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BJ & Jamie - Kid stuck in a claw machine! (4/16)

Apr 16, 2014|

The kid just wanted a stuffed animal...


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On Alice Jamie got a question for. Yeah and your son's seventh yeah yeah Ralf beat them this kid -- only three as a kid. Crawl into -- Paul crane machine. Well -- is no OK so yesterday. May be it was Monday. But kids. Left his house somehow got away he's three years old somebody took their eye off the little guy right -- he goes outside the house he crosses a street. And he goes to a bowling -- And they're looking for this kid they've got everybody looking this -- everywhere but can't we can't find. They in the five new kid at the bowling Alley inside what are those claw machines. Under the. I -- -- -- time he asked for the floor. That's the first and those amateur inside of it and -- that. To stall out and get up and I -- that's the first one it's no good food. -- now -- have been a lot there's a picture of this kid. He got this big blasts in clones. Claw machine and they easy to sit in there with the -- daily ET. He's optimistic but stuffed animals and he's just what it looks like he could put on -- they didn't pull him up. Double -- where -- and usually I don't know I didn't read that story that you live fire department has to -- and take it apart. Yeah that would happen that can't take him back through the slot but the boy was found across the street and bowling -- sitting with the stuffed animals inside the machine new employees called the vendor who arrived at the better team and had to get the boy out. The boy was given stuff to India was funny it's all of the other stories thing thing bowling alleys. But. If you listen it's the climate -- of the -- -- But she executes her -- that pro machine I tell you though he looks like really happen. Yeah. He -- tossing -- -- sit around and it did not have enough. Bob they're out searching for this kid you know the college and the cops consulate in -- -- -- there is the ball you can't nobody get this nobody to bowling -- even so -- get the machine that. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're all drawn to -- not -- still the Jews. My mom was on a bowling league if we would totally ignored to death and they didn't know everywhere -- -- ET on a bowling league in your apparent your your movement incompetent. At the -- extract. Extract. And this I mean -- with my kids -- and I can just remember. Nobody even knew output. The -- where the racks them down really don't even know that there I got my. And I I could see the -- coming down to have all the kids you're one of the. And what about bowling alleys and laundry -- nobody pays did you their kids. You know my mom we used to go to the laundromat every week every Saturday morning and it could go missing four hours and my mom would've never known. She's only podium separating flow we have a time machine marks at a laundromat unless elation. That's what is fast and that is you know -- when I was -- dinner we weren't very wealthy whose children. Yes and dinner here's some popcorn for a quarter. -- it is LA I was dead if I ended up -- list goes on me. If I would adopt a kid I just go to a laundromat or bowling Alley because nobody gift that he could've eaten. If you can just pick up their casino -- right they're just hang out yeah you don't know what's kid belongs to them via. And I like the moms really want you to take up with. I don't know led to -- -- -- -- -- amazing though I have to say that what I know doesn't know him. I have to this is the funniest thing ever seen likable there would invest I guess this is on Craigslist is now. He get away from that store -- Is is the funniest thing ever -- says Kate remember that we just talked about at the -- -- seven the other triple seven yeah that's their goal tonight we're Sri weakness in it's if you. Now they have it on Craigslist. It says that gently used it. Boeing triples and the for sale model the model plane via its if you use. One more photo available upon request die. King hasn't decoration but even more fun to play with. That we will not -- under -- nose of plane around -- The bulls are some of them the Demi and -- my two inches of a reality and a satisfaction guarantee. I know and we'll go back and now we're back to the year -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when you go back and read some of the tweets that people put out there you know making fun of this and joking and whatnot they're very clever bit I think there are hysterical. He's I don't know what -- did you find the show on with the media and you're either just innuendoes. I just came up I don't know why I asserts that Twitter reactions in the into this popped up 38 priceless Twitter reactions. I don't know how I didn't. Republican got back and I am not opposed to the day and I get a plane couldn't recruit with. By the way the FaceBook post of the day would do it next 55 when the public there's kids -- the machine I DB right now. He is totally -- and all the toys in their kid in there. Instead of the nicest athletes didn't give it a day inside there. It's a PGA. Mornings on Dallas 10 by.