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BJ & Jamie - Government getting in Internet Business. (4/25)

Apr 25, 2014|

What is going on with the internet


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On Alice this is big news. It's crazy I'm rain it could it wasn't what I thought it was my dog off there -- cared not. The government has decided not to play -- but they've decided edge and and dabble in the Internet close -- yeah. Well that was the rumor yesterday I guess he went viral everybody was going crazy Americans can be closed around yeah. The best hope there's new rules. That they put into effect I guess yesterday -- announced new rules governing Internet service that yesterday. I applaud. -- -- in the morning well good morning it's kinda it's weird how they did and do this you know we like right now is no rules. Noon -- cardinal rules that you -- an addict plus is a lot of money. Now pay for anything I. I want Italy and Italy and I mean look at the stuff that I shouldn't be looking at his dinner that was pretty warm when it's free isn't free you know well and sometimes you don't pay for cable or you know you get your Internet service. I guess yesterday there was a frenzy about these new rules and the SEC chairman had to come out and say there's been a great deal of misinformation about -- Things the today he's like don't freak out about the book -- me the tournament can limit our openness of the Internet. You had been talking about them for awhile what -- Yesterday they where they were in -- in question no -- hope not. Talking about -- I need to look at certain things on the Internet it's. There are things that I depend on every day early this show -- why. Just like now okay -- you can buy stuff on the Internet with no taxes right -- -- 1000 -- -- -- you have to pay taxes would make sense. He probably should you have to it's the -- so -- not I'm not if I tell them that we were all there are shut this down but they're not and is down and is gonna start. Making money off of them students. -- Michener weird moment last night no I'm still reading this -- very upset about this. Is upset it's not gonna happen Jamie. Under the FCC's proposed rule the quality of on. Streaming services like Netflix or HBO. We did not read those services are paying ever -- -- Shawna. How do you come march and minute then more frustrating -- fragmented and frustrating. Frustrating. He should -- actually remember the last time she freaked out over something -- does it mean that thing that we can't talk about yeah. Aren't. At Sacramento and a frustrating yeah. The rumors she went off about that and I gonna advertise and -- generally. That I -- the Internet by some advertising -- a location that. -- Hey you know what this thing does that app and are gonna break but the weirdest thing sometime. I mean I don't think that they need to get their hand and then I don't think they're going to do we just look. Seminary right now and you don't know very -- -- here. Congress -- -- here we were -- that don't representative nick are presumed to go on regular Britney -- an answer in. I don't like he would talk to our show. Was it your -- and it was a nice guy and I think we asked some risky question -- and some either ex wife or something. And not a doubling me yeah indeed he he kind of put the kibosh on seeming to us now. Yeah. Yeah yeah GDR were so you know correct on our political -- the -- Okay Vijay thanks. This one hope by now.