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Kentucky Derby Party. California Chrome Winns.

May 5, 2014|

Why is BJ not happy about this race and listen in for everything else that happened.


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It's a -- One analyst and. Isn't yeah you brought this morning two -- -- I think the other products then it's like your brother where they. Bring your brother worked to notice if I got -- See in the sadness you know they -- without one. I'm not supposed to look I. I think that's an entire -- -- this I don't think I'm supposed to look III. Leo amber and I wish you'd stop all of the it's not really fair to sorry kind of. Hey you wanna mess that was another girl that had begging begging the IR DC NN. Don't say that at. The best start some great and I don't need that right now hello I'm -- don't want anybody while -- -- -- -- -- there I know. He wants she didn't. There's nothing going on it is like hey dad and no matter how crazy bringing up a little -- yeah it's a -- -- -- it but didn't get enough going on the -- -- -- and I think in action I don't know -- guys -- -- you know hanging out with two girls. And I got -- and -- -- I find it all series you hire -- is fine have a girlfriend a lot of work to do everything is this woman with the sorry ladies and very we know we actually the guys known and we will receive let's be honest we are where you call -- we are very doesn't work very aware. I know how to do it either as we are a lot of. Lot of guys jungle like three or four women and why would you want to. I don't know who. I don't know well in your day didn't. -- in my practice but the the but the the but the beginning he wasn't satisfied yeah. She. I think she was laughing on the -- times change that was classic. Your girlfriend -- when I was talking about the Mac daddy -- this is tragic because life. Who has plenty the future because she was thinking pinpoint girls but it -- that. With him well I explained to her that a lot to drink -- -- they were drowned correct that the that the the. It wasn't like somebody getting stronger the -- -- education and yeah. It's -- night I don't think I can do this in public. I want our try to play good. They shiny -- know now that I mean another human knows the story. I remember years on the name. Beef brisket or when he's clearly a biscuit big brisket big brisket I would Jimmy Mac daddy yeah. CNN. As many. You know try to kiss me I did not do I guess. Dad went -- lose anywhere to disintegrate but I know we're not but -- -- shown I can literally meant the story. In my own mind. It was like Jesse -- like this he went inside plays and the guys -- clothes. And in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get out in public didn't and they attacked me I think what's the enemy I had. -- -- -- Some callers that answer seems what's your name Nancy. Lee. We -- that's wrong her name is we mentioning me that -- that's fabulous cat she's made it overnight zero pot holders. Oh did you get -- yeah that's the fifth at the end when you. -- I -- -- need more I don't know it's early that morning and gets a month and down. She gave into the about a 9 -- morning and then now I brought him. We know it's funny to see -- I mean literally did you she made that happen like an hour and that she was crazy it was nice it was beautiful so I get home. I ain't got that I had as sunburned -- I think I was like not burn a hole forehand. The Jensen. -- -- and I didn't get it would really sunny out ideas of us but it was the had to stay in my head all the. The ran it. The public we're talking about the Kentucky Derby party from Saturday. OK okay because we I mean I -- -- yeah okay to have the party guys kissing you know back right that's the Kentucky Derby parties where load up. If you missed it -- -- -- -- those funds unless a lot of people later. That's solar group they were fun though they were thrown around and seeing shirts I. And I'm California crown won the derby did you venture into the news to divorce the but Jerry did you -- -- -- much attention I'd post a basement you keep coming in about it. You are not. Oh yeah yeah yeah I saw that went yeah. Because those dogs -- my horse my horse I. Don't know horse for the Kentucky Derby is forty horses my horse -- -- -- -- -- -- or lack. I'm a big -- -- street the blue factory but the effects. I loaded up and -- even the drug take you straight to the move back I'm sorry I know you're excited you said James OK okay okay listen. Any kid leaned at least decent if you if I I bet I don't think ten dollars a horse. And if they come -- and I'll win 30000 -- yeah and long shots right Gmail last Murray then if it came -- last the. The in fact. I had three horses they all three came in 123 last -- that's what you gonna -- 30010. Dollars dummy but the fifth set at the the favorite -- -- -- the fairway the issue right yeah that's who would you pick belongs to us like that California grown abdomen last. Was the favorite to win and easily won the Kentucky Derby. And easily as a portion of the great story hope that wins the Triple Crown with a story. He and the owners of that war's only paid 8000 dollars that horses mother. And they raised it to wanted to get into horse racing and then the horse they bought for 8000 dollars remember -- running against million followers as. The horse they bought 3000 dollars did when this -- and raced in only -- a few times just dead last every time had a baby that's California grown in no way. You Maria yeah that's the baby. Now been down this thing is the fastest horse in the world. And expensive. Well Vijay Vijay thanks we -- mornings on Dallas 105 now.