both so began. I'll tell you and I had a boyfriend memorably than -- cameraman and a blessing memories. Couple weeks ago. None -- -- Jones said I don't do that -- I'm really not that bring him here lately when I had a boyfriend I he'd even like complain about it he's anti -- It gives them I don't like -- however. That's sweet people are some kind of like some people can do naked yoga some can't and you get into that class sicker before you completely naked and you do all those moves I don't get that. I think that -- -- up too much on the nudity part of an -- we all have the same body. We all look pretty much look the same with no clothes on the you know everything is out slowly to -- -- Yeah or not we felt we got stuff that's how to place -- you know what I mean is just -- just humans. It's normal. Isn't enough and not -- is that it and not nor did Ira -- -- -- his -- say my body's a temple rites and he I would take for all three of us we have to our -- like it happened I thought yes. All three yeah I -- and -- and so that's it the problem is that. You've got create these beautiful body like Adam and -- and whatever they are beautiful chiseled bodies. The snow that we. -- -- -- these are mistakes you are temples and tumbled. Now I disagree I think Adam could have been edgy with a little some man -- yeah. Kind of had a -- but I do not -- I think it's possible kind of where many gods image so in my opinion got a short fat bald guys and. Levinson yeah. I -- a lot of news this. Yes I don't know I just. Click I don't think there's that she wanted to learn to -- your body and I don't think there's a way I think you either are that way or you're not -- that now that you've gone to news colonies. -- we've got up to like this one right at them but that one and so did you spend my entire weekend. No no we just know you went in for a day Iowa yet we just went up there had -- in enjoy the Hot Springs did you volleyball note if you didn't look Utley vault if there was a drop in volleyball game that we chose not to put it. It apparently intimate look at they have and it beeps and Selma has an apparently went through it and it's -- wonder burns. Did this. Golf ball well and yeah that being should be there nobody nobody. I did the same thing I was living in Tampa Florida so I decided I'm gonna go down the Miami it's only a four -- tried it yet South Beach in their portions South Beach there are no right so I was so fired -- achievement no -- and see the new -- I think that you've got a piece you've got these thoughts of like you know these exotic models on the beach completely naked. Folks. You specifically just went to go look and I did that. So close to what I call for what -- -- there's a gutsy -- -- and now we drove down just to go to Jason go to the beach has gone down to Miami and. Is slowed the hard drive for hours to be treaty that bloody thing that nobody had -- now. -- -- big Clinton donors and we are expecting models we got down there they were all from Russia Germany. And they word nasty look at telegram plans to its normal little. Switzerland's four hours back so we drove back the dip because it. OK but they'll lose some bombed out and I -- I like you know screw this is. Yeah you know that's -- previous -- ever -- -- Yeah. Damn. But that the the it is a hundred feet. Four hours since he's a new news I got the worst previous story I ever heard in my life is I don't know why these guys did this so they all get into the trap pray in a minute drive delayed now from Denver. It's a really long drive. Warning and all of the -- he watched he warned all the way to Italy Powell thought I guy Seattle again. I hear this but you guys watching that -- -- asked my community yeah now I have zero present what she did what and so here's what I know that this happened. So it was my it's my son's dad. Right baby getting mean and so I know how to begin this is horrible story with the winner and that's. -- and my salad spicy Islam but let's use that one and I push play -- -- the movie I had I had the Incredibles then. I Obama move the backseat to like make sure these you know not how to whatever he. Could repeat it. My god the vehicle Colin Powell that's solo sport and yeah. There's only. I mean I think is so lilies like blocking anything. But can. -- -- million dollars when they are still mad dads like. Lipstick chew on if you combine the new yoga will -- idea -- how would you can't Mondays and Thursdays seven via. Now doors opened fifteen minutes prior to the -- you could fill out your labor where's that. -- You're going I'm a legal -- he's already signed up. -- seriously DG energy I'm serious Denver and Denver dot news dot yield dot com. I think you'll go -- EX. -- and you -- -- Yeah I mean how can I email Ali yeah we'll see if we can get in the class will grow old photos -- -- -- Contains eight weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.