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BJ & Jamie - Teacher takes student to ER. (4/9)

Apr 9, 2014|

A teacher took a sick student to the ER and was fired for it.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On malice there's a story this morning with teacher in Tennessee this teacher. Took a student to the hospital because student got ill at school is so she throw him in the car took it to the emergency room she's now been fired. For her actions. Because the school says they have specific roles that eight teachers not to leave the grounds with a student for any reason whatsoever. And -- and the teacher says take it somewhat quicker for me get to students in the hospital -- EMTs get -- and have to get you know an ambulance to getting over there. I can do it myself I did it I say this kid. You know whatever ailment he had. Why did she just call him. Well because she thought it was quicker for her get this -- to school. To the school I -- -- hospital. Now the emergency room. So she took it upon herself to broaden our car and taking to the emergency room and -- -- wasn't well as -- I I don't know it's in the story there he had some ailment but let me back up just -- second Ken yeah. This is second time the teachers done. The first time she did she saved a pregnant babies are pregnant woman's baby. And she got written up for it and was born don't ever do that again. That's not in a student. What do you mean the first time she didn't she -- an adult she took a student she took a sort of that was pregnant. I'm pregnant stop pregnant student in this is a high school this should not juniors she was a junior in high school the student was pregnant ran a fever. And she was in fear of she was like you know when -- collapsed whatever and the teacher -- to the emergency room and she was written up -- Now she's done it again and this time she's been fired. Now here's a question for this kind of a weird checked -- -- state to be able emergency of okay. I don't get and I -- the EP it was the first time he can't leave school premises and you need to called. 911 and. What's he doing it and she saves -- baby's life -- the pregnant students why would she be written. I don't the first time believing that a citizen of that whatever but my point is sees inflation was to be like a hero. All right it's -- Analysts say it -- can't are you got a seven year old in school and you they're out on the playground and something happens that he falls in practice -- half sarcastically thanked. If a teacher thinks she can get your kid to the emergency room -- -- steal five minutes down around. If a teacher thinks she can get your spirits get there faster than she can get an EMT in an ambulance to the school and then get him taking care of would it bother you -- -- -- -- I'm Jayson -- -- -- but I'd rather have that themed TV there you know in her and let him bleed out there backseat nobody tending to him. But what it. But what if she could get him to does. I'm I'm you know I'm Q what would you agree with you if it but should read. A kid and clean look at -- -- -- but if she could get him to the emergence written quicker than she can get an ambulance there. The point that they have nurses at school exams on a regular this chicks doing all right if you're a teacher in the yeah. Yeah row but we have that schoolers India and I don't get I mean they have to goldeneye -- -- now you're liable. If you're a teacher in the metro. And you all were in a situation in would you get in trouble first of all second of all is it something that that. Is completely -- that you're not allowed to do. What -- 3032225423. If you're a teacher got an opinion 30322. Alice but your -- That's what schools say they're saying that you're liable when you throw student in your car and -- give an accident on the way to the hospital and what if you don't you're liable to schools -- boy everybody gets sued this day and age you can't do that you can't take it. A student all school premises. They -- as a nurse at cedars and my son and I were in a car accident was a baby is like two days old yeah. We -- in a car accident. And -- nurse came out. At me and she's like it is baby at a DR. Did Alli. That you know it's Los Angeles and cedars right she's like give the baby and again maybe an accident not a way to get anywhere to get is. The car's totaled -- down the street and since she said. My car and then a supervisor and he can anybody have this really gets little Adam. That the -- taken out of there. So she didn't know she didn't so we went outside our. But let's not do any outside day if I. I'm just trying to make a point here but but I'm with you on this and I really believe that the teachers overstepping her boundaries and there's something weird about this being the second time yeah I think is definitely. A hero -- publicity or or something yeah but she got fired for it. I don't know she should've gotten fired. She's only trying to do is -- -- -- all of the person had a kidney infection and that's the ER call. It really felt like it was the person may be you know bend over and -- public. Let's get what it says like they had a kidney and I gin and a 105 -- in its boom. I don't like it wasn't there wasn't a compound fracture is what I'm saying again. If you're such a 3032225423. Could you what you have you ever you do it's completely you know -- -- she can't -- it. Take -- students from the school sticking to the -- Jennifer good morning. I'm learning every bit. Oh yeah I -- making sure I would not where -- career. For a child's good but that's yeah. And -- deals -- school. -- -- Car at pebble -- a -- it like it's something we're happily get it you know it. He looked out the way her give her more than a year ago. Thought about it happening and you there yeah. Again this goal keep saying that you know what if you're in an accident that's -- that's what they base everything on that you know you could be everybody gets a lawsuit