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BJ & Jamie - US Airlines tweets a nude photo. (4/15)

Apr 15, 2014|

US Airways tweeted a photo of an airplane in a nose dive.


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On Alice. -- And everything about the losers we're all so of course I'm. And the worst. Another half -- and everybody. -- Who learned their lesson by. First and are we in the safe harbors. Are the kids at school. I just wanted to make sure he's in line right now. Okay well -- he probably doesn't radio I don't here and I don't opinions known her before we talk about it. Right now this that this that this was US Airways it less then over the two week. They have some problems. There's a women treated allegation is that salad US Airways because she's stuck on the tarmac in South Carolina for an hour. And so they acknowledged her existence and we did. Now that tweaks to the picture that they depleted factual and wasn't that like. Was it an employee or was it like that -- the picture come from. I have no idea obviously whoever is one of since that Twitter account has that photo on there own and or computer. So went to a bunch of -- on your customers and you know I don't believe anybody that's on a tweet I am home -- People. This picture it's horrible. It is one of the dirty used pictures and bar. That you could ever ever ever tweet and there. Is a model airplane in the picture triples but. Yes there -- that airplane has landing. Is not gonna let this runway that's what that's a problem this thing oh okay so it's this or am I mean. It's a woman and she is Omar -- don't -- Obama and and then there's there's and a little model airplane on final approach. Gives new meaning to them landing strip. And Sandra. Yeah yeah. In the plains in the nose done and there's a nosedive yes that's a good way thank you them. Needs CNN nose -- I'm servants -- out and. Yeah I noticed that the landing -- not Downey and got a problem murder no I didn't seize the jet stream. Through its. He's got a good you. Know -- good to let him down. Well I don't I got out of I think they were still in the -- So I had met John about a mile he's like well at least they found the missing airplane. Scott -- Indian Ocean we found it that there's the pain. Inner who want to make it is totally go out to the -- yesterday. I that's yeah -- we we've learned our lesson you know if you do you get tired. You only trust people that you you know really trust to be able to weed out. And company BJ is a Twitter king -- not Haniyeh. I -- -- museum I -- he repeatedly. And I -- ever ever come close to tweeting something like that now. This is security and she. And it is not where should now. So I'm just I'm I'm just looking at some airplane term -- there's an accelerated -- I think that's what we got here apathy app itself. And there's that good and add top range all Maya well she. And that don't forget the adversity all of -- harm my favorite the dead stick it out but that's just horrible -- -- -- -- his. There live when you're yelling you're only you -- installed Howard. Errors you know blow it know it you know I hit it's just. It's just earlier in the future so yeah. Just aren't. It's its flight. Describe it does pay hey it's a triple seven. Error when model handling just ended concerted. With the wing just sticking out of his trip to. And the guts of the yeah -- school and get you up in the US at least from. We did this to older customers parliament. Airplane. -- -- -- At least at this as news says that the US Airways would like to issue an apology. And let's start that this is what this picture that you're better off just say carefree Teradata go to apologize it's a bad -- -- Asking that bullet out -- president Richard engine on. Is that why. It looks like it's a US -- model airplane. I think I heard yesterday I heard a rumor circulating that was an employee at US Airways. And actually had this picture in the head in there. I don't know in their system and that's how we got attached to this. Girl -- That allows an airplane. Like that there -- Some. Yeah. -- wrong I that is so wrong. Hey BJ. We've seen warnings on Dallas 10 by.