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Crazy People on Pot

Apr 18, 2014|

People have been doing some crazy things on the pot: Jumping out of buildings and shooting people. All this and the Cannabis Cup this weekend.


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Jamie. Let alone. Months. If it. Almost killed. Up to almost killed and almost killed me. Well. But you know like you're coming back strong car today in the Canada's -- yeah. For -- when he would. Wake up with and -- weekday mornings at 530 minutes and tell us -- I just noticed that this weekend you don't know about it a huge convention this week. Huge huge 30000 people people flying in from all of the country. And stay -- go and learn how to make -- for twenty weekend -- doubles we've got to be careful with that. Why putting big like restrictions on on the animals people -- like getting sick and stuff. That -- we still don't know what we think -- went crazy kind of confirmed yesterday they did what they said he had six times the level. That's and they called it suggested. Six times the suggested did they suggest even have any level that without. Rob chemical in the Maryland what to teach stuff. It's at six times the level he had six times. He had bought a cookie and yes the group had bought a cookie. And they were to hold when they bought the cookie that you need to cut it up in six different pieces right and that's the way you know -- one piece. Willie one piece that he didn't feel the effects and so he is a whole cookie. In it was six times the level than UC just freaked out that was confirmed yesterday -- not making this -- he not a BJ is saying there. They're losing enjoying being eliminated and yeah -- and then the sun is why France -- rush is on the phone 901 and again they confirmed that yesterday. Scary. To look easy one really say I was there one are you sure are we need to make. Civil ceremony I'm correct on this -- this is what happened at that not only that. Here's my thing once terrifying. One cookie. Have six times and thus the recommended dose and get that that's weird word to use for this but. How how can one cookie would you would think one cookie would be one adults. Well it depends on you know they can they make a oils are but yeah it's related thing that I. Orange iron on twelve -- what are the baby are young kid album and there's a woman instead. -- is dead because of illness so that's too much that's crazy as potent. I don't know where he got the cookie I don't know it was a. Obama -- said. Really -- that's what I her. I'm beyond that there's got. Calls maybe they get a -- -- had -- -- -- -- -- corrected on this that's five million that's what I heard yesterday or at least that's what I thought I heard it's scary. Right here and six times a level one cookie I just find that weird now. I mean that's like -- -- candy bar something that would kill you. A well that's -- you know in my opinion that's what's scary about about the link the alcohol has labels you know we know moments -- -- -- you're gonna be okay and you know how much serious like -- -- that I drink has less alcohol than. They want media rights you know like a lot less. And you can you can figure out how much out Collins is per ounce. But this Maryland you know they just get in Canada's. Walking in and the like this -- leg not -- not there's no making asked. This in the -- stupor. I think Jane's online and on and she's defending pot -- -- What you might change what it made its. I don't wanna -- right now I smoke a lot of us. Yeah a little bit more I think you -- shut him -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I really don't be. Too late -- being out idiot a -- World but that's -- And they get an autopsy. Did an autopsy that's that's the report that came back how they he still lives. -- the guy on the agenda right. Again we're talking about Jim died. Yeah yeah I wanna -- and about -- student I. We're tenement of yeah that. -- -- -- Now united in two different story -- I'm Doug about the guy who who his wife was on the phone for thirteen minutes and shot a different story. I don't know what -- -- you're confident in our daily take -- Jane thank you -- It. These are heavy. Yeah yeah it doesn't she knew all adjourned and it does it -- -- as -- listeners and Sarah. Still even when you bite like -- we can't beat them up like that I mean -- been broken up like a regular Hershey bar or disturbing the peace peace. So is labeled an adventure. Right in MI correct -- this one cookie it is what they're saying and in use mostly one piece. I -- -- -- be one big advocate would eat a whole -- at -- he pulled it a little cookie quickly here Paul -- our current and historical. Only you know Clinton -- -- this with. People. We unleash the are. Are typically comes Syracuse it's going to say director on the package how many doses is amount. Yeah and -- its article doctor discovered both tilts. You know it's an architect a whole both toaster you know read the label all -- -- this -- the same -- -- he. Particular regulated and typically in Europe they're actually cut into different sections of the cheek and she reached a similar that you ignorant. You know chief told the bottles subtle and we're. Dissident cookies -- not -- of the whole popping all I'm saying is that it seems weird to me. That one cookie would have that much in it. I mean at six doses so it's one of those things that -- machine and your money that door the American -- by. I think that people that I don't know I think what he's saying is that people that purchase -- the -- are well aware -- six doses they aren't they are but he -- -- I just don't understand how we're six doses and one cookie. Now it seems that would cookie should be when when when cooking like that they should cut it -- themselves and package it individual exactly. Is that ends yes scares me it is you know what scares me is like I don't. Melanie they slip anything in your food there you know and it's pending green. Notice there especially at that. -- -- -- He found that weren't aware of that when you're not happening you are it's -- is -- and there's a little uproar and an elaborate but she was a she was. On the phone for thirteen minutes it says it's it's it's at least fifteen minutes to get to a Denver home how much he consumed after a woman called nine -- on Monday. And in the meantime she was shot and killed after authorities arrested. Christine current husband Richard police say he told him he had shot her ending -- was the thirteen minute call. That she and with a dispatcher. When there's aid police station just a mile from my house and -- still trying to determine why it took so long for past again there. I'm she said on the phone that he was hallucinating. Scaring and their three kids and asking to be killed if she said he may have consumed edible marijuana and that again was locked in a safe while I. And she said