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BJ & Jamie - Sean an urban beekeeper. (3/31)

Mar 31, 2014|

Sean always has some crazy idea on how to make money... Now its Beekeeping!


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He and Jamie what's up to their body shop on busy losses rocker gene he already did on Saturday we're talking about what he's thinking about doing yet. He announced to us on Saturday what is new plan was to get rich. And I don't know how much money there is this business but I'm never heard him a big key for being rage I just I just. Not -- me he's -- to listen I'd imagine it is and it's. She knew it seems like what can I do next it's gonna get me to the top let's you hear you -- -- decisions. This is more of like a new hobby like a new fun thing to do is -- to try and make some money now as we make a little money out the product on the end that's a bonus but. Really I just wanna try it what is obese he wasn't welcomed the high. I -- I'm concerned man if we don't have any Beasley Miami food and so like last year when I did my guardian. I had no bees and I had to pollinate a lot of my vegetables by hand with Q tips. And I don't want to have to do that we need him aren't really. Rain and wet wet -- you have Paula Nadine with -- appear Pollyanna with Q tips yes and I wanted to get some vegetables and -- the The Beatles hello not that sort does that image of the shortage -- -- to go on the itself all I think there is a shortage of bees so I. Shortage of these dialing and that's a string that we have that you know they get -- -- -- vegetable sides of so what are these. You know excuse me because I don't know exactly what you're talking about what are these farmers are here they have these big fields is up they're out there were two tips. Some of the Mariana I mean I've seen some of them are but a lot of them are you know they're relying on the -- population pollinate there. -- he's lying when he says there's -- shortage of the hardest there. And so I thought it would be there and it would be great to have a couple hives in your backyard it's totally illegal to have a beehive. And then I can get some three -- out of the deal and then I'd be helping the people in my community. By the holidays -- -- really don't go to the neighbors pollinate and come back exactly. Exactly. And relentless and that's released soon though you got the working -- in the neighborhoods and you're saying every neighborhood should have won hide all you at least have several lives. -- -- he gets its worst could be I was in the in the back of the yard and you play into your neighborhood. I'm sure other kids in his neighborhood. Tim I don't know enough about peace and he had a Miami and Canadian and us -- -- to stay in the high of owner. But added they odd thing I'll -- between the exactly get a clean. The hockey -- high. It is so -- Google is still at the equally ill for. Being that the boys don't leave the -- America. Now the clean music when he is the problem I mean how the the boys will do anything politically -- any winning rules the -- between nine. The -- -- yeah. Does not -- getting a different are you yeah. So this is I don't know had a clean news like the bestseller hot do you have a hybrid and -- I don't know I -- segment now. Stay right nightlife that would be so I just I live in my home and then all the bullets just. They just say they never go astray but but is that what happens it's not like that real life -- Miami though is about me though you -- -- -- If you were be that would be your world with the you don't -- even just not be that -- damage to help but think violate Islamic. -- violence not to. And I am going into effect at. On the -- everything into the into my idea that it's just weird little boy until talent I I. See you are not as the contents from. So so are you gonna try to sell any. Did you hence it's all yours I don't know what the yield is you know I mean how much honey -- no blunt bluntly clear field I don't know exactly with an -- Way to skin. We just -- started. Right now. -- so if I get enough honey and I get tired of course we get some smaller date like it to be a -- -- -- -- did you. You have to take class or something on that I think that that would probably be beneficial but I'm not gonna. I'm gonna just get though that kits that we found and that comes with some instructions hit and then I'm just gonna wing that's going to be. I I have an 800 on the -- quoted -- foreign. Those are cool just think you're more hook up with the ads I reckon I am firemen are -- boom everybody. Do you need to happen which yours I I am farming -- -- -- would you got we get a -- durable strict -- Secret -- are terrible for the you're there in a big they need right now at a popular that in the PG a disturbance. And. -- -- -- you -- you just ruined owning a terrible and -- -- Q&A and a all right and counted anymore you just