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BJ & Jamie - Bigger hip woman get more sex. (4/25)

Apr 25, 2014|

A report is that woman with bigger hips, get more action!


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On Alice Paul. When they get these people to do these surveys. -- thinking to study though limiting and -- but it's my leads and university scientist in this at. Universe surely -- -- -- Leeds university. Leads leads -- the -- and it. I heard -- and New Hampshire. -- it's published in the springer's journal archives of sexual behavior that the real study how they did is he kinda get this. This is this it's it's. No actually. I think it's true it and I got scary -- -- you and -- got a theory on it. Okay here's business just headlight is as. We would like this are more likely to have one night stands Whitman with a wide hips is that the. Bigger women are more likely to get action is out they're saying that I only one night stands out more partners everything yeah it says that -- that room. They have a lot more term sexual stuff going on. And where women with little -- kids don't. If you see a small girl very petite very beautiful or are you know average whatever just petite. She's not getting any action not happen. So I have one more one night stands and more sexual partners than in the planet now I've got a theory -- put -- series. Takes -- well here's what but the idealist and I saw the study S Jason Sonoma have gotten a load of the guess you guys. When I stand. Heartburn yeah a. Does that thinking that affect on the isolated and I know enough. -- showed showed what was your theory. My theory is that this is happening because guys are self conscious and they will not go up and hit on skinny hot women. Sleep. Because I know a lot and I yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. And and -- skinny women you just said yeah yeah I would always be the others aren't so -- well how success Allah can't I. -- remember especially thank you know known. You said it this way yesterday to do it you said it again this morning so it's actually the way you believe that if the girl is really skinny. -- she's extremely extremely hot. You guys are intimidated by that so they go for though why give women. They go for the opposite on hot Heidi hit the women right here that I expenses during a. That is is there he goes who follows the annual -- Out of the conversation. So well that's it is there who has an Arizona. I'm irritated about it yesterday and then -- theory well as. Well my theory is. That in this and I really believe this guy is like women with a little mortar. Meat on the bones and skinny women. I think skinny women are not as attractive I'm not saying you're not attractive I'm just say not as much. If you ever got a little heard Dick and I swear I think. I think 8090% of men feel the same way I did. So your theory is that women that with the bitterness could just study. It's because men find it more attractive yes that's why they get more action absent and theory is. -- women with big heads get more action because their pathetic and -- -- men have an easier time of that stuff and that's exactly what he says yeah yeah so we have completely the opposite opposite. The young. Theories here that's crazy. So I think. I think is -- You know. I do agree with you guys seem to think that men like that Kirk's yes I really do believe I do I'm like hi so he'd be an iron my. Carter I that we had a guy dead dead actually worked here and he was part of the -- the effect -- one point. He dated women network just. I mean. They needed to see what China he they needed just say it's his young -- I'd never if it's found that attractive they were pretty don't get me wrong they regatta that they they -- putting millions sandwich yeah okay and every single time and I didn't get it in heat or. Hated any woman that had any curbs are whatsoever. Unlike find out Diddy you would tell you you know he. Could lose I couldn't figure that -- Now I'd like to listen I could lose moved -- he would tell you that it. Can we would tell him and I told him off and I might -- as a way to scare. Me I can't down -- idea -- that he's like that's the only way to go she's beautiful sheet before anybody who's bigger than her they they're they're not attractive at all. My theory I think that that a case of the study says that women with my -- more likely to have one night stands and where sexual partners in general. Think it's because we looked at who would have die even. I agree with that you know I mean -- -- it looks like yeah yeah I -- -- fertile myrtle. And while yeah amber -- -- the -- and and his. Yeah it's great I -- it's up. I am not a quiet rumor forward to light at the end and mar what -- say that it now. I'd like where we all might have got elect but they like Brad. You know we like yeah speak -- narrowly soaring -- and we know we had this. I mean he can't be so you are Gortat scored -- and -- a big smile to. She's beautiful beautiful they have gives it -- -- -- and -- he's beautiful and police say you know she's. Beautiful. You think they're gonna just say these kids. Yeah not as super skinny. Person and I love. I don't you. Don't Bruins. Hold on dad hold on -- we've got a situation here. Jamie. Stop it. She didn't stop. -- the guy and sometimes say things can create. New. -- where it's at times and I was trying to explain something about -- -- -- -- And OJ is Spiderman last night what do I can't. Yeah it's an odd man last I'd like just yesterday -- Yeah did you thought I was hit on him yeah. How does she does that desperate although I looked good last night and had a nice trying to look at Iran really nice and I Muqtada. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which didn't think that this year imaginary friend but yet again. There was like am -- right hundredth what's up. So I don't I just wanted to say that I don't think it necessarily shared a -- that inning and and -- has yet or that all the big lament Hachette. Because I'm tight street I would say a 130 -- tops and Hubert Colin didn't say it skinny I got forty change it -- Yeah that's. Yeah like Coco playing great. 42 way out yet yeah kind of nice and current edition -- -- -- I just wanted to say that I don't think that necessarily fair to say only in the Urban -- don't have hit the only -- let me do because I. Think you're gonna have a lot of variation in lake -- it. And do you have a lot of sexual partners -- a lot of one -- -- -- the. Not actually committed relationship for a Carlyle. Survey about the pick the -- Pocket -- team and we're talking off air about how they find these people that we -- on commercials on this radio stations that comes from medical some. I went in or patriots as he had right now we're asking for people and in Dmitry doses to be part of that. That program for new FDA drug and they pay you so they want to be involved I ever heard a commercial where they say he -- -- -- I had the woman -- and seeing you get a lot of action call this number Whitney U for a survey if you had to tell me -- and get -- and not you know I mean giving women not. -- -- -- Those guys in the mall there always like asking if you wanna do a survey but I could never say yes. I -- not a not a 148 women were in the study the other would to a mall -- But don't give measured their heads -- I had noticed that's not a multi knows really weird -- Jeff. Yeah what's up look at this -- It does this is bad I do interpret 32 years. He has no longer -- more fertile myrtle. One and one -- no no more than my one son -- what about her hips. Her hips are pretty -- -- And in what he's saying and I still lower and I wish and hope for more than it. You don't ever been so you're saying you know that she as wide hips as she doesn't -- out. I don't know when's the last anybody else had had sex death. Well -- city. And here is in 2014 GM when's the last time when's the last time Jeff the calendar. We may need 2000 Handel -- in front of me. 2012. You know. Maybe fourth time critical times since then. In 2012 events export times. And Giambi -- -- this study Sox. Olson at 32 years he's been married turned chilly -- of floor time and I knew Jamie Williamson. -- -- eight years and then marry after that until today. Why did Nike Jeff you know -- and get this in. Do you. Well good news that we're. Shahzad was -- fact in -- but she's not but now. Yeah well. And we're gonna go and ask. -- I think -- analysts aren't Ifill of speed rating on the Shia Lebanese bundle but there and I did the idea thank you always get help. With women ages and years and there. Look I think we get to the point where we hate your depth. And we know that you -- relations so bad that relay this year and eat -- And we just don't know. I'm not -- We really -- the. The -- that we hate -- -- his wife 32 years of marriage yet being subjected to extra large and she jazz -- doesn't like him she's like okay is my best friend -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Man. I think it gets to delegate crystal. Ball from us and AJ. This one okay.