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BJ & Jamie - Sean re-caps the date with Studmuffin. (5/1)

May 1, 2014|

Sean went out with what could be Jamie's new boyfriend.


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On Alice -- get to this date -- -- -- -- -- Sean goes on out let's just set it up for him. I am a guy writes the shell group calling mr. stud muffin the American he's -- Mr. stud monthly rights to show what he says you know Jamie's -- to -- mom the god hey I'm a good guy I'm not like that others should marked. I'm -- really good guy and I'd like to meet -- really think he acknowledged the other guy no I don't think we've confused if and I said -- Over in her heart -- -- schmuck. Well so well. So he sent email to show on the -- past and our enemies we see it on -- 81 Monday morning. Had no idea a lot of the picture yet and she goes well yeah the liquor. -- This has potential. But any Smart being a little yeah. Don't put your guard up a little bit you know she thought you know a good idea would be seeing Sean out on the first day which -- -- and India. We cannot say -- as you know from a lot of my friends and even those -- the listing that didn't go and that's not -- some like that. You mean give -- senator picture but then -- It's like hello. I've never seen those realtors know and you see those filters and then you call the realtor and then what you get is not that that Fuzzy realtor and looking lady right -- think that the threat that at Franklin and he had something else you got glamour shot her and yet nearly. Oh well. And that -- -- -- itself so she's little bit cautious and you know understandably. Was the meaty. The big meeting shock but you are scared. I was nervous sexy meantime having the meeting was funny blocked. You're texting me at 450 whom myriad of nervous at the Camaro and have a drink I gotta have some whiskey. Yeah -- only did a shot. Place shoreline don't you drunk before you guys like why didn't. And not take this -- should be sobered shown a real only and is what he said so like oh yeah. To be real and. Think that I was good so the idea here was sued you for you somewhat disclose what Jamie lies aches and at the same time find out about his personal life. You know the guys like you know wacky crazy or -- current drug here whatever. I just look at your -- in the united son was -- me so we have a series of questions here that you ask you to dinner last night -- Not to win. Just like it -- I just say can I just say this. Make this whole. Thing that we have decided to do here via this port guy he just right to nice letter to me and this now it's like this whole production. Makes me look so pragmatic. -- really when he. -- -- -- The guy that wrote in to show the guy wants to go out when you hear a little bit guarded and I don't blame the end you do a show here in your public is cease and Shonn to just to get to know the guys in the next meeting could be with a so so that's so. Did the whole thing is megs. I Nelly brought into the snow and -- -- -- questions from his. Like these things are. -- -- not willing to do -- meet some crazy guy out of nowhere. And not Ruth yeah and so yeah just to kind of -- to ease he and I discussed that about how this is kind of awkward here I'm meeting you. And he's actually get it makes sense she's got a lot to lose and she doesn't want to just throw ourselves out there look what happened last. You know like how there's one -- no better. Yeah that I think might have put him a little bit I don't know -- I was there birds eat each Wi-Fi I thought maybe the two reviewed together man on man would have been feeling a little bit better the meeting and I'm ML AL may actually me and I had not -- on I can't second and that's Atlanta I thought might have been better so that was there I don't know how it worked out. Yet -- it -- doesn't huge personality and a you know at some gimmick and they feel comfortable. Are easier to toxicity as she flows a lot better than me I'm kind of all over the place. But yeah I'm gonna play the questions you ask because we we don't wanna play his audio only give him mortar attack. Ice will play yours now I gotta admit I think the questions got so much better you gotta drop the -- up. I -- in -- this here's here's show on this tell you started out the there with it was -- his questioning of mr. Stedman and I mean. Do you feel about text novels are you could text you -- do a lot of heavy texting -- The fast -- I guess. It's like on his answer on his and it's who has I don't I don't takes a lot but I do read relieved that it's. But it is notorious for being black novels I gotta -- quit I mean she'll send a tags that he comes in my five different taxes. -- comfortable right now -- are operable. Just an arrogant pick some -- Jamie. -- are -- Clinton enters the next question. I don't all of this gambling -- like him or her. Slots -- card. Slots Moore who likes the slots. But I didn't mean I'm beating that's it. That's ahead likes ice -- a bit slightly in -- present slot. At any more elaborate answer their he'd like to have -- he enjoys slot machines because relaxing. Stay and play. Moon. Here let's go to this when this was your third question and I. There's -- and I really appreciate you need news -- a lot of fun don't worry about it but I just -- leaned -- and I'm Jean genie is a lot of fun. But she's not loose. Now I don't know what are my notes was the required statement. So yeah. And I do you have a walk out -- found out she wasn't lose no no he said I respect that because I am not lose I ate there a awful good point yeah good question the atoms could come back again -- -- -- -- -- and time I respect that because I am not lose either. So why. Under the EU are just -- out there thinking is on your sleeve you say what you think why is -- comfort. We'll -- a film but I think. So why -- And it's -- if you were to go to. Celebrity match makers some yeah. Interviewing these yeah -- don't go to the post why nobody I have never been on a dating my life oh I love him. Cards and home trying to they use great emotional and you can get a killer job. And the drug you got the better guys guys listen to this question. And -- Weiner vodka and our. -- got. That. -- vodka. All of your net man again and I like would she do you realize bring you to put blocked it in there just insinuation that -- As a vote count -- and mark -- on the side until the. The question doesn't did you quit and -- Did. DI VAD like water and that wasn't an option. Yeah -- you'd you know beer water buckets -- IQs and good guy for your children in public schools or private school okay. Efforts are here are locked and -- do you