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BJ & Jamie - Producer Sean's Spelling challenge #26 (4/24)

Apr 24, 2014|

We are almost at the end of the school year... Thank God!


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-- -- an analyst. Our cow COW. DI TIO. Today -- Hello on right now I do like this you only got out there any game -- This makes me crazy -- obviously there's a list obviously not. Look at a couple of us ultimately a class like you guys -- includes this morning no -- not in the mood seemed to -- Harry -- -- -- Because I'm tired each -- is five dollars sign it and it focuses -- -- goes back to zero at second great words he needs kids. Straight from the school straight for news show on I think has -- once ever -- the two times -- the death penalty lawyers this year. In the entire school year -- just in 256. Weeks I have won twice. -- it was born and what was the thing I remember reading Chinese food when they feel better whenever you need any reason. Kids. Then we'll be here yes -- you -- to play Zdeno. I'm ready to. They get. This is a drag -- get DA CU we. Yeah. Today today. This is hidden Geneva that's why he's got their -- -- I did a little guy difficult. Difficult yet. He's so pregnant. Difficult but this has been for the past -- recent weeks if -- differently -- -- vehicle. And I answered yes. -- CU LT. Me tour. Is certainly isn't a ten dollars he's -- -- my name gets a little difficult thing given the benefit of -- of the doubt. I am not finishing -- yeah. CN jewelry. This is helpful. For some people who. -- -- -- Exactly how it's -- Can you just Terry. Administration my job and it's taken longer and longer every week but I'm. We're -- your ten dollars is needed the money for tonight's gears here. If it's good at all and when I first came in this morning Jamey Simpson said that I'm gonna win money and the Beers tonight I got -- -- money. Their money to -- -- lotteries. The Larry Larry. Jewelry jewelry. -- -- tell you I never but I do Rihanna analysts valid just AW and all our life them. I'll read -- -- I said GA JEW. Eight LRY and DA WOL. And JW. It's not JW JE WE. And all our lives that to stimulate. -- way he missed it three times -- six. It. Didn't. Chip in. Champagne. It's an alcoholic beverage sure it's only that they give this gorgeous second -- champagne. Out here every. Parents need to know -- -- Pass my tennis and she's. He aids AT&T. Eight GE N eight. Yeah. It's a. -- -- -- -- Music he had the Andy. Oh and me. Zero. Manually edit the right. The NE. GE. Guaranteed. Duty. Gay parenting. Second -- words. Ball. And shoe and is is thinking MGU. A RE NT ED. It's guaranteed. Do you AA REM. -- -- GA RG. Now known that little ballpark. Mutant let's move -- and GR. She and it's OGO. Who AEA EO our letters GUE. And T you end it right are. Correct. OKV and then he would be in TE VE. Yeah -- -- DD DD yeah you WD. Fair or not that they know yeah. I don't eat anything horrible move forward. You don't valves are mean valves that I'll lose the Dow is vows he missed it the letter that you miss everything Imus and now. Well you know -- premier. I think -- -- had a premiere until -- and the moon should give -- mountain. PR EMI ERE. Premiered but he's got the -- he's not PR EE MI ERE. -- He won't be the judge -- Isa PER. PR he probably did jump -- -- probably. -- my god how we don't know really it's. This long -- -- will be. Eight BL line. Probably if you took that won't let. Probably. Technology got during your money is good stop and go drink in my -- no fear. That most fear. Atmosphere. He is slowly. He's so bent over there and the ability to jump up that window at some point. It's. It's part of science and second grades. -- atmosphere. Eighteenth. And the old tennis. PHE. A and miss. Are you you're. -- Indeed -- to 08 ER. And -- ERE. The only -- you know ways. And Fehr -- ten dollars M Brinkema who believe he will not only did he got all laid there and then you put it ER for fear. You emphasize he -- ice water. -- not -- The blues tonight on the rooftop. Discipline. We're trying to get you some money here tonight a rare at that atmosphere and the user DI SK PL -- Residents say. And if that's. Today says CN what is say this and this plan. He and it's warm. There's a CBS what you ask yes there's an event thanks John I. And soon. No no that. I got. -- -- Any client I. Think. -- -- The only WE. -- you I don't. Okay. It's a PGA -- we -- warnings -- towers 1 o'clock.