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BJ & Jamie - Family stranded on a yacht. (4/7)

Apr 7, 2014|

A family takes their children on a trip around the world... one of the babies got sick and had to be rescued.


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On Alice these parents are catching grief and probably should be they went down on you got to sell around the world with three the or two. Other children a three year old and a while -- Think Australia. I think this system and I don't closely but I think -- sister is from Conrad the sister of the mother yeah Brendan yeah so does mom and dad and two little kids are gonna sail around the world. I think what 1033. In one years old yet. And the one year old they get out to the the get out to see in their way out there I mean they're they're like halfway between here in the Philippines. And they leave from San Diego they go down to Mexico and in the shoot out across the Pacific Ocean. And a little boy gets a rash it starts getting a fever and they think it's gonna be really really bad to discuss some type of virus or something. So they have to call the Coast Guard to come out and rescue them which costs millions of dollars Stephen do. Now when he says the Coast Guard he doesn't mean like when you watch sat Coast Guard Alaska our Coast Guard Florida. Where it's just -- helicopter that comes down and you know lowers those guys down in the -- up they have. Full blown. Through the TV and they'll ship going out to get that's what this is I don't full blown ship where the helicopter on our. So it's got both first they have to -- issued a couple people. Sheet. Begins I guess I don't know why they're not lowering them down then back up I have no idea they -- -- -- So they pair shoot them down in there and they have beds and then they wait there until the big -- is stable and then a big old. Cutter thing you know look at and I guess she and has a little -- or whatever and then they put an amendment that in the back. Now the parents catching hell because everybody wants him charged with child abuse or something. Because it costs so much money to rescue them first of all second of all that you put a three year old and a one year old on -- -- Which is only 36 feet long out the middle of the Pacific Ocean trying to seal around the world and you don't you know something can go wrong you know that you're endangering these kids' lives. But yet you do it and now this happens should they be charged but would they be charged. Child endangerment taken a trip child endangerment. And injuring them -- -- mean anybody is glad to get on the boat with kids and it. I don't know if you wanna take you know and push off I mean -- -- going boating is one thing and I got Chad -- reservoir. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These parents are catching heat and they want something done because they meet the decision to take their kids on a boat and try to seal around the world. It's just crazy. I mean you know I don't know -- thing would be charged with -- because you're allowed to do whatever you want with your. It's not whenever you want that you can go on a -- you know you can go anywhere with your kids. I think it's crazy. I think it's me the chance to -- stuffed on -- boat for that long I mean hopefully they go to a lot of ports in the kids can stretch run and play ball engine that. No I don't think you're level urge him they were gonna be out to see daylight for a month or six weeks solid. Before they even make it over to the Philippines and and then we're gonna see -- down to New Zealand and gone around the world have you ever seen those interviews of those kids were stuck on boats -- going around there weren't that crazy -- It is like they were home -- them votes well you know the dad -- that his daughter she was like thirteen years old not that long ago she got on a -- buy or sell. To seal around the world and he cocktail to. People thinking that he should be charged for -- is thirteen year old daughter -- on -- well I. I read the comments in the biggest comment is this because that huge naval I mean I can't explain -- a big issue biz and it'll get him. So it cost millions to to rescue this failing which is four -- them. So like a lot of the comments where okay so it takes millions of dollars to get four people back home but there's. Million kids being you know starting. And when the money than you'd better than the resource is just to go get this family unbelievable. What we had to do to go get this family. To just get him back to shore because of the bone -- decision to go out on this but when these kids. It's what I guess the kid got sick but then also other engine starting cutting out is surging water. -- -- -- -- -- Chris these parents decide to take to -- -- three year old and a one year old on sailing trip around the world. Which I think it trade I don't know what they are thinking that you know they weren't thinking about -- adventure that green -- Can't little kid you have to be -- Bluntly here under it and your bike that scriptwriter do it before you can't they're after -- -- yet but not you're not there a little kid like. I'm thinking to Iraq. It's well and let me just also I mean it seems can't rule. You know three and why do they should be on swings -- an outside and play an end instead and sun screen on their hats on medicine and. -- that you're right it is all about the parents it's all about him doing what they want a deal and accomplishing some of -- -- they set out to do it's got nothing to do with their children at all. Now they just are a lot of other guys bachelorette. What you'd really have to love your mate to be stuck on a boat for that little stuff up can you imagine a. -- -- a little under the new that's the whole idea I mean that I could not give up the nerve to even do that. To get on a small bullet hit head out into the middle of the ocean that's really dumb -- I mean I would have reservations about Giuliani shift. Let alone a 35 foot boat. And I would go crazy bat looked you know yeah the. Forget what you call yourself I anticipate -- Yeah it was. Not much -- going. Com my comment is my brother had his son my nephew. I have to be slow -- an hour and a helicopter down in Arizona and the built for -- or somewhere in the neighborhood have won it by a thousand dollars. -- -- -- -- So what does the bill going to be true this. I was wondering that if they're getting images there's no way. I have been in charge flat or naval ship that's and one hour and -- 50000 dollars per gas in the -- and even well. That that those story actually says sent to deploy they ship and for the man powered from the helicopter everything it was well over a million dollars in resources. -- what kind of health insurance they have begun to cover that. I don't know and I I don't know I don't have the kind of health insurance. And I appreciate it an issue like Orlando it. So let me ask you this get into that they think about is so. Am a baby was premature ending need to go to a better place it was 29000. For helicopter. I -- similar similar -- flying like you know down the children Chara who you know up in our column where I am actually. Wrote hello I doubt but there's already before actually quite yet to be -- -- -- -- -- output slowed more Olympics -- thousand dollars just for the you know flight like slightly lives. -- -- into the helicopter. Instead on two nursing school -- we need good business it's. -- England that's on the agenda that he is part of this -- in c'mon man. In the way -- All right Kevin. -- -- this knowing they say the bill for the ship for the helicopter to the manpower and everything was well over a million dollars in and now people was immediately -- pay that bill which they're not gonna have to. Okay so let's analyze this I one year old three year old -- of them and the world right. So that's ten and that's the thing about this might -- used to drive the bassinet in the station wagon on that I shouldn't yeah. That's different now I mean yeah etiquette there's a little bit of an endangerment there but. But I don't think the -- of the day but there is anywhere near what it would be to be on the small -- up the middle and if they don't tell your mom. But. He -- Right probably a lot of her parents should have been locked -- long time that I think about it and I picked it. Orbit it's a really bonehead decisions I remember being in the back of that station wagon -- three seater -- decision went in those young kids then -- back there can't get somebody Rampage at a -- all the kids were dead. -- your face that's yeah yeah it's like playing in southwest we have that they didn't. Yes southwest. To kidnap and -- The we isn't really judge does on -- make really good. -- myself have been to a ceiling -- -- about the baby they stop that ceiling can't like that in just and it doesn't decapitate images stops. Who are we to judge exactly. PGA and -- Weekend mornings on Dallas 10 by.