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BJ & Jamie - Sean is running Colfax marathon.. lets test him. (5/13)

May 13, 2014|

BJ & Jamie have Sean run in place for 20 minutes to get him ready for the marathon.


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Yeah. I don't move but it doesn't appear to me -- train so I don't know it's -- -- OK I just. And I trend beginning of just ask. Okay John. And name is and that the nausea. Training going for the big race. The cold the next marathon and slow. Slow slow it's still. Slow drinking lessening. Whiskey that part of the training. And no it's not -- training regiment and in the case of get that -- cheese that I definitely was not on the trading. Meal schedule live fried mozzarella sticks in that part that train -- for its -- and -- -- go with devastating as fish and you used. I know I. Don't find it. It's a flower here I think it was good to finish it's one of those you're gonna make it as you do in your hand if it's space orbit sticking your life and. An army criminal yeah. You have dot I haven't done any training in two weeks. I haven't -- I'm not nothing when I just just with everything going on in this Stanley sickness in busy and stuff I just haven't done anything you know -- this weekend. -- -- a plan today is as we get up the weather's going to be nice today we're gonna go hit the lake and we're now we're gonna try and jog a mile. Around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I just know that he -- he went from the from the big half marathon team Tyler. Down to five K so I know that you know he's he's -- going backwards here here's I just like to -- maybe it's -- -- But maybe have them running in place. Next. -- -- And it's that's -- -- now would be. Yeah it's gonna add to what he -- as having -- did gonna do a five -- and two minutes that no no it's gonna take eight hour hour hey what's when he it. You can as you said you're gonna run today a mile right she's got a port -- -- ran a mile and my guess would be about twenty minutes treatment mild right the end run Watkins. Now it's now eyes and -- I can't I cannot physically run the entire -- -- -- -- did you hear that before they were jogging around for a month but he didn't have block. But the first time around Sean he's signed up for thirteen mind or what I think. I was ambitious at the beginning but then some other stuff came up were not gonna be available on Sunday to do the thirteen half Merritt and me so yeah. As he slid the ball and what they even came armed with escalating out of town -- something's gotta be gay couples like in on the green we have our first Booth the chain is very first debut and a at a -- -- -- event in her crafting. And her -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our show -- simple site and on the green it Clement park on Sunday it's a big car show -- lagging car shell. Yeah and so we have a -- yes votes with their bids will be there and that she's into those bottles laying on the hood of the car and stuff knowledge can be hot dinner here with her way -- and her goods. There downsides are -- -- debut it's our big debut on Sunday and so they just so happened to get away of the half. -- yes art statement let's see those were portraying those can you sell if you linkages and you. He's one and emotional. Look at issues the other night -- she could pinpoint and clinics that wasn't mistaken Fisher who's getting down to the teacher in the coming I ran pressured and but -- and get ready so that you can look at digital now has its chafing at eight. -- -- -- Chief I just I just go and start a commitment. To winning and maintenance of it them storms stump won -- -- four minutes after -- Zawahiri. Don't be your duties McKinnon yeah. I'd rather show and slice. And just as. If it. Yeah he was first from the thirteen -- angered that he backed down thawed then most people wouldn't go for marathons they work the way out Padilla Johnson started to talk to backwards. I know I know my limits on Friday night great that's idled on limits. All glory to war it's only been it's not even gonna -- If you're. This is not -- well I still -- you aren't. Yeah I did did ABC's today -- he's eating -- is an effort. -- -- I -- -- couple -- helped train him. And Veronica okay we're gonna do commercial -- iron right after the tumors no -- We'll come right back who couldn't she has an identity it is videotaped him running Sean preparing for Big Five K this we can call sex marathon nonetheless I think he has signed up last medication can still -- next -- Videotape and -- -- -- -- about the fast and I know Wisconsin Iowa will play the commercial and I'm convinced one minute. A minute and twenty seconds -- -- policy only eight minutes and forty left against but we'll be right back at. -- -- At that really good deliberately. C'mon John you keep building preparing for vehicle thanks miracle on the weekend. My caddie how many minutes of the incidents on CNN is that C 56 -- six kids -- should be paid. -- -- -- I got the ads. -- -- -- Closer to ten minutes now it's six minutes it's his turn to less expensive yeah hands. That you could -- -- for six minutes that you're able momentous game and it's just -- you watch Johnny he doesn't implement it is fourteen. We'll -- remind you could just you'll die before he -- his fourteen month yet. Right through twenty plenty. It's the water. I could lose it. That's a lot of and we don't have anything get it called aren't buying it help them were empty. -- -- -- months ago. Integration on how impressed -- you see more writing music and -- to -- now now until then just drink it in which you've got a -- It couldn't I don't see we're -- seven Hogan and looking good. Contains eight. 32 local. Thank you Jason -- thirty seconds that we putting them. People didn't think that yeah I can't believe we've done this you're alive. If you can get visas for the fact that he has two -- He's been able to do this is in -- like Gregory thanks. -- -- -- -- I think you're going to be great it's five K are you about that you vital more -- I think -- just run like thirteen miles and so did it twice yeah. Maybe neutralize yet laughter. That's why I couldn't do that I didn't know not when you know solid and I don't get me to. -- -- You know I. -- I'd like to apologize because we weren't making a mockery of the of that's really -- and the -- exempt having you know week something about moccasins when you pointed somebody else what. Everything else was back in its ranks to the Netherlands that did not Allen doesn't have asked senators have done assumed. Frank -- Yeah me brand -- and yeah eighteen. -- at night in LA is condensed Meehan. But it does them no matter is there's no I in team is that there isn't any reason yeah -- shot and I had to take him there. -- It's okay. It's not crazy -- was. And it nine -- in place and if I put troops on the insurance Nokia's dominance. -- -- In mornings on Dallas 105. And.