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BJ & Jamie - The stuffed animal cafe. (4/29)

Apr 29, 2014|

If you don't like to dine alone how about with a stuffed animal?


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On Alice let me read this DO okay. It says you're never alone when you're dining with the giants got they handle at the picture it's awesome is flooded it says eating alone can be awkward an intimidating. The empty chair across from you just scares you. I'm so they have this -- it's called the moment cafe they'd figure out a solution out for solo diners. And they offer and stuff moment a moment it's I guess against her from some picture books I don't know. It's like a hippo who's cartoon here yesterday -- And then they they said it across from me it's pretty cute I mean it's weird but it's cute look at the picture look. -- -- Awful and -- the talk and everything. Really that bad but. He's a big step -- and he sent across from me and top bad dining -- with them. But tomorrow and if Bryant who is let's just say -- out and running around in had a -- grab some lunch and nice you know what I'll go by looters I'll look at the -- and air show on. At a table with a big title wings and across from him is a stuffed analysts say you know. Right. I don't look like in Iowa and that's gonna seem really weird to. Instead it's your Millman is they have a great companion there's never an awkwardness with your moment because your moment in the stuffed animal and does not have an opinion. It is very clear who -- -- when the check -- because you're the only one with a digest of system. Isn't this weird yes. At a restaurant actually offers a stuffed animal. Yeah this didn't dine with you. Is it that it picks that depressing to stay home. -- I -- what I do you know win -- grabs and the email when the deal as an adult. -- belly up to the box yes his anti dean and -- on the -- right you can eat Italian descent and nobody conversation. Nobody judges you -- get to table by yourself while the team by yourself as weird yeah. And in the table with a stuffed animals even -- DA is I don't know about that yeah. Effect at the I -- -- Well. -- You actually serving put up some -- yeah I think they push their food over by him on the Disney area. EM I it's Schilling normally you know just I'm an adult woman with a -- -- all across Selena. What's what's. I mean normal. Right there and -- his speech you'd lose table with the stuff -- -- He would do. He would sit there and didn't think -- -- into it it is not -- but they got not to would leave the doesn't work into it inside your. I learned that. Contains -- weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.