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Ana-Face App

May 2, 2014|

Here is a new app that will judge how attractive you are...and how does it judge you?


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On Alice they speak of laps have you seen this Jamie does -- please think. It's a new computer program it's only. And a place eighty NA. FA CE OK and a and a face it and -- a program where you upload a photo of yourself. In two this software. And then down to basically tells you how beautiful you are. It takes certain points in your face and there's a bunch of different points on him what we're gonna do was -- and are gonna put our pictures and because I got -- viewing and I -- -- loan -- what what adequate well I don't I want to let it get any part of the computer program. Takes you and your picture. And it analyzes it on some cement three -- symmetry in your face. Your feature that your eyes your notion of whatever. And that it spits out he had few horrified six or whatever on the scale of one to ten in beauty. To make sense so -- -- based on what them based on the symmetry of your face in your nose your -- what should be perfect. But -- -- -- one matches up matches up to what would want because -- got -- stand out like an elephant then you're gonna come that would big ears you know they're not going to be that. Can you explain why don't let me explain I did they have a model because I haven't seen as a I don't know I'm trying to understand. So do they have like a modeling. You know Giselle hasn't perfect symmetry because I think her nose is a little bit and be honest I think she photographs amazing. I mean how did they date when they decently who has the perfect. I guess I don't know if it's one particular and individual I think they've just taken a bunch of teachers and put them at these things together. And and they've created what they consider is the perfect face. And then they compared you to that perfect -- and that's how he won the tirade. Wanna do that to yourself. Now that's for some critics yours. This idea how to grab things and school that they are doing is not -- and it's cool it's so many long and it's horrible. So I guess that that they'd take a picture of a girl is you know like this even in grade school and then all the kids -- I mean that's what I mean they rental they -- had a -- the picture. -- really know how it works because some women are friends as that kid in elementary school here she was bullied by this because she rated really bad. I don't know. I guess like passing and around maybe take a picture in Japan around have been rated where they can do another film course yen that's true. And -- that the rating on a picture -- you received on your phone and the teachers would never see it. I asked that many details about him because I moved and that she says it's this thing they have some picture. And then all the kids rate then the girl. Okay that's a different first of all you're dealing with kids that are you know only in Internet bully situation being in high school setting or -- junior -- whatever. Bounds. And this one's a little bit different because it's not somebody else and a group of people that that Europe's afraid of what. There are judging you this is you putting your own purse it's not me taking your picture and putting it into the computer program. It's me wondering how I size up. It's got my picture -- and I get the feedback from the computer not a lot to tell anybody else I think candy knows more about it via a -- is an expert who knew. The demons and we'll see here we go look at where I'm more. People are posted at Daytona that I don't know about it. -- I know you're not I'm more I. Basically they hate the very point in your face style like that that where your eyes my nap in the top of the year. I led to the bottom of your -- it -- No but I thank you documentary on. I'm I'm kinda made a documentary he. Documentary style documentary. -- -- yeah how about that at all. Again the again I'm gonna score big -- Jackson -- did later on today watching the Eagles signs. Candidates and Catholics but Aaron basically the whole science -- they take it very loyal to your space and hybrid they all. Actually that's what charity angle and I -- I think like that looked attractive person ever measured let Brad Pitt. Because you showed that -- all these pretty. I don't think he would only like an eighty openly. LAL odds aren't using them. -- -- -- BJ don't the F admitted carefully at -- A big part of the gaining a I'm sitting here all the usual that you and I was finals and -- and you need it to the right now that I scored at least an eight. -- I don't know the answer is yes we can't change you and your on the phone. IR RR. I don't or at least six. -- that. Or planned to lower -- but computer not -- can you -- been -- to meet compute does not compute the commuter crash he would blue screen on me yeah. You didn't you didn't try to candy. No I never I don't want to try and get into any particular. No I don't wanna know that's not good because my girlfriend's listening until -- -- that happen. You don't really hit a ride she worked in about a minute yeah. To do with how he photographed as you know. He's a photograph really well I really do everything mentally and Diebler has great they see me in person. Because. Just photographed from the photograph great. When he when -- -- Sean appreciate that. -- I'm not a show it to me. -- -- -- This -- -- so when my girlfriend's. Not hotter than on derby but we take pictures together -- And I mean it's obvious public brave batter in the picture than she does the person she's way hotter in just. And I'm sick of the music and I've had they are witnessing. Here that land I don't mean that value. I don't know some people bode well and I really really great Britain and -- -- The aim is an irony -- -- and it's. Just plain and the fact you -- It's. Just on me I like it apparently. He's been on his yeah. -- and I can't win on -- -- -- just letting it out I can't say anything without an offensive or or it's it's you know the hurt somebody's feelings and adding that he. I think they weren't bad particular -- I bet you're the -- to get that picture that you're not my ailing. It's an exercise. To next outlook we don't -- -- for urged the -- gym memberships but we don't workout. Are all of a double clicking on about -- -- should be kind. Good thank you should be students and so now I. Personal -- and yeah you go ahead I don't I don't I don't -- over to go -- bus driver. You and I are writing -- and you're gonna go our house you can go to like Lashkar -- They say instead it's really gorgeous. You know things that didn't do. Well in the -- that. Owns a twelve pack of Budweiser at the -- And then my. Some -- Sound arrogant and drunk at all right that's right you can't I can't yeah. Yeah it is what you. Reason this thing is make in the news is yeah 'cause some people are coming back and said hey this is mean cruel. People should not be putting in aaron's -- in themselves up to what the computer thinks is perfect. There's in my consulting in unless you're planning on getting a nose job like you hate your nose and it can you put in there and it plastic surgeon's office or whatever and they don't you know they show you what. -- -- of a computer program tearing you down it if you're not then -- -- -- -- I think -- are gonna put our pictures and you wanna put -- and we can do it on Monday we can see what we -- Wanna put it to its majority yeah well I'll I -- Yeah. -- We'll lie about it welcome back into European lemon honey. I don't. To the need if I don't need your work Ravalomanana donated it happened and insurance and I just went sensitive -- everything everything from. Me. Okay and. Then he's got a good team and I -- you know what this economic. Never. I even like dream it was that first day for the rest of my life for not buying -- it did what did I say that we're so happy what did I say that was so wrong. Now that I insults you said yeah. I'm is no no ice I what I meant though Yemeni what did you say hey Jesse got the -- he's and I'm running over his me. He's at what ages as it was went to that and I said. You said no but the angle William and also I meant but that's what -- That was the question what I say look at me look this is -- argue in relationships that are in the -- why don't -- I'm adamant and this is the way it happened in my house for a better -- yes I -- I just always -- you give them not only win you win. But here's what I meant let me explain -- got pregnant just like him he won't stop it we just laughed it could have been over. The -- and you have to be right. It's over the.