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BJ & Jamie - Woman has sex with a ghost. (5/1)

May 1, 2014|

There is a story of a ghost that is having sex with woman!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On Alice have you heard this goes to audio what the lady that had relations with a ghost. What you're talking about -- went -- and there's a lady thing. Who is an actress and I guess she does it paranormal activity show that on the cable. -- -- dad the medium. That medium check now owned it they they take those hidden cameras and houses we look for ghosts I the could oppose a sound of biases and the other searching for sounds anomalous activity and houses. She claims. They had a real life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they have relations. A ghost she's all for adults because he's taught the path. I'm go taught ghost -- -- -- to follow me that she okay she's a slate. I mean he he's getting some action -- -- -- even she's getting some match. Like he did a clinic did you need to tell me a story about a woman and a ghost he had the door slam and there may. -- -- -- -- Bit for our listeners have been she -- -- doesn't even is only getting. A lonely woman why you say that's. -- I just said -- any woman listening to show right now that may be a little have heard of a vibrator. Terribly you'd go yeah you know a lot of adult aren't in relate it. Well I can't stop you. And you think is not a lot of that aren't -- relations can of worms here. We have a lot of great friends around as we have to Italy and we have a vibrator and you let you know inner relationship go ahead and do your miserable self. She claims the hunt ghost came into her house and just really ticks me off. And have not been turning the question right calling lonely if I'm not relations link audio only. Anyone listening. Read that may be a lonely person even this ladies having moved on to -- people that I -- -- I. The and then -- the notably. What is said. Do you understand it like a lot of and I apologize isn't so are a lot of thank you. A lot of this can be without a relationship and be actually better because -- -- in a bad relationship happen is that. OK you win. Would you let me stay with that no no not at all because you're miserable mix my life miserable flavor I don't want that. They think I'm happier and now with the -- a half. Hole boy Daria who if you'll touchy you got to tell you. I gotta be a really careful how I say things around and around. -- play an illegitimate and that means we're gal which by fifty years the only the lady actually against. Put -- some I don't know -- about -- I was in a room by myself I was at home and I was lying in bed. And and I felt. That's something entered the room and I couldn't see anybody. And Sonya I could feel that's. Somebody was touching me and the other hand slipped pushing me against my will move and it could feel there. The weight of the body on top of me -- -- first I was like -- confuse the bill that. But up and I just decided to relax and it was very very pleasant little and that I really enjoyed it. With the goat and a pot and this is the adult like the ghost of Fabio. Says he -- and -- image as a legitimate job and cheese if she's an actress. From Russia. She's an actress Russian Nancy. She was taken against their will -- -- and it's just decide to give into it morally bad because Tim Hewitt but can she do she's in for a helpless woman who. Who's being you know -- right who's being seduced by ghost now is still. Did have a she. I don't know if it looked like Casper NASCAR I don't know I and I mean she doesn't really go into the details of how. How attractive the ghost she just how she does realize is that you know what this isn't all that bad Solomon -- know -- it. C 08. Adding it's fun that her husband is said that he doesn't consider it cheating just so you. Right it goes comes back that's okay via still. Get. -- I should. PGA and -- We see in the mornings on -- one Obama.