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BJ & Jamie - Creepy or romantic? (4/29)

Apr 29, 2014|

A photographer is photo shopping himself into photos of his girlfriend when she was a child... seem creepy?


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We think Jamie you know I don't think you and I have -- hard sometimes to cut back. This -- the conversations we have -- -- that we bring on -- I don't Arianna. -- -- was good burned to relieve and that says yeah I just -- and dad in -- right we can't feel like shall we could try all we lost. We can't hold a relationship like show on our producer will never be shown and -- who never ever -- -- -- never be able to grab the guitar and seamless single -- love songs to listen who. Our ability. Not an error just. -- just don't have that in and yes. They are talking about how we retired now and I don't. And again here. No you will be a part of I don't -- that -- came -- that the fine line between creepy and romantic. It just a fine line there is a guy in the every -- there's a guy and what he's done is he's superimposed. His picture as an adult. Should pictures -- is and girlfriend when she was a child. So for example more. So are they both kids are now he's not a moment and so for example and won some he's lifting up her skirt when she's a child. Well. Adults. Yeah he's in that creep me. Crazy. And one he's like a clue what they're adults now because she's grown up but when -- I know you it's still the picture itself. He's a grown man looking. Prepaid -- the centers dress -- the -- of -- senator because it is she's about seven and these pictures and now she's 25 pennies 25. But he put is 25 year old self in a seven year old girl who. This is supposed to be romantic. Well that's what they're asking is this thinking or romantic that. -- got the truck with a when your -- oh my -- did you see -- -- no I did yeah what is it. Happy one week it will not my. -- one week anniversary Tiffany. OK and you might wanna start you know trying to get away from it got everybody said run run run. But I feel like that may be -- as some borderline creepy things. They're not creepy it's she's just the way of expressing himself were disheartened. I think you're not -- and you are the problem. Well I had a Christmas gift -- that was nice and you start laughing and. The world because -- it's your phone yet I think the phone is so personal. So for you don't have to. Since Graf -- case. -- those words. You know about how much she cares and is not all be there and it's on the back to your only carry every day to me is a little gaudy. Eight. No. We're not the body or playing pick here romantic. Well it looks at gaudy if you could. It's get it's kinda creepy and why he had it inscribed. You know lawless stuff and then it was and it supplies over. His silver and would be. -- -- the death and didn't learn and remember it's in -- can never done nothing but isn't this description it's like get this low point that he wrote himself. -- well you know your phone to carry everywhere have you ever -- anything from things remembered right now. When you get bought two candle holders. In the polls were inscribed you're the light of my life. Me go in the middle -- Dining table and. And we never used for -- -- al-Qaeda and well I would put about I don't know why she left to the light of my life you know little item highlight candle holders in that light my candle candle stick that's -- -- that creepy. Better than a phone. The previous -- ever had in my whole life -- pre -- and let me eat my -- relate but so remember when I did it more than honest yeah. Where he had heart and in my retainer and she's an eight he had put in there I love you now and -- Yeah that's. -- in your mouth. I want you actually administer UT because Longview. Entertainer I've never had when you pull it out it's all slot green do you got trapped by Alaska and how they are now they like alleged he loves being. A little bit. Do you think that the executive the teacher -- mushy kind of guy they're creepy you look at what. -- important -- and he's got the -- guy you do things you know for your lady. Yeah over the top I do. I mean I go over the top and all kinds I'm trying to think American migraine I've got her little gifts with. I think it's actually this is center panel saying he's got to say he didn't think -- -- got to see -- -- at least three or fooled her and China and it didn't put like a rose on your. Being contained -- -- -- end -- like a dream is rose on your move I've ever seen what and a boy if you got a row lose I do have a room and my test it's it's a symbol of love and that we will be in love for ever because that I'm -- red roses a book milestones is your name in it. No he never names tenth -- but it's about his heart that -- in because that's right keep her she's a gorgeous and -- haven't been able to get hurt too much. So it's half of our roads. And our role I think just -- -- a dilemma for -- -- I heard too much he was crying confetti being. Okay and -- I think that might -- worse it gets you started so that he had to stop because the paint a happy that hurt me too much time. -- -- She knows lover and she understands them out I think this songs must get a solid. Like did you get a lump -- -- was -- yeah that was something you -- just specifically for your life. Do you. Old and so -- Jan belittle it and the and -- and. Isn't he loves you more than -- do you. Then any there -- -- -- memory -- front and could actually do without a Miss America without seeing and I could not without I could not live with them. -- as today so if you had to choose air or CNN -- news that she's seen. New enlistment and entertain us weekday mornings on -- 1059.