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Michael Jackson's New Song

May 2, 2014|

This is Michael's re-release of a song done back in the 80's.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is from last night. Actually the video I guess is out today and amuse itself today a new Michael Jackson song they debuted it on an awards show last night and it's really good. I -- this thing it's really didn't know the guy's been Dantrell on like five years -- -- He is funny about me as I used to be Michael Jackson fan when I was you know younger you know but now that -- -- I don't really and a parent like on. You know like you in and you know what the old stuff -- -- I'm not a fan anymore I mean I like it when I would fall and some of the -- Energy's mine well. There's -- I'm not just the way you are you glad people I think she's a huge superstar coming yeah I want iconic bet. I don't know why I just I liked it when I was younger but now that it's it all sounds the same for me I think he's amazing guy and he's at best artists on the receiver ever yeah I feel like all this stuff. All sounds insane I can't -- in three different concerts to Madison square garden and I hung knob and on just when you didn't feel like dolls or December same. No not at all. In every song good stuff. Well there's some of that in the politics -- what's the name of the -- on the name is never felt so good and heroic figure. -- -- -- -- -- Just him home. News new Michael Jackson. Sounds like nine million pounds million the music fest I think it's only down by Justin Timberlake. Clutching his stance on what I. I don't me put -- -- never asked the bad deal and live tomorrow would give -- the your good audiences. -- yeah. -- -- And we're. It's gonna be here Michael Jensen again dead been dead for five years I can't give -- a break. You arrived. I do. And let him -- -- will be back after this. I am yeah he's more like I -- in -- Say hi.