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BJ & Jamie - Crazy sex laws to know about. (5/13)

May 13, 2014|

If your planning a road trip this summer you will want to know the laws of the lands.


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They sure these are great. You're getting people ready for the vacation. Yeah. This is go. Even come from like the good as well and he's like a vacation ideas for you guys. Like bore -- None and this is within the US serves a lot of people blocking the highway they just drive maybe teacher can't bring your kids you go to different states and you gonna go see mount rush are you gonna maybe you'll see the big and what is that old faithful family don't explore the town. And America are you a big bite you somewhere. I error when will these -- -- weird sex laws throughout the US so that if fuel wanna do this -- your vacation. Wanna avoid these states. These are helpful -- yeah otherwise your mapping it out give her some of them from Bora bar. Go Laura Laura is not UN. -- -- when he didn't. Vijay did you not say I have some ideas for you guys. 4 -- traveling this summer right vacation visited we were talking off the air about her medications and when we're on an honest -- -- -- we gonna do bubbled up. And then they give me. How is he turned I was talking off the air about our vacations and -- eight. Eight weird things you can't do and. -- I'm not sure which would. We all have to do relations it's weird and you look at it it's kind of weird -- -- -- -- -- -- he just -- with the US -- -- -- travel -- -- quite different -- most people. The IBE ever really left Kansas remembered for his vacation you love Jeff go I -- Jefferson County I. -- -- it I mean he is a not only just Colorado he's a Jeff -- guy he is is seen as a parent is -- yet but I mean he barely I mean Arapahoe County OK -- that Denver county may be -- Weis. -- -- I'd say Kansas this. Irony in the and in fact this is weird. Well don't go to New Hampshire you're Jeter now. -- let's start there I was Atlantic. It says it's illegal to cheat on your spouse and you could really get some time -- to be behind bars to -- entry so Pete -- 1006. New Hampshire. Me. You know I think they just and then over. If I remember re reading in the news I think they just overturn that not turned it over that they overturned it -- and yet they did. I remember CNN news channel and that it. Why don't you haven't they still vacation all my boyfriend can go to New Hampshire. Effective January 1 it is now legal in New Hampshire to commit adultery won't allow outdated. And I had some brilliant. New Hampshire is going to be busy this yesterday I just got to be accurate -- sergeants thought his size press New Hampshire has its wide open if you won't -- go there and renteria. In your camper. You saw what what's probably -- Yeah I read this and this is funny because I went to -- Utah and I feel like I did this. Boy how they define that to me let's do it. -- And then. And Shanxi that would do it heads for a slob real pleasant little things yeah I guess something on discard -- I. It's. Yes it says it's it's so -- you don't act like or implies that you want to trade relations for money yeah. She can't I can't do this. Each finger and -- -- -- in my I have my ripple not accusing them its entire UR I he can't expose yourself -- can't tell yourself what -- -- -- what about the old state to bend over to pick a pencil. Booth at six -- I don't know I think it's a time I'm unaware all the old bend over -- government and rebooting the drop in snapped yeah. Great comment that droppings that is illegal and -- all. I never heard -- -- seven. And I'm Alia with his late son recently added that the drugs and OK it's when he dropped that. I -- up -- -- -- and then he reached down. -- -- -- Maybe now. -- I can snap them out at me replaced and it's like well nothing can you talk he would do that ET sexy. You told us we -- here I. Jamie you -- yeah let's say I didn't weird. Is that what you wanna get him Beers and you have to -- like a club members -- the true you used to that OK because that's not true anymore. And then let's move I went to our scheme and yet it in the you don't have to do at the end of regular. Yeah that's the resort the resort to different well you've been going to a station and it's a big huge cooler and it sends a bunch of crap I mean the it hasn't budged much you are walking and then today you must know our what do and I thought. You know -- no AT&T can't -- -- -- snapped. Little. We know that. I'm also -- he says. In Hawaii is good all of this is for UG -- because you go to Hawaii. The -- thing on a prostitute. Would you say under the rule here in Hawaii and you -- -- nothing to do it -- me at all says he said that police officers have relations with prostitutes and and -- to do with me at all. And enough I think he called me a prostitute that it didn't. We'll skip that. -- -- -- -- unmarried couples can not live together and and they don't even want you getting a hotel again it's still legal unity incense -- delays -- pretty -- we couldn't go to Florida sinner. -- -- -- That's it that's the big law how many more of these we have. Each to. Let's go to the house I checked let's go to number six -- I see it as I was this really it's close to home for -- but that's. We have what I think because we are you know what and then as you need to stay out of Nebraska -- gonorrhea and they don't get married there I don't think you want team bringing into the state you get married in Nebraska if you have gonorrhea yeah. Why it's a law but if you have. You could give it to every primary game until the end all he has to win it's a humorous we'll stick to get it may be dumb law that -- yet that's. In the year so yet to get tested for gonorrhea but you don't have to get tested deceive your cousins. That's yet to give blood -- makes you are not related. Nowadays that is -- and that was like me that was. -- No that was him being done and there's a joke about Nebraska marrying cousins. -- -- matinee because to me and Nebraska is very important. That he's got their arms today and Jackie I think it's content you go to Kentucky Alan thinks yeah. -- tried to turn it over to Ireland doesn't really work for Nebraska now and we wanted to talk about Kentucky we will. -- -- -- AJ thanks. This 105 now.