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BJ & Jamie - Tax day freebies. (4/15)

Apr 15, 2014|

Today is Tax day and some companies are give stuff away!


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On Alice -- that things were. Better all the freebies for tax day. -- a fantastic. Curly -- isn't ready for shredding the it's tax day April 15 incident and over the past few years you've hit commodities like cinema on toggle -- that you have participated and they do a lot of free. In the -- because people are like down in the dobbs you gotta -- to Ireland they get publicity and so why not why not -- -- free stuff just to make people happy you know I mean here here and you're ready to be checked the government but here's a free taco. Well this year -- and I'm looking into the lives of its current slam. You get free curly Fries it our region and free shredding at Office Depot. Harvey's I'll take the fry what you have to it. Pretty Cooper. You do -- you have sent. You can print the -- Benigno by -- -- didn't -- -- and that some currently -- in a small. She slots tees do you buy drinks and chips -- -- by drinking -- and did you get a sandwich in. -- is there really free. -- look at this so do three sledding for up to five pounds of paper and Office Depot. Oh yeah now we'll keep up with that -- -- coupons and you can have a -- and only does like five piece of paper and I was -- games in the nation. I don't know if this'll take all those paper and then jams up the set and -- written at a press looked. Let me paint a picture here -- I just wrote a check to the IRS yes I've been complaining about it all morning I -- but I think I'm happy and and remember Danny and sent right. And we are running and over again Jimmy -- did you. After -- get checked into the feeling that I got right now. He really. The governor run home and by the five pounds of paper that needs to be shredded role in the car -- -- over Home Depot and -- read my paper. Does it feel better you're going to be an idiot his Home Depot doesn't tread if it -- and maybe at the wrong place -- so computers. -- Office Depot a shred the papers today why that's. -- -- might it but with spirits. Just who does that boom. This year I mean he knew that -- I don't yet I don't get where that that helps me. -- eating it tries -- you watching Shrek. With -- -- and curly Fries -- I don't know see a -- countless paper on the house exactly I. I saw it and I ask you to grab the freebie list I thought we were gonna get some really good he. Stuff you know I need be disappointed Clinton and it. Yeah you don't you know what I'm looking forward to Olympic and I'm gonna do this -- a coupon of I think imminent particulates that who Google glasses and let them. But Sutherland may be that I think I'm gonna go look at the Google glasses -- -- Linda look at equipment and get a book -- then that -- These. The Google glasses. Is. Equal to the bread maker of the ninety's now yes yes I disagree I don't care Sean and I won a pair of the last year and a split of fear any of them for what day it does he might start and that is today only. Apple's made Google glasses available to the public cracked. Yes today there -- only Apple Store today only yes today April 15 is is it okay. 24 hours yeah -- and before you had to work in the industry had to be a part of Google her or whatever had connections or sign up as beta test -- yeah yeah but now they're on sale to the public today not tomorrow. Now in the 15100 dollars I'm dying for a pair of you but their written a big tap project and -- -- just aren't on cannot. I ask -- to anybody listen to show has appeared Google -- Google. -- didn't say it. Google last chance and are they worth it are they really cool or at least super cool I told you yesterday I have my phone. 3032225423. I can video did anything on my phone the -- not -- now. Do you use your high Snooki my blood in you can be videotaping somebody and they don't know. You can -- and I can make my own branded and are two different bread recipes like gosh we have less. Now it is going to be your -- with millions and could I mean I think -- I do everything they want that Manuel oatmeal rat yet but I can invite the world to watch me do stuff with my little. Yeah but -- practiced by some cool -- -- yet. -- -- for -- -- let's just use your phone and share with the world all because I have to have at hand for. He'll hold people doing it I don't let him and you don't think that people recognize Google glasses. We'll split that's all I don't know if you're doing something no did you see her glasses on and -- in their -- they're taking CT even me at least he didn't. He could -- -- he could be posted video right now to have yeah I guess I. I'm gonna knock them off your face and they don't look at me and move things on the event to edit an invasion of -- there are places do you realize showed that there are places that you can't -- me and that's okay. It is certain bar urgency of the yeah you can -- you won't you yes. I mean I know -- -- and eat and drink your life you can go pro in Uga is demeaning -- -- you go to. Music. It looked early like she's -- -- protect the truth -- he would -- exactly. So on -- does that classes are different because there to Internet there are established connection and I. Can't push a button that did the FaceBook sign. It -- I'll tell who I'm just tell me that I had you know any news about our partner. To. You know an iPad you don't use night though that would lead to fascinating thing was do it tablet and use. It is by all this crap and you don't even use it looks funny in the beginning of the notebook. Once again -- -- bored with it exactly and do the same thing with the glasses on and you should it does is it's like yeah. So you can -- he used to them and your -- I'm already -- paying for your -- -- on it and didn't he get Netflix you never use that either -- join -- exactly I get bored with it. -- -- Ops I get there right now that all the people look at just one of those things that you just don't need. Simplicity and she might be right into the -- -- Google glass is on sale today at 800 dollars and that's always think you gotta admit you know I mean. 'cause the other thing is still that there is the first generation. Still the glass just blocks I don't know why they're saying I mean to many just told a photo I need to -- -- to do there. They're -- don't look at me with those do we hear. Would you have a problem if I said here in the. Compare -- oh my god yes. I would -- I would if I get off to the -- Yeah you do you file a complaint and HR because the only two of them didn't what does that. Mean. And videotaping a million. Earnings and hold them iPhone ran a limited is under no matter what -- are yet but -- -- -- Qaeda I just did to be anti Vietnam going to -- no don't do that. I don't want opposed to hear confirmation it's a little area it's a weird feeling I don't know I think you guys are out in. Always -- -- don't need heavy tools that you not that you don't need. Yeah I've got that snowblower with it admit that have never used to work out for them but yes it. Ever and it's still was tags on it. I think 200. All of that snow -- has -- Another hypocrite and the picture right sitting there if he is -- hot tub used it for six months and yet. Now just got a point bottoms -- good exit now it's a little island hot public -- I -- -- -- -- Okay what what what -- caller named Richard Kaelin. I I hit it -- game. Do you go that they would bring simplicity here they have every earlier. On your -- and that went -- and you're out I'm like you want -- -- I think about it and it during that you're mad bitch. Right now amend it and send it away. Really think are really you can do about it -- quite -- and -- What do you think an eagle I mean what did we know what what do you think dirty. -- -- Exactly exactly you could be in public looking out. -- inappropriate things and nobody would have an idea. I could lead to. Get. This she's. Right now think of a -- and it'd probably -- I just think -- well we'll just say no. Can't -- no holds true. And it got what you're Taylor -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Curry daily I think that's when they were. No way. There's no way I'm gonna go look at the demo tonight no way that it knows what I'm thinking on CO2 the department I could just show up BJ's a bastard he did the bastard he did the. Swear these days -- in order to do it's. It's a Vijay -- This one okay.