gone means using did. The rumor -- I'm just blown what is he will beat you hide they gonna get stuck on ease in coming -- would welts all over in August weeks. Am such a problem there. It and I don't know of any of the had been married to a man like shelling. Because I dated some like John yeah they have these Indy those ideas. And they do have to. But EE you know that's a good idea 30322. L-3 03222542. -- what what stupid dumb project. Bobby did you our guys start. Of course you didn't finish it but what's your guy's latest hobby his latest project the -- -- -- chill out in the beehive Echelon in his dreams he pictures this big beautiful beehive in his backyard. -- -- Thousands upon thousands of -- out there he's collecting her only tiny on a daily basis his fruit and vegetables are beautiful and warm and delicious piece. We all know this could go to hell in the hand basket one that. Is these are gonna -- a neighbor if they're gonna sting him and his wife is gonna get ugly. We all know I remember my dad decide he's going to be a professional flight higher. You don't love -- for efficient. Egg but I'd like thousand dollar judgment on the flag flying crap and I kind of deceptive bait shop all those little like a -- death. And that he did one. I -- 33 -- down 3032225423. What project what little -- -- I start that was just really -- he never got anywhere with it but it was his latest little project. We're doing Jones-Drew big that's. He's driven -- facing. -- Not much I'm gonna beekeeper. To become a beekeeper and you're gonna be -- beekeeper. Yet. Absolutely there really are a huge sorted out beat because if you remember back when you're at it could be. -- -- -- UT 800 mark and and now that the -- you know Landry -- we haven't really all yet we do definitely a -- -- I'm coming got -- get an armored I know that her back. And of these short counting he's. -- much smaller and without being like Sean that you can't pollinate crops. And that movie came out -- -- I tell you every time that could be movie. -- -- I sit as a kid man growing up we had gardens they're ready but -- these. It was all our yeah. Yeah well why army didn't beat but it didn't notice. And maybe now that why we don't read our I mean I don't buy it at eight on. Eight but and television and all that crap and they don't realize that we actually -- to be sorted. Me out I don't they validate. -- You know Atlanta and it doesn't why do we rely much on equipment need technological dot and a birdie or you don't. In May and leave the country eyes full -- is enough reason holy union and the country. Question is in the relationship or use the language that grandiose ideas like we're gonna have a phone. No -- he started the check and Bobby ticket art art are set to hit it Herbert differently now -- -- Eleven baby can't get. Remember that I really want the army police and when we maker on here. You know I'm gonna get -- of chickens were birthday him. -- out here but you may be here you -- our own hair we have egg I want to get beat. Where -- we actually have a green how we want to do our best bet and I mean it hit it on the -- dark. -- loves to see the current. I have are able. A barrel. In her house. They're all yeah. Unoccupied operation -- -- any and all. I'd thank you here at Merrill the message will be well maybe this T yeah -- Hello -- go well you on the BC and. Yeah how my dad was -- beekeeper for years and if you think back when I would hit it way I'm political. There are being more -- We would outside and we would avoid the peace in the -- and stuff but I don't see that LP are in uncharted and my dad at all the equipment in a smoker smoke I don't. But being -- them -- -- Connie and making it in you know. And so. And that could dating and I don't analysts on how steadily since somebody else's smoke and I. That's my job -- we could get. -- -- We could do at a. Mark was like here -- -- -- don't understand and that is that you gorge yourself on the beer and then he can't stay here and I. -- -- -- Asia. And your dad's -- and keepers everywhere. He is going to be -- buried at a country years that you -- on the references to her aunt and it's agreed bing and I heard that other caller actually are chicken little creator only eat here. It this is this EO. Three don't go together I don't know that blue chip and the beat these -- yeah. There are other -- -- -- b.'s moves to get this done. Not the reason is that we. Think -- -- -- -- -- aren't too weird when we're. Justine. Did it's I did yeah and when I -- I poured all that stand in the basement on the -- -- so myself to play in the sand box in the winter you know whichever it does an absolutely lunatic would shield laws. -- who he really liked it. I think their biggest loads of women have been -- And her basement and TP equally. Dirty deed chickens. And chicken. I -- and I show I. You the beekeeper now and I -- under and community. Yeah. On Alice.