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BJ & Jamie - Earth day Celebrations! (4/22)

Apr 22, 2014|

Today is Earth day and we are not sure how to celebrate!


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And not feeling well that's what it was struggling and I am just you know I mean I. I am yet. Well I'm just you know it's just a whole thing and nobody wants to hear me completely and it's a whole thing. Well I'm I'm. The medication stuff from my leg surgery and stuff from coming off that some of them lethargic and things aren't adding a little lethargic talk about ever week he -- -- -- -- like two to three week to two to three we -- so I'm I'm I'm really serious note I guess I think I really. And today yen and analyze it stays earth and I got so much -- -- -- I fourteen trees -- the RT. Just things you want aren't you just you know content. There's like a rally today when I go to -- -- -- rally iron player when he -- rally by Canada here but wait a minute I just pull it up I think you're going to let these called in the girls stayed Denver 2014. Yeah what do you militants doubted DM. Wellington Webb municipal office building downtown. In the atrium and that you're going at each of whom we're gonna unveil some appliances. In just kind of wish everybody happy Earth Day you're going to Wear those pins on your lapel luncheon atrium on Wellington. The -- well it's a building down there and have an atrium and I'm going to go and we're gonna admires the plants and. It's plants. Birthday and he. You're not going to the botanical artist -- -- -- -- and -- and play at that -- -- Wilson got time honey run by their little later the afternoon. And -- this and millions of people are celebrating Earth Day today and that's fabulous but. -- I really haven't played -- birthday and I don't really act I have a lot of friends and family and somewhere that you are celebrating birthdays so when they say and the new as millions are celebrating -- morning. Well are tough audience. What are we doing. John. What's our company doing today. Well encouraging people to get outs and it is something great for the earth today he plans to fly out a plan that serene here. Perhaps. Make nature crap he's -- down to the atrium. -- plants and you sit in nature crass exactly it's definitely build bird house -- bird the guitarist. Nick and appeasing in the back of the nature crafts -- major crash -- What we're doing the guitar miss something about a guitars a bird house with. -- the strings also. Or it's tough for the birds -- and how will it take to guitar streams all the land use some hot glue in some old addicts and some CDs and make it a sign of cancer. Out in the yard just collects beautiful -- you know he he's about this far from being hit. -- This far from women who -- from being hit it -- -- -- -- hit album. I speak to him and hold educational sessions and talk about the environment and can't talk about where we say about. You say about a better way to reduce your carbon footprint maybe drive. The masses instead of driving to the store every -- BJ maybe once a week you'd pick up everything it wants. You know reduce -- carbon footprint. I'm not -- its automatic notion down. Member of that meaning. Now talk about that when things. Members right into where you can't tell where the water kids umpire -- the only way you know not to sell ads on my anymore. Iowa hit the Earth Day show. If -- Atlanta now talk about it whenever it's just celebrated it I thought about it. Because. I'm not sure why we're not allowed to talk about it but I knew you were given the -- morning and on talk about it so we don't Maria I'm not I think it's a lot of kids empire the I'm delighted drinking water at some things Austin yea you know it's most talked about and that's why billions that they all I don't know why I -- -- because you go off on tracking. Economic news that's the message is that you guys is about tracking it -- And so ball. Oh you're right we're gonna get in trouble nevermind forget I said that -- at -- -- yeah. She goes off for a -- I mean she didn't know I can still looks at EC retain their parents and I don't have all the knowledge so I speak at a -- inserted -- it it's geared to well I won't you're exactly well it's because I watched one PBS special that mr. We're not we'll talk about it that was completely accurate but whenever it's time change eight. They mornings on Dallas 1059.