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BJ & Jamie - Why be friends with the Ex's new girl. (4/23)

Apr 23, 2014|

Lindsay Vonn says she is best friends with Tiger's Ex wife. Why??


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On Alice there's a story this morning okay AA in its it's. And Lindsey -- Who's Colorado girl right right Banda she's dating Tiger Woods and the story is that she is now best friends. With. Tiger thanks. Anyway when tiger's next we have whom I didn't even today ignored you know or don't know under what England and her best friend. Lindsey Vonn the new girlfriend -- best friends with the -- and she claims one of the reasons why is because it makes so much easier. Caring for the kids when they go back and forth from the house. I -- claims that that's what Lindsey say. She can't that's. Story as anywhere but is she did you know that are here Sunday at 3032225423. Because it's quite obvious already. Cheney and I don't understand this we don't understand. And you if you're the girlfriend or a new wife -- being friends with his ex. I mean look I am cordial to my -- is. Girlfriend because my son sees her. And John cordial because I want her to be nice to my son cordial cordial and coming and I can -- me and no one night. They have -- If you with a guy in your best friends with his X 3032225423. We want you to tell us why. Why why what's -- there is no purpose I don't get it for example I'm dating Lisa. There's no way that at least sell would be best friends with my ex he would here plus that would suck for you. I wouldn't want to have because there's she's an -- for a reason web yeah. Well it's nice could have been much for the -- problems and I don't want her talk can I heard -- your fault. So well so did the judge and the therapists there and the therapists they also respond and don't let those two -- -- a little different Oprah going on there -- -- are like you you really are OK let's reverse it let's reverse it. Jamie if you were dating somebody right now and you were in a relationship down don't look at me like man I'm just I'm playing here admiral play. OK if Iowa Christian yes. You wouldn't want him. To be best friends with your -- Actually they got along really really well but you wouldn't want it. Well tonight okay here's what capitalist now because I can really deal with my my son's death again because it just always. In a fire marketing just make me crazy yeah so hokey pokey would talk to the snowboarder. They would talking to each other and work out stuck with end times to pick up and drop box and do our best free thinking. I'm from pierced again but still let's get a weird because they call each other adding later. They he'd be like oh oh he does he has his snowboard boots I'm gonna go back and weird it's been permanently. Yeah I'm review will take a charity. Parent what you story. Look at it not I am I didn't hate each time and my -- -- and -- I would let them hurt by years. ENN com. -- make him pick his. And the girlfriend and I contacted her on it recommends to handle it like did you -- if you need someone to talk to you got to be -- -- -- -- -- -- Her I know all the secrets -- you wanna know any thing you should be about this for it. He basic -- And so we end up becoming friends embraced our friends now -- of the cabinet there. Am and at least he corruptly hamper our kids' birthday party. Emptying -- the time. Think don't. This put him in a really bad position -- -- our pleasure. You want them really bad guy he wasn't -- to Ireland but in neat. And hypnotic that I have read. So I have some question now you do hired -- -- this horrible man like you say -- bad prior knowledge that. Why would you even interject yourself into their relationship unless you're -- and it's. Don't I know how bad you let -- I wanna hear now that he had that went. Not too. It it be treating her like he treated me and he pitched like he -- they want to have their support -- and an all time. An error but you -- well you're involved an inch obviously she didn't listen -- -- she's now got a tip would be so she didn't listen to use he stuck around for what are. -- Actually after she had to -- with them that we -- hockey. Yeah. Couple hundred yards and now he's he's not even in the picture and highlight audit cited life. And ended in the mean -- -- in the case now in keeping them kind of -- need and I hit it it. I don't I feel like it's meddling I think Heidi I do not want to call my son's dad and the snow -- guy and leg he. You know I know he's -- and tomato -- and stuff and I know a non through. Betty I always like who. The end what DC -- together and -- I -- -- -- I don't wanna be -- part of it is -- time consuming -- it it's what you said it's. -- C almost jealous yeah I mean it yeah big crystal here's -- yet crystal. And ethnic as -- I don't know what he's doing it wasn't -- -- -- when I use this. There. Yeah yeah -- me. We need time. And I carried the earth and has really really haven't got. Pat you know very long -- I'll -- eight market. And I both my husband's we're really ERT I under real are the -- totally becoming friends going to be taking to get together. They hung out and I love it I thought it was great. Turns out they miss it's not okay so -- so where there are moments when the wind it was sees you know you'll are you. Got new husband and your -- all just gathered just hanging out. Do you ever -- my -- originally. Okay. Not really -- my parents are divorced my mom got remarried my my. -- his second divorce might have been what my mom and I. -- So you know we are not you know. I'd you know I'd like givers and I'll forget -- forgive -- There's no I'm in the world are all that he no animosity. I mean it's time and it's like -- -- It would already without my. -- not out there that I see my I don't like -- you know but they still got experience you know the nit -- don't do many soft the united common. -- One year I took my voice to see their grandmother which is my mother's in Lisa went witness in the -- us went well out of the blue. My ex wife shows of -- because it's part of you know it was -- for her to see the three boys. I'm telling -- it was the most uncomfortable trip I've ever been brought in mind I still get that one it was awful yeah I couldn't wait to leave there. Parents it was an Arab Nelson down for dinner until it was awful -- I'll never ever put myself in that position yet don't Raymond please say it was there are well wasn't there anybody nobody even the -- -- exit kids every. Now thank you -- I don't know 100 crystal who. -- -- -- So my best friend is my ex boyfriend ex girlfriend. -- -- I really -- the Stanley bush on the island new lead and I -- -- -- It's my ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend. And then we were together retreat out here it keep it very high in -- out and land. When you know -- expert started dating before we are says he would -- that other girl that. And after after we decided to be exclusive -- everything -- with her and it was. It's no big deal they worked. Curious. About -- really dealing and that in no romantic relationship between the two of them but they were better express. So I decided well it -- you're gonna remain friends you know in order had any kind of jealousy there might be. Why don't I need her and we met and we should not and she might act are a whole world. It would -- you know she was stuck him. No they didn't. They didn't and didn't buying guide and did it wouldn't matter but it that would support you and millions. You know she's just tell you you know it seems to me it seems to me that that -- I may be completely wrong here that that when people are in your situation. It's like they wanna keep that connection to that guy in some way even though he's out of the picture the two of you can still discuss him over Beers. No. Now I mean -- I -- we're we're readily. Sell it I want it to establish a connection I would call them. She's still with -- No no they and they were ever really get. Early that's right I forgot about the night so I hit me it now it's in the Dayton. Here and I leave the specifically. At at at at at at -- -- is he beating Simone has right now. -- no yeah I was gonna. -- know that there's a little odd tabs so is -- -- drive but I did is she dragged back. Villagers now at. Colorado Alaska and you had relations with -- into question. -- -- -- -- -- -- time. And been food and. Thank you crystal now -- the stand after -- you. You have a wonderful day -- -- -- -- emotional season for Daniel on the -- friend crystal yup -- McChrystal. We -- people like you did -- -- -- -- each other. She's now she's not the standard -- how -- you kid who cross examine them and as those -- each -- We're not in our relationship anymore about try to Nevada and other people. Come on it feels like he's eleven Douglas Sydney was. Since when did -- do -- -- didn't work out if you love them when you're him. We wanted to. Do one. Iowa and it fell out. He humans to live and work. -- he gave the ultimatum any -- -- the food into the arms and the other woman who's not your best friend again. We get it contains eight weekday mornings on -- 1059.