parents are going to be really pissed off that point you don't. Right exactly and you know in the midst -- wolf. Let's talk about the battle not to worry about what let's get the teacher what are at particular -- -- Yeah that's kind of a back -- -- little Timmy got to go play aren't your saving a life. I know that there's no substitute teacher and I have to wait drinking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel like that she's -- got a crazy Jenkins is what's to be a superhero. Yeah her story. Think. Illegally kidney infection. As a as an old story we here -- it is an acute kidney infection and an emergency situation. You -- -- -- -- -- -- the and they don't really it's not like they're you know you have time called monoline write you know on a check out Adam Adam. Hey I'm good teacher and each treatment and are addicted to it -- -- -- -- I have that well yet because the market get hurt. A little more frequently and student and -- schools. And though. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do our kicking kit that taken. Are they in -- -- to the -- are -- I mean you've got -- -- fuel -- spot remain there. But it's -- years schools like -- that. I yeah I -- area. We have at we have a little extra. The UN with low mediocre schools. Ray and I am not saying what. Are you talking about a school for special needs. Exactly and I are good especially in the behavioral disorders only. So you can get into the emergency room quicker than you can get an ambulance on site. Would you -- the police are you there there are involved but -- they're not then get a little will take them ourselves a member aren't. We're at the police in the Sudan armed aren't just me now. OK let probably also we know his name is with what you deal that they ambulance coming -- at a measured disrupt the entire school. Oh man everything is now to chaos yeah undergo. That makes sense yes and I was getting and it's beginning but the odds and William. -- are so crazy and I can't share who with other kids they're picky then there's no because he's and I -- I gave little Timmy -- I said OK -- -- an illegal hit it's -- I feel like cash and tell you because that's it really bags were not your food. And -- of those kids on spring. The riskier than the dictator -- that I think -- he's going to jail cool. They Janet. Hey what's what's your about taking your. I think that's what and get the right change and that child I don't under IE Burke are looking can also involve trying to always picture we. Like platinum and. Hundreds deadly -- it's not. The -- you get about the the hundreds okay well -- gotten to the pediatrician. Says they did not deadly because it's the body trying to break then whatever it is. It's it's the HI and it kind of -- off -- grown our -- it's exactly. -- -- watched my brother culture can also hurt or -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay I'll okay well well the word can be is correct the word it is is incorrect. -- -- -- -- -- -- And we think you know yeah. Nor did. Add that. I Love Lucy gets riled up well look I don't. Yeah. It is no I wouldn't let it use it can be. Think they can't be anything in the front can't be that when you guys make -- my statement he said it. It's not a hundred getting backing out of the -- -- -- -- -- -- Good enough to -- -- that I am glad that -- god. Regulars yes she is on Joseph Mays yes I am with -- -- of those downs Alex. Karen you know. Weren't going to be sort of a child care and -- ratio or -- everything in it interest teacher. We can't -- -- eighty students. And we are not -- access leave the school either. -- And because that that ratio -- it's like them Chad can you know it's not care. Right it's Kansas City Colorado they must keep that many to -- just. Still rob -- mean he's. There were done and don't be ordered out of the court -- you -- saying about it. Yeah did you call your -- until -- Ebert that's it you're like. So the teacher would probably say that's only help the horse yeah. Canada thousand dollars I know he forgot about that. Go to the way you know her -- and don't get -- just to help the patient won't be. Do you -- completely -- Well I want to go and export. So you can even -- I didn't not a not a cost I didn't think about the economy and I. Did she shouldn't inspired I mean I think it's just a little overboard but. What Loren Loren and the she's digestive follow the rules that's true she she was written up the first obvious if you ever do it again you're gonna get fired and they stuck to that partner. -- -- You know going to. I'm prepared I and I did I can't tell you a hundred I had to re -- they're really big deal actually an old beauty yeah well it. I mean my mapping -- and I hate to cure brain. You can't have not -- about other element that earlier I only eighteen leaking water keeper that high that their child. Well nobody disagrees with that but children can get it and he was the way it was. A lot different the way it was -- he gathered for my life and he's still alive he knew if any didn't Sheehan be it but it is not automatic. -- -- and that was the -- he's a lot yet the things are and he he is live there's teacher was fired he he he's alive he's fine. I think a lot behind a book I guess if he's he's he it's well within the PI an agent and he's still. Drop that that's I'm never had its temperature or my kids even and that high. But it I think 102 sides -- either ran well it's great because there's so lethargic. Oh yeah you did you aren't you just like a brain he only did he know it and mean when my kid doesn't relax and Bob that's -- you know respect he's like. And he was -- were present at Marietta and it's been helping -- it was off and -- -- When your little boy is smooth five years old and begs -- not TV sometimes too loud yeah that automatically. And after a hundred -- my life life -- that's important -- -- -- AJ. We -- mornings on towers 10.

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