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BJ & Jamie - Airlines dirty secrets! (4/11)

Apr 11, 2014|

A list of secret about airlines you may not want to know.


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On Alice -- -- it's his last year this is like. Star league I thought this is the eighteen dirty facts about flying on an airline. That you don't -- now. Yeah I started to notice that that went around on FaceBook did he added Everest common as anybody deny it. Are any pilots or flight attendants have their say this is natural that there's a -- that GM. There's a -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really. Diapers and I do now who would you have the -- lol yeah should. Could that have. There's a guideline of booklet that exists that shows the amount of screws and a plane is allowed to fly without. So yeah. That there's a certain age groups there's Emanuel says -- -- that this is through Hugo but if you have this is -- -- go yet but it. But but there are certain screws that we really don't need guns like that that there. Makes -- like your appendix. What can you. -- isn't appropriate if a bomb threat or mechanical failure happens over the ocean they will never tell you. Get your the middle of nowhere. Because you're doomed because you're gone yet if that happens over land which reached makes sense but happens over land -- possible -- to do another airport. So they might tally but not over water. True I don't know about that so that I know you heard the engines cannot just about Delaware about it is elevated him. -- gonna say nothing that is it. It never exhibit. Third in a panic do better when diet. If it is disturbing at -- I don't know. Nobody watches the -- in the blankets. He -- -- like once a month. I didn't algebra I think the first class ones right because those are leg it doesn't says -- sealed in plastic which makes you think that there's the watched. I think that every comedian on a flight to -- Washington. Those other girl thrown up there. Like social. Somebody has ruled that we're about to -- I. Don't ever ever ever each ruler. -- -- It bring your column and a blanket let's see. Pilots routinely not off and go to sleep during long flights of its -- how automatic control. Didn't we heard that a couple times right and that's disturbing do this it's the parents like if the nobody's in charge from where we're -- where we. Apps -- think about -- so boring. A knock off alone does not flight attendants delayed food service said night. Waiting for people to fall asleep so it's less work for them and it saves the airlines money. What I think that happens. At least. Here's what I think that happens on the list this is just my theory. My theory is they tell the captain of the friends -- of them. Can you say it's going to be bumpy so we don't have to do any service at all. That's true ice here it seems like get at least from that like LA and Vegas flights yeah. As we go all the time to Vegas and it's a quick fly and they don't have to do any day now that the drink hit a not so I'm. And that makes a lot of sense I. I think I'd have a in cahoots here everybody can handle bumped and ran -- Donald Vegas and would take his seat buckle up -- -- -- -- -- cabin today yet we're asking them for their own safety this day -- it yeah. -- Exactly that if you don't expect him now I may be -- every time they did it all the time with him and I felt like there was a cuckoo things. I didn't song. The UK. You think the flight attendants still look at the top of the planets and don't really feel like -- everybody to date with that woman he's drunk yeah. I mean we don't give her an extra drink when you say would say it's -- when that. I I really think they make you think. Yeah casinos this list anything's possible and talent and that the -- And just the PGA and eight. -- mornings on -- 1059.