Richard had been smoking marijuana the post reports the Denver Post reports. I don't know. Yeah the crazy man who comes with the territory against. That doesn't know I mean my friends they -- Maryland that I issued somebody. I'm just saying these stories are popping up there's a reason why hemming and I don't I'm not. Judging anybody -- decision that it that the stories are happening I don't know if it's that are not very closely. -- crazy right. Yeah I mean I'm not against -- I voted for -- I just I just these stories are getting really strange. I don't know what's causing a full out -- we know Jamie this guy could have done something you know I was having. We don't know I'm not I'm not saying that story I was relating to with a cookie is what was released yesterday that's all. I'm just saying that I think the potency is getting kind of scary because there's liking now but spring and remember he was in front USA today Steve and he has that machine that like Adam -- and how much stuff -- -- -- -- And that basically day like this now. -- -- -- -- All right and that's that's the entire issue you just edit. The potency in certain products. Seems to be questionable right now correct. That's it. -- let's see she says my girlfriend she said. I heard it was synthetic marijuana which is way different and that stuff makes you hallucinate he's got a text yes well she's as I heard it was in setting there when asked. It makes you hallucinate and I -- a friend that and stabbed himself in the chest and stomach -- When he took that stuff on synthetic. Feel I don't know what's gonna -- Like every relied Islam appeared -- DU wanna do this you'll just become a couple these calls they come back thank you Betsy thanks pets -- -- -- -- and come back into the tablet. What to. These calls from outside and -- -- what this is a big issue yet and here's why look unfortunately it's fortunately weekend he got Canada's cup in town. And on on the you're dissing this stuff I mean you voted for what it's yours it's legal but that's fine. It just seems to be question of the potency right now in certain product seems to be also lists and that it verses that naturally grounds that something's. Yeah year right there are stories that are happening here and we're just pointing it out I don't know what's going on. And I -- and I'm not going to figure you guys you know the -- we know. I just feel like people are calling them what have you got there and let. Tommy. -- -- -- -- OK I am so irritated that his entire news story. It. Only attacking men want a -- -- -- -- why -- -- -- light and -- -- -- and -- -- -- he wanted to do well just because that you meet -- irritating not every starter including myself I've been smoking thirteen years. -- -- Yes you are. -- I get a job Tony -- now apparently it's listen to that list I'll say it's a thing. And that's not true low yeah like instead of. -- think the government doesn't do well the synthetic ET and be an issue too but it's there's a lot of different issues here. The guy that was not synthetic. Well -- jumped I don't know -- would. -- I say that old airplane it why didn't click it it makes it makes stupid this synthetic marijuana. I think that this you know. Do you and remind. Shelby -- stupid that existed -- I've gotten stupid or -- -- -- -- do during the show and most stupidest. Thing. At least that's what to tell slightly smaller group -- On -- and I'll probably thank you we're not attacking. We're not attacking and get any good when she's on thirteen -- paid. He's out I. Know my boys and Matt. But -- you know synthetic. It hash oil. And he's certainly aiding and his friend or -- app called. Mostly the attack but I'll say. And my boyfriend that -- Took that out and though they test that had partake in the event Shaw and what part don't hate but you're having like that. -- -- -- -- And yet to be -- and mental hospital for every two hours. Because he -- synthetic -- How where -- isn't synthetic pot and a sense of it's been solely or cinnamon or lemon not -- and I'm not what is an anonymous and let let. You don't get the and he smiled -- at Halliburton marathon acquire each. -- She's breaking up there are certain little -- tell me it's not your beat chain convenience stores they're like mom and pop places around town that used to have it on the count our chairman is not right now at the -- -- -- -- That's what she says what's supposed to be illegal things. I don't know. Soil since it's at its -- -- -- should still and he knows that he has a friend that deep into about synthetic DeLia. I don't know anything about it then I I know people that he can eat -- up the Internet but I think it's illegal to -- it is they took penalty shall I think so but I had -- -- -- let's go to Nicole real quick she's still. Another little -- My back at Betsy says the reason why people smoke and I think is because you can't test positive for a and and Betsy. That's in Hulu beta two different content to Betsy and at the Merrill reference -- put it. -- -- getting an answer. On oh pinnacle. Crowd unity -- nine. But it's kind of questionable no -- your hospital. In the call. It's anyway nobody gets sent. Actually. The -- on a few minutes ago that mentioned oh god why she'd been broken for thirteen years. On the there attack airline. -- there attack -- that. Basically I get them out of nowhere at a lot of people don't realize that. Eating and there -- a lot or what -- weathered and that other match. I didn't actually -- -- your body each needing that it can't people. -- cat people there. You know. What amber -- argue attack Caroline neighbor attacked Al Oliver attack everything else. Let -- really great cop at age and I do have a my twelve year old daughter on the way to. You reached you know why anybody. You can't teach or brand name -- eat you like you know. Again marijuana and and it can make you can't give it to kill you or make you crazy you you'd like no. I'm. Aware and very hot -- so large that but I think everybody needs to know that. -- and I just -- I had the best he just text again when -- we have to get back to my -- is relatively this equipment can and we and -- what would be yeah. We just save lives. Is just say glass Vijay in a -- -- -- didn't conversation. -- good. Daughter doesn't. We don't. Accidental aren't Nicole -- called that was very Smart -- -- -- you so much and I did just get that stem from bad -- It says I am not your marijuana friendly -- tool belt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- were sort -- -- and I think she says that wrongly it. She may use easy -- see -- at the knowledge that you -- don't token every day. The rule to car to go sport. And it was called what. You're right yeah. Award. -- Are you -- -- am. -- this -- of everybody -- -- in the afternoon. And tomorrow we'll be right -- and -- tabloid trash and this year. Okay and tool. Wake up with BJ and 530 to ten Dallas 105.