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BJ & Jamie - Tori and Dean are Fakers?!! (4/25)

Apr 25, 2014|

Did Tori and Dean fake the Affair?


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Jamie I'm I have to apologize to you on mover and shake your own this town you know. Want to apologize for what. Many Regis not. About right here on the -- and what's up. Tori spelling's new -- series navigates through a tumultuous month in the actress' life. As she decides whether or not -- marriage of seven years to hubby Dean Mcdermott. Can be salvaged after it was revealed he cheated on her. It's -- -- after Tuesday night's premiere of true to worry speculation is running rampant that the couple may have impact. Conspired to get fat and ice. Inspired the entire thing or just stay relevant and land a reality TV show out now how did not say. The first clue spellings heartfelt monologue at the beginning of the show came off more as a scripted speech. And according to Jack about dot com spelling had even tweeted out a message with a link to our blog a day before the show -- I'll always portions of her monologue word for word. Well all of what was the monologue I don't think you heard that. We heard the one about him singed -- -- -- what of the main reasons spelling stated she needs and McDermott back in her life is that she doesn't want to be. A single mother of four. In the that he series premiere showcase the exhausted -- is going about her chaotic day to day with the kids. However as does -- dot com play spelling has an army of three nannies and I. Our analysis that well well well well. But she's -- like working keen to unions. But my three nannies. Person's system it's not enough. Talking drive. For team they just to get ratings because they need. She said she had a fairy tale marriage but what we do know that is in 2006. She said she discovered. This long time that they dug it up that he had addiction issues two or four months into the relationship. Will say he looks rough used as -- perhaps I don't know if the drugs and alcohol is Almeida. He looks like he's been doing. Something about the timeline of McDermott of men and women in the house spelling found out does not add up -- does not. I said at the actress stated -- -- touring that her husband's cheating scandal broke on the cover of US weekly just me or print guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he also worked for and the German giant -- full time treatment -- in. The us into this thing in the last billion enough. What do you think Germany remained active on his Twitter account until mid January. Which -- not allowed to do area. How are you reading your deposition he. That it's as the top ten reasons why this isn't a real snow and anomaly a number four too much emphasis on the we've got it is more important piece of -- kick my feet and I. Yeah normally take your brain here even posting photos of kids to read to prison and is. Argued duty were those. Why isn't the couple even put in a family -- you and me why is -- even posted appealing New Year's photo together. If he was injured and I -- You don't get it right now. And that number of love. While driving to meet McDermott and his treatment -- troupe touring producers David abzug idols that it was April 1. It's terrible it. What are we had a couple more fuel shortage could. Radar -- -- was photographed visiting him at the silly on February low low. And he -- more than nine. Having more we're on number six. You know I'll get -- -- does spelling have a eager to do with US weekly the magazine broke the cheating scandal. -- -- That was good. It is better. -- you know. Oddly enough spelling also gave her first exclusive post after interview that there interviewed to the same magazine. -- I. Where is the woman that McDermott allegedly see where it. Named as Emily good and lose these aren't your LC on horses and her name and it really good hand. -- the name did and really good hands. Yeah I -- from McGinley no pants. That's your sister. -- -- There are no photos to be found a minimally good -- anywhere. No photos of in the -- good hands -- imagine that. There's no photos of republic she has no presence on social media -- has not come forward. With any follow up interviews like the other woman is that's true that's true there's there's been no photos of this affair and his lady. In fact no one can finder leading many to speculate that she's a big dishes birds. And yeah it. Emily good handed these fictitious. None of it is seem so real to me. Emily good team who. And that it sermons that are in -- and -- and Obama couldn't miss it but you're only an eight. I just -- that yeah. I mean. There's -- and I apologize you say wow. I guess they're well they're gonna say a good that you're I knew him and pneumonia it will be I said what and made it. -- man I speak just a little bit more clear. And it just pains you doesn't it. Yeah the very beginning and is syndicated TV show it's contrived and I don't believe on the and I went on our. In the both of you -- no way this is Jason. Leo it's so raw that years -- we listen to this this allergy it's over the top when you just hear this conversation. Had sex once every two weeks -- was in fantastic. I know why I'm gonna end why and yeah well that's -- I say. This is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like it I don't either I hate it. Is not something to joke about Tori and dean yeah exactly and he -- I get