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BJ & Jamie - The other Woman! (4/25)

Apr 25, 2014|

The movie The Other Woman is causing some anger!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On Alice not only is these trailers for the other woman that looks funny to me. I I didn't lose -- in and they prim and and you get more in there and it looks great funny since the other woman -- -- with Cara as team captain and somebody else. And it's a one woman is married to this guy that he has an affair with two others so he's got three women's draw on the long run that's. And so now all these critics are saying makes women look bad like they can't be self sufficient. And then and then you know a guy has that much power that three women have to gang up -- I mean he's controlling them yeah. And which is. -- think about -- I teamed up with another girl and I can't remember a story. By the way if you have 3032225423. In the eighties -- -- Sure you have just wait and form in like hi this is Jill I know about her. David. And that -- David. What happened to you here. Well. Well for sure. But but if you go to school -- their field medic. It is those little guys electorate be a little on the blame game side. -- eating total growth throughout my my medic unit and it Welker broke through artillery out than you know you're in there. Treated with these different -- have government. Exactly who totaled eighteen -- that walk. After awhile I get the literal got to realize that you're in a minute you're. Our competitors. But the got to -- so and so we're not -- -- Florida restaurant nightclub. Well the illegal -- knew each other all in and going to have final one of the girl or eight. -- couple -- is there. It is killing. Purposely like already written thoughtful for a cart or a walker that he wanted to draw a little bit like when the draw put on the state -- Realizes he's gonna comment in our time attention and he had an idea that the way phones sound that I guess in some data that teacher on that. Ma -- while -- are enough Carson Daley you're in a nightclub all the girls are there the youth play what are the what are they got against you. They've -- -- in this setting up. The -- accordingly it -- by bringing in awarding the spirit. East -- there are so there there are more you inside this bar to confront you on all this. -- move that wouldn't be fun how do you help. Well I learned. There that it would go vote they are the real ability. The trip earlier part. Well you have like a lot of respect respect what the bar -- ordinary people are. Don't -- -- summary article whatever they're gonna. Laura Bush or she -- -- but they are not partners Emma Walton. And as an air. -- -- Pretty much and then they'll call it amnesty or so later on -- are still. Than an -- and here you can. It's really good and we do we know David mile mile and I don't. There are phonies might like it's it's more bolster its -- -- As I considered. I think it is I didn't go ahead and and tell David I think it's that he doesn't put any -- -- -- when they vaccinated detailing his -- islands and. It's the ultimate. David tell you that you don't put period than -- and the run on in the and I knew that and he has already been attacked by three web. The -- he doesn't -- crap for you okay. Hey BJ. -- mornings on how this 10.