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BJ & Jamie - Nursing home strippers. (4/9)

Apr 9, 2014|

A nursing home brought in some male strippers for the ladies and one lady's son is not happy about it.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- On -- there's been nursing home back east somewhere else that they said hey we're -- we're gonna make it slide you know what these people are here they're all they don't want to just sit around and play checkers anymore we're gonna bring in some strippers they bring in female strippers and a male strippers. For their patients so that they can just have a a little bit of a blast if you wanna participate he -- if you don't want to you don't have to. -- -- -- -- -- Yes oh my gosh is the most depressing place implant it really years and they don't do anything fun you know every now and then they'll bring the bus in minutes let's everybody load up and go to king's personal usually they don't even do that ice -- and a couple times. And that's the fun trip they can -- that super analysts I was thinking super not to long ago when the bus pulled up. Hello Lisa do that has all the bad about my grammar and -- Is the most depressing place on the planet and I used it I think it's -- too -- my son like every holiday -- and we brought those. -- journals that rhetoric. And they go through the terrible -- -- -- journals and nursery together they're on batteries in rhetoric and an uncle who. You know -- I voice doesn't tell you that you -- bulls -- all -- circle and we -- the -- in the -- come and they ran towards that does. The people in the nursing home and they get so that -- like it. Incentives that there he reels as the dragon -- live from the durable. The ball and a little. -- Tubes. In the -- -- You and they show up -- -- -- They get nothing -- and so this -- is trying to liven things up -- so and the people they -- have a problem with that they're like yeah let's have strippers and nobody's getting nude -- just -- -- dancing and stuff things dollar bills. -- here's why it's a story. One of the sons of one of the patients that are she's 84 years old -- -- -- -- got taken with her stuffing dollars -- -- some guys underpants. And now the -- all upset your results at the underpants and the guys all upset and he's suing a nursing home. After finding them photographs on this guy dead the son he confronted a staffer who then allegedly both laughed and try to take away the picture. Mr. Youngblood is now suing -- -- nursing and rehabilitation. Center saying his mother was placed in me out what. Iron militants were there it was a -- sick. Physical harm the idea. Our staff and now and now he's in the people of the nursing -- saying Iowa straw and nobody got hurt everything was goal but the sun is adamant he's like my mom had no idea what she was going to let me tell you something when you look at this picture this lady knew exactly what she was doing. She was stuffing dollar bills in this guy's underwear. The problem would live a little bit she's 84 years old and he is also mad because this was her like little side account right -- -- And says she was using that money and underpaid yes anyway he says that she shouldn't have had. Any access to that money that it was supposed to be controlled by the nursing home and by him that she didn't have the wits about her -- T even know how to spend a dollar. Here's what the attorney is saying quote Bernice young blood. Has lived 85 years as a traditional Baptist hard working lady and now she is paying a fine. She's defiant. She's files he sees now that's his her fate it's against everything that little Birmingham snows. Let -- have some fun. You know she's. Haven't flown in this pictures -- you do you think this guy's gonna win his lawsuit 3032225423. Do you think the guy has a chance to win the lawsuit. And what do you think about the strippers at the nursing home he saw the picture and -- -- press -- with -- comments. It says she was confused and bewildered as to why and muscular. Almost Newton and was approaching her placing his body limbs all over. You know if you have a question. Are known aren't amused and okay police. Yeah I got to let the guy just you know gyrate in front you're only a fabulous body and make you an idea yeah. Technologies Energy East and immediately briefs enemies. To the cupboard looks very tasteful to -- out what to do my money and is pinning its. -- -- That quote important. I put my money nerve in his nanny. Yeah. This if you're wondering trailed 32225423. Of got a -- pace posted on FaceBook now the number -- comment on FaceBook because it's the old lady has dementia she has no idea what she's doing so the guy -- a possibility to in his lawsuit. But folks nowhere in this story just talk about anybody to nursing home having dementia. That's completely participating with a -- in the these people were asked if they wanted to -- first command and they said yes. The nursing Imus saying that day it was an entertainment and they -- Done in good. Say yeah. And the people that didn't wanna participate in the people with felt like that was too sick to participate they didn't let them you know be a part of it. They look kids live Better Business Bureau is listing on the east neck and it