personality of the Dino or whatever it. You shouldn't be able to he would to a therapist today and found out that he had some -- some other personality how do you know. Be real. Deal sounds like. A guy wouldn't open shirt hairy -- and Jane. It was Fred lets those dollar. While would you -- You know -- They say that they need to do this and set up this whole fake it charade because they are broke and index often. And that dad -- mom is now saying what's her name. Her candy candy candy is now saying that Torre has -- the spelling name with her ridiculous reality TV shows. So she's still. Off the money via. In candy spelling if you remember is the the wife of the late Aaron Spelling them and Aaron died leaving a billion dollar prison. But. A million. Crazy money she told me we had drinks once an hour that's item in that happened -- ago -- sold it for you when you were pregnant right. For your radio show in Los Angeles -- says she. Nice she I was a big fan of the show and stuff and so we went out for drinks she told me that her mom adores her brother. He -- a brother yeah I didn't. Did he get some of the cash. I I'm more relatives she should look this is before -- and died he -- -- -- -- on -- -- think that he did that prolonged -- So she says he'd she'd just like her whole life he's been raised where it's all about her brother and her mom would tell that she needed a nose job when she was like and she did. Well nineteen GN a big no but now he -- -- -- ten need to know beautiful no matter what it right in the -- Childers 1670. -- And had a big Parker. You're Smart you would tell your kid they needed it surgically Alter their face at ten. No exact seventeen minute late -- wouldn't. And you tell your kid is surgically altered their faces sixteen month she at a Bangkok. And it looked abnormal. Like really did you become some super whenever official. And a half of official asked that the little long. -- -- -- Nice note. She's had a nose job. If again how different ABC nearly bell there's the early on what an ordinary guy and it won't be so mean there. Tell the kids that -- could work for the cartel. How to get it. A meal -- -- -- Packard knows yet right in the room. You know when I don't get -- drug references. Well out. Who'll tell him the issuance of one time if not only being petty she looks good and I think. You shouldn't connect doesn't election made out there we know it was allowed Bayer's US here's what we did. So in the wintertime. We ask -- -- stay warm. Yes this -- secret no secret that I'm glad beefed up blow but I household. Not like beefy. Yeah is so much there gonna talk to deal. They could unintentionally comet. I think Torre was an ugly kid yes. She was. And and him is. I don't like you talked about a child. Like Jim what she wasn't just calling it the way it is well I guess she knew that too and I guess amounted to a that you shouldn't treat your kids. Mean -- -- ugly she's not listening to us and I didn't have anything to do their being treated mean and just went and comedy horrible she was not an attractive kid her mom was horrible too pushy horrible. It's terrible. She -- letter in the gift -- room. That means is a mean woman the gift her hair growth in them and just forget -- the issue in a letter in there no end to answered gift wrapping things yes they do now and that's mean she had -- Thirty I hundred square foot room for present wrapping Mr. President that's it I sought on MTV wants to -- And he is I didn't know that Helen was allowed in her. Did you see how she stored all her stuff you need. Just perfectly this candy the mom yeah. So it's basically the -- system kind of shed a little bit as scanner for because she's a quarter but she's organized to order and it is it's his biggest. You're my house and you're outs and John doesn't a couple of other times. It is when your house of all her stuff eaten. On a scanner just stuff that's how she -- sounded -- yeah she will give Torre any thing the pain now than. And she's completely shut down I -- bullying seeing her she's a crazy woman Sheehan says she was in -- -- those ladies said. That when she dies she'll give everything to lack of foundation some and a son and her kids get nothing. Her -- -- some money and then you have some gubernatorial -- -- in cats in the hands yet. She didn't have the school close infinite as a TV that went under a bed -- push a button it came out from under men that came up and. She had that and then yes he's ready to -- related -- School is like rule it back under bed and little leaden every. It's not a fantastic panel like you put it back under the bed. Did you know that -- will have a TV in your bedroom Villa now. You both have TVs in your bedroom yeah yeah it's that illustrate the cat that ruined your sex life and it's bad for sleeping. No that's if you have cable. But I. -- -- channels doesn't ruin anything like that. It's it's PBS and lets you down. That's a good article Larry -- the only he's a lot like to take a look a little or do you Arab. We're channel that's in the media rabbit ears I do. On -- sixty its plasma TV sets and plans on TV in -- and you're out. Dig up for channel they still broadcast and LA yeah pick them up or gravity or Isaak. While I look back in the day I don't have a TV in my room because I listened to the experts. You. And my relationship is going to -- yeah. Yeah utilities are -- -- UT yeah. I can't imagine Democrats. -- a PGA hence we mornings on how this 1 o'clock now.