think -- whatever allegedly -- Nike treadmill or elliptical bragging I don't know I mean I think those are positive question to Muslims in the US. Weiner vodka. And it's just me I'm not that's bloody I gamble and I drink yeah. Me ask Carol and cracked yeah. You know I had. -- -- that -- Now I -- okay we -- him a lot of doesn't currently in one of the area. We're up onto that doesn't work. It's this -- chaos theory on. You obviously -- slide and see the emergence. -- -- and then. -- -- -- -- -- Claims -- -- stuck in in any signal she's not. In and I got here yet I suspect cut it off -- I was Britain's concede -- and we don't want here but it doesn't right now and well. -- -- delete all him and didn't know about you obviously haven't applied to these you know -- June -- OK good. She's crazy and then. No but he is. OK automatically get through this pretty bad you're not. As DC crazy and in the picture but he guided answered minutes outside a couple of he should yes he is well the true -- and then wow that's like a when he got in the mixer. Water a medium. And this is just all something I never lose again. Busy summer and it went in the end and so okay so others went down. Well then if you saw my face the post. Then -- like other so that's. We go I when Italian but Vijay said that even for the shell and so then I flipped out like this isn't funny this is it for the show like I'm everybody that's clam today. Well it you know and I have a question for you because Sean actually. Sent us a picture -- He stuck -- -- -- picture last question yeah I did get a picture of got the picture right here. And you know appearances a lot when you meet somebody -- him. Sowell. -- we saw one picture that he sent over with the email but other than that wins seen in thinks I -- I saw the picture of the -- yeah I want to show you the picture here -- -- -- is that what my surprise -- in the picture yeah I got a picture for. And I want to -- look at this picture can you tell me. You know a -- and I mean and be honest of one to ten. Where would you rate this guy because I. They say the seventh to wait is this my setup is as my setup in -- older -- Canada is this my -- like is this what you wanted to do. I want a surprise you with the pictured you tell somebody there's something going on with it. They cannot toilet get it there's going to be days Photoshop day what it would not ruled there's a photo John -- them. -- -- Isn't there and look at business permanently exist nicely because that's my funny little wacky thing that you're missing for the show no is his picture. You posed a question are -- let me go to here OK you posed a question. I don't play for a you posed a question that I'm gonna throw right -- catching this morning because you railroaded me the other day of the when we were talking about George Clooney's wife or soon to be watched -- the ladies engaged and I said she's. -- One of the deadliest women that he's ever -- -- when he married her picture. I'm just saying I'm gonna ask you because you ask me a question I'm gonna ask you say what they should. Listen to list items and let me ask him -- -- get one. -- -- For half ash and -- I mean in Los Angeles is looks yet an average soup more average in brilliant. -- don't go with the hot soup the. All right Jamie. So what this literally standing. In this guy seems to release the picture I -- that he's changed from mad the Webber went everywhere we got that he was very attractive enough that you would you say. I'm going to be honestly I don't think she's a good. I don't. -- -- I'll say this I'll say this I think the guy has his act together I think not very Smart -- aren't great dad -- we should. Our he's that good looking enough -- -- -- engineers to pitch. I'm sure and yet. I'm not what we were bullet that would. What's again let me ask you can get one. Not stupid. Or fast and brilliant. You've -- -- looks and this is lost yet an average to poor average in drilling. Go go with the hot and stupid. You know I think you know what this guy -- -- why. Because you've already had a hot and student at. Several so. -- -- -- He wouldn't talk about then why aren't. They're little as the best that they had to be talked. I mean. I don't know who hadn't. -- -- -- of Yahoo!'s I've pollution opted -- big. Community I thought he looked. -- I mean I thought it was a nice looking guy. Yeah I made in my standards did it immediately yoga and I'm not -- that's what it gives the guys -- -- race. I think John Andre -- I applaud you can we. That's why I went out about this picture of what about the pictures OK first to knock out. Seems like a great guy does he got -- of very much like I -- I. Isn't what -- is this same guy that set that other picture you yes. Won't -- haven't that it couldn't get in that picture. We don't have a bad day guests and well -- out you know right now on his defense -- he was on the as bandwagon he was grown a -- out -- the for the playoffs that may be why he's looks a little different this photo than the other photos nice clean stated that. To that could be maybe like -- and. Little did so and so I think -- meeting. I think he'll be eating the green. PC into the. What -- -- -- I -- here's what is what I would affect the game and then in this. Remembered when a long time ago and when microphone was trying to set me up with a -- -- yeah and we win and we look at his picture -- we're like the move. Member of the F we really even read it right is attractive you can't tell right and then I accident that shot him as a well he's yet some. Soon may mean this guy just doesn't slash Johnson & Johnson is he's very hands. -- John knows what you think about it but in this section. Below average. Well he's not as -- as I am not you know I mean it. Below me. Did well below me as far as the scale look at CNN looks good there. In here he's got the opposite sides here he's alignment let's get past that either legal -- I think you set up -- you go. The first picture don't seem to sell. I don't him because he's now because -- laughs it is it but he -- at -- -- Demi well. Yeah you can't go -- pictures with everybody that does online dating can tell you Tina nova pictures you've got to go buy a nice person. Even you said -- another day -- today that first fiction that was sent me and not they got it was a shot. I can get to -- -- -- -- -- What did she say she has said he is greatly appreciate -- values quite yeah it Johnson -- she was brag about it. Yeah I think he looks great person -- and picked him. Bureaucratic. -- turned and -- I'll under questioning. The naked. Job. -- Weiner vodka. All of your. Contains eight weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.