shows that it's only had one complaint in three years. And that there have been no significant government actions or any thing is certain. You know telling the places. -- -- -- Have you seen the story. I. Yeah and I want my children can make search they need to nursing home stripper. -- But we've -- exactly. It this Scottsbluff to man he has not be real. I think -- that -- I think he tried to make sure they keep it match at the money. Or himself when she. That's what I -- start. And it sounds like he -- are spending money and he's upset about that -- -- that the nursing homes allowing her to do that. Chart but she should do that out whoever's under wears you want -- put it down at their clicker happy like she -- I. -- -- Exactly what he Kim I'm absolutely let them thank you thank you are working on human life to the second and Jesse have it happen. Real green -- to use to decide control of the I just see. They go ahead yard line thirteen go ahead. I do -- -- and -- free path. And -- bag shouldn't be thinking that I mention it quite as our. It's a former stripper just he is different. And -- to cool I'll. Let you quit the business. I guess basically -- situation at school this is that oh yeah you can score line at. So your own good at is right right now yeah. -- I never heard I mean that's where it actually can -- call you so you would dance in the nursing -- for small guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- Jamie. How -- creepy. This is where BJ gets via. On the giggling Jesse and BJ gets all creepy and a and an awesome thing I think he has a coat over his legs. But the fact that at. The. -- -- -- I just talking to this well educated young lady named Jesse just -- yeah and -- -- from the do you stranger. Things and he is there -- -- or. Does he like to see. -- -- he loved to giggle errors. The little girl's. She. She's hunger. -- -- He. Hit like that I -- yeah yeah I hail the lucky he's not a child -- -- little girl is yucky things. Big Kennedy her other. You're gonna -- -- UCLA. Where there are com and you would not only. -- -- Not even in my. And higher enter retirement I'm EJ yeah yeah. And what. We're all they can decide what they want that I had -- I don't get that and how many. -- -- Yeah I'll. OK we'll let you guys played had it. In all I don't think the people out there retirement home that data at hackney you know known any what would it. You know I know I know people -- and I'll ever know what they're getting. Well -- in in my AM my grandma's nursing home and then the -- -- Downey was so -- -- he's cheating and ladies -- amorous Sosa and also hitting these people are going like from room to room don't they. Hey do you like Khalid Ali said and they -- it would LE NE IE you know it -- term. I it would happen every weekday traffic act and they bring like -- and made you it and paint it black and as the cap Hewitt out front and you meet that goal like gantlet -- to explode and eating and and that bag I would like. Call you an and they were you want it to really really -- the Kyoto like. -- -- -- -- Yeah a lot there's not worry BJ you regulate that -- on how good that oh yeah. Home the bacon. Hey hey hey good and there's not an and they get pretty careful interval Jesse might be listing at. -- -- that -- teach me that apparently the. Get a behind the idea that this is going on to nursing home and they're -- Obviously Jack know that -- -- Rangers owner and -- -- -- yeah. Actually let me ask you got the home looked -- it out of the and like I said the bonuses Bill Clinton out on its. So wrong. I don't know why I created that series and yeah I don't know why I do but I can have benefited general doing -- begs like Kennedy hey you Italy's son. Hey. What's up I came back and it being my grandmother Florida -- and -- -- infertility and now. -- go on a mile -- You you are part hit that he can argue only only know. What school. Did the media and electorate or it could be only a year. Ago she hit it out. She knew exactly they asked these people -- and they said absolutely Brigham and let's have a good time let's roll party that's exactly what he did discuss all upset about it -- spend money. -- -- It's all about a lawsuit an internist in its agreed yes it is it is just. I got you know. -- you know and he's being greedy get Mikey. You know as you get older if you don't have something wrong with -- that you can't you know a memory problem or something like that does -- has all her wits about her she's 84 she can do whatever they actually was today. Yes the. East again. My grandmother. Actually yeah hey -- hurt now and may. -- agent -- her out she can't even. Exactly she yeah she -- out. Dina but still she would you say you know -- all I know that. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Stop chaos they are okay and our it'll take probably seven. -- got no royal yeah. Degree of Unisys is a link -- to a different facility and she called -- the drool center I gotcha yeah I got to kind of get this. We didn't finish on the rules and federal -- you can tell you how Carol brought down just a good start off with strippers we into a draw the senate. Titles. But -- out here. Hey BJ hence we see mornings on towers 105 now.

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