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BJ & Jamie - 4th grader brings pot to school.

Apr 24, 2014|

A 4th Grader in Greeley was caught trying to sell pot.


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Jamie knew what it sounds like Jamie. Wet wet wet wet every time one of these stories comes up. Annual ice coverage and say have any opinion whatsoever it sounds like were anti apple. Well no I'm anti grandparents. That's what I am about the story in an instant and at that it's just irresponsible and I. Ironing but but but on FaceBook have been over the past couple weeks so we cover the candidates cup we talked about the the -- when he rallied everything else and people said hey you you know I would just say it's beer. It's peer incident in what it is say it appears that way nobody out bits and assessing its mayor want a good idea. Anyway here's the -- trees guys' side yes it's kind of crazy especially when you think like my -- right you know even the second grade he's seven results right. Right he plays -- a big purple ball. Write in ballots listing how higher go up into that major airman and look mom I caught it I putted great. Gloves and nerve arrows -- shoot those across a room you know display things. So two years from today. He'll be in the fourth -- And apparently little dreaming if you're in the fourth grade you go to school with a big bad -- we need yeah I hope a B or error in Canberra and some will be here. And -- and two years and years schoolmates. You believe this now see that's that's not really fair to say that if you're in -- apparently you do this. It just an isolated it's. We're fourth grader accountable for free as well several for admiral. -- if -- in Greeley. The Padres are only for the next two years myself right now they got it from grandma and grandpa. This is crazy I just read the first part four is several months for it elementary school students were suspended yesterday after school officials discovered they were selling and trading. Stolen loosely marijuana in edible forms. At school. I have. But animal free hand -- -- marijuana I don't have a problem I really voted for don't have a problem but the take care of Andy have put it somewhere with kids -- -- Where they can't scarf it up dig in school start selling it to other kids this is ridiculous. What fourth grader knows how to sell pot there just so weird to me -- thing. I don't know I don't know what pat looks like him and what today -- Yes -- little brighter than William fourth graders critics war nice and is never know what that is until it's like. Sixteen -- you're -- the sun doesn't open house were pots lying around either. And obviously that's what's going on with these kits because they would've had it all of them and the head of the school of that -- The case -- fourth grade student brought the loosely marijuana to school and sold it to three other fourth graders. Where the students who purchase button bright and marijuana edible to school the next day and gave into the kid who initially sold in the. Sorry that is there's as many stories that are coming out about this and how kids are getting their hands on -- it's making for a bad situation. Fourth green that's really bugging me. It really is sport where yeah. I think -- -- that they still like pick their nose and don't know. Did do the grandparents get yeah they did they do the grandparents get charged at NASA -- they assigned to. Not you charge it seems like I mean. -- Anger don't you think it's the. Anybody got a comment 3032225423. If you're a parent a grandparent. A newly marijuana lying out in your kids get a hold -- they get to school what they're selling it to other students. Do you think somebody should be charged. The kids are going to be charged that they will be suspended. The grandparents were not be charged either. That's ridiculous that folks. That's just beyond me I I don't understand this whole idea how to teach responsibility to anybody keep your not gonna charge to grandparents here. But if you and I stand outside a sixteen year old comes up and says hey we buy me beer. And we get on the beer yet we go to day. We're charge. And you're you're contributing to wait until the new miner I delinquency for a whatever sport is I believe it now you got these kids are not just -- this CB said there are several students. The ads that have gotten our hands on this stuff and they're selling it to others -- and -- The thing is pier where the parents that the you know and your kids don't and aren't those little bastards that brought all that stuff to school. I don't know what I do Vijay. If I knew that those little kids came to school with that and with marijuana -- Mikey was in that class. Person on that knows what marijuana is which he should rise in fourth grade right I don't know what I think I go while eight knots and on those there. I think you would do I I I know I think it very upset when it. Because now they've exposed my child to something that I've done everything I could within my power is apparent. To keep them isolated from and didn't this is that brokers not only that to add insult to injury. You're not good at sharks they're great parents tumbling -- controlled the -- The first. And again and only make no sense now. Yeah I mean what are we teaching children if you if you're not gonna put I had ever doubt and say somebody is responsible here. I know and it. I'm not being anti marijuana is just right to right -- wrong. Rice is amber I think I do bad things to parents and no you wouldn't I think be ugly. Hi amber. You're a teacher -- I am I -- -- -- I'm really. I didn't know that they. And -- applicable united then something that played out about whether or grandparents are being charged as something that are now it's really kind of the same thing happened. Elementary that I called middle school children -- a -- of alcohol and drinking alcohol and getting caught you know those aren't are not charts. Or you know -- timeline on how the law so that -- -- -- in that respect. Well. I'm not sure I understand so you're saying -- were aged student goes to school with a bottle of vodka. And he got it from my dad's liquor -- -- that it is not apparent tartar. And sat there not. I should. I'm glad that I -- -- embankment -- and you know we're not -- -- -- parents -- Though he says that it wouldn't. -- -- -- -- And we're distributing these kids. Why not gonna eat that -- kidney stomach out but I'm not I don't are greedy and get all those things are very relay. I -- -- that didn't and accountability and definitely. You know we're literally. A lot of and -- and I'm mark out of. -- -- you're seeing and hearing -- -- could be anywhere in Colorado are you guys on the -- do you guys have like you know you're spying on these kids to see if this activities going out. An -- -- I don't know are very aware and you know see you know a lot -- added that it happened. Aaron spoke about. Something in Atlanta where and and a lot of act it would be at that both that it let me. The -- -- -- that's Nancy I think it's agree releasing I think these stories are popping up all over the staying out then and I. Think. And yeah. Grade I get that bit the free agency. It think it comes down you're -- yeah -- -- their children a lot better than it. And hide their week. -- Authority amber thank you so much too crazy story. And happy and it's Thursday and I'll be happy this time as a unit. If your parent you can -- had in this important. -- kids like he says. -- -- -- for the kids at school that he'd never seen it before and that's what really bothers me to these ovals some doubles and. We're in the cookies -- it doesn't say that that's what I worry about the and it's fine everything's fine and Ireland and -- in the awesome yeah. -- and eight. -- mornings on -- 1059.