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BJ & Jamie - Heart Bleed Bug! (4/11)

Apr 11, 2014|

We don't understand how a person can watch golf?


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It happens when -- Since -- TV for eight hours. Once you don't you don't know anything. And I look at my computer to saint Thomas just hadn't seen this and usually among top of the study that's not. PM yesterday. More on this till semitism longtime music Tarlow. The -- to get it back -- at a lot of golf that is a lot of golf when you know what you're some sportsmen you looking here this morning in person US muse who won the masters well if you don't know. -- goes your Sunday no she should ever get him one day and says that's what I said told him up as it you don't well. Nobody believes that anybody would tip of the three days and watched. Gulf for. Them to learn he price -- settled -- reporting that's right an apology and a cheap Davydenko and it went the. Have no idea it just sit -- watch golf for six. Third I just realized that I don't have a lot in common with YouTube. Yeah OK EU would you don't get the golfing Ginny doesn't get the gulf thing highest Jamie what is the last cruise you've been on JB because expletives cruises last night which tells me. But went out for one day in Florida and they did the -- escape the CE -- yeah sixty bucks they're thinking that's there. And -- spring break and we all as mustered up sixty bucks a piece that we can drink on it clearly sixteen. He got sick awesome and we are that sick of the votes are going. Couldn't turn a ship was positive -- -- It was horrible. We have nothing in common I don't I don't agree most islands are Greece's islands sit in the chair for six hours and watch golf darn she. It was bad enough when a golf game lasted like four hours. I think I vanish when you -- -- the -- this is -- minister sir at arsenal of different. Well the whole idea was I was watching golf yesterday Jimmy says I'd miss this big breaking news and a virus is about to -- your computer plan. They have already is seen as yet you -- everybody that's unreal and dizziness are kidding me up a I -- -- blood then yes you know you in from the outside the us in on the fourth green this. It's. My heart bleed a bug yes that's his college. We all -- put. This is old news. It opens its eyes and I think. We absolutely I don't think -- and it doesn't know about this I saw it I was terrified this morning I thought I had breaking news for you but against everybody knows -- -- so he is where the biggest security threat -- ever. On the Internet. The media -- around for awhile yeah. Yeah who has shared. I think everybody did news stories that it moonless today is do you guys hear about Hillary get the attention thrown at a at a -- and she wasn't up to -- I don't know. I like and how to. -- -- Yeah. Yeah yeah they -- drugs -- To go back to -- -- about that whenever and so do we go and -- your stellar item is still in the break -- her computer I. Who's gonna ask if anybody knows anything about it to call some of the snow because I have no idea it's -- first up this morning it just says the bug has affected about -- popular web sites and like Gmail FaceBook. Could have quietly exposure of sensitive account information passwords credit cards bubbled over the past two years yeah. -- -- glasses into an opportunity ears and -- -- -- at it at holy -- and I think we just ran out of our last two days behind. If you're a tech person 3032225423. You know about the heart -- bug. It and it do we do we -- didn't just change over passport says. This -- says it you -- you'll need to go in and change your passwords immediately. Just to be saved but if it's already unbearable they nearly get the new ones too. I don't know I'm not -- tech savvy I don't get it not email. It to 2 different stories this morning to both of instead to going to change change your passwords now. Which makes no sense to me because -- change passwords what's stopping the virus from -- yeah that's. And just now. At the US food and somewhere but I read. Well I heard that the winner at. -- on the -- either. -- -- my Bible and is trying to. I I would demand please put this morning dependency problems. Are you stroking it well that should be designed to get that app at. If it's a bug isn't suppose it's like talking about herself I don't know. I'll -- not -- but it is back and somebody and it's what should -- broke right. You just stop at -- OK I am. -- -- would you hey Josh it. No that's what's up then there are more. Than I did them and -- not -- -- -- Why. Because look -- police but also so. It. Oh at today's Friday saw it on the news. On Monday teaching jurors on Monday and but tell us chronicle. Credit card. Online bank picture out breeze -- Yahoo! Gmail all expected. Who is it that the just how do we know it's affected that I don't see any problem with -- and let the legend ever -- -- -- -- You can probably put you wake up all her money garner some period. And a he really don't have the information you Solomon is on Monday but look what we don't. And there are so. All but the fact that that Joseph Jonas is get out there that. Dads they Britney and me and you know anything about it. Yeah I'm hard I worked -- out IMAP -- everybody is saying that. All of your -- Gmail all of your email ya -- all that stuff they are collier's secure -- towards you need to change them at least every ninety days because -- -- able. It like -- Now late. Game you had earlier. It won't remember it how -- -- that change everything it. Every united is my guy and our. -- -- a reminder of the tech guy told the. RIP I work just -- you know record eight. Every ninety days I don't see any stories of people that didn't go. Like the bank accounts drained or anything like that. I have an eager to our -- -- edit I. Man there well and I just change everything's so what does name didn't know him I just change everything nice and like. What is this world -- just change your regime should be good. Oh my god this is so this Saddam and so juvenile. So you know I'm -- right here it's a -- all the passwords because of what's his name. And because he knew -- to my son and a play my phone. Please let mom what's your password. Well I think it it it it it it's a nice. I'm on. It is David's really really bad rumor I remember where you put on. Get that twelve if I shouldn't poisonings like what is yeah. And it here at the picnic preparing your side gives me pick it up you get the keys to doing -- yeah I should just. Reminder if you'd like feel scorned for a minute don't make -- the password like some dirty thing about teaching kids -- it. Couple -- like I I know somebody that had their X on their phone and it was just the finger. You know now that's not good for the kids either to see that the bombed all of that the outcomes of of the things. You think you know. Special ring tones and stuff like I had a special ringtone record the kid's mom and it said some are bad now it was just all fart noises that. Some have a legal. The fact that. I'm not a matter -- -- and -- is stupid but who would come -- and you just over here like that as -- as. Sat behind and and yeah they. Don't design. That is fielded and logging. In the average out -- put Barnes aren't. Shouldn't eat your restaurants and and fart noises going off on your phone yet happened. It because. Is it a good guy the mostly it was the kids went in and -- -- -- -- and I kind of delegate it's -- out of every -- its -- that it. And the proxies got a Smartphone I changed it to screaming chicken. Let's with her. And watch how the ad that's way more appropriate in the.