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BJ & Jamie - Killer Bees in Colorado! (5/14)

May 14, 2014|

Jamie is freaked out about killer bees being in Colorado!


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Jamie -- this is freaking me out look at that look at that yeah. Look at our TV. It now. So upset when this -- it's the first time it ever come this far we -- about killer -- yesterday or -- for a anyway they found a colony of killer bees in collar rat oh. Over on the west side the reason I'm so upset about it is because I have so many b.'s and you don't know if if you have -- high of them have kill merger. Just -- did it did. That the killers they Wear masks and carry guns if you could tell. I had these in my backyard their friendly recently to Wear the masks. Actually can't tell the difference they have to go and take you can't know. There's no distinguishing. Things it's us it's we expanded its -- they have to go in and do it under microscope. I saw the story yesterday on nine news they were doing a whole deal on how to survive the beastie. And -- I don't give -- the answer well at that moment I didn't realize that killer bees were in town yeah it's so I thought they were just talking about honey -- and I thought boy that's a really a stretch for a for a 5 o'clock newscast -- you know how to surround obesity. As a boy it's slow news day but again I say you know -- they were tying it together with a killer bees which I didn't realize stuff. These are back there it did just like them hornets they know each other. And so they'll attack you will kill you and look at the animals the -- everyday. You know that they did the whole survive in Africa what the survival of what's allowed but let me no -- -- I was gonna say that the one they did it covered that my mother used to do to me we used to get these things all the -- where you're from tons of east. Where I'm from tons of these -- middle Tennessee. Potato skins. Yes from Friday it will suck out it will suck out the B. I don't -- poison. Or -- known not black appetizers. Sour cream. And they can -- you take a real potato and you peeling you take the skin from the potatoes -- take them and you put it on the beastie. And you -- put little wrap on there and you leave it on their for a time period in it will take care of take care -- any data even cover that on nine. And it is. Status -- that's the answer. -- -- -- that stroke that's true story -- story in new. But what would need to care that we just -- this guy takes the swelling down it pulls out the the poison stuff that the -- putting it. We want to know the technical stuff we're just still lead to firing him no no no no no he got to treat. We had a tree got it treated here you can walk around beastie wide open wound. What took a look at. Okay that's why don't exactly beat keeper Ali yeah yeah I remember our friends that could be deeper yeah yeah. We have got -- and there was a shortage visa and then does a shortage now there's like -- -- -- what's going on -- Well a whole tour be saying it he knew better spent. Each game in Colorado for. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah there -- there's quite a commercial beekeepers state Colorado. All commercial beekeepers to compete -- -- California are. We are ought to -- -- orchards. And try to beat them better throw or because the via -- We'll take QBs on vacation. Are a little bit into -- -- your bottles are owed me out of the California. Does or. Already in Beirut cal artifacts on the -- and -- so they will pay bring the. -- well and well. I want the odds that he Vytorin and those -- motor home news travel America this or their visas into the visa and then go on vacation bag it's vacation. I'll bet date flat at -- and I'm beyond that I would. Or under -- or. I think -- like a motor home better dealt with the. Whatever it may be able to. When they go back there. -- keepers will bring. Only the second inning on a -- exact. Our second chance and now you realize at 445 minutes into the patient with him. So far we've covered -- -- squirrel pain he's had -- a GB -- -- a rich guy. And these -- vacation. Got. That's been today shows so far. Don't go to work I can't listen -- you don't know what's gonna. Yeah. -- -- -- -- I played -- the statement is that the real question for a real question for. You've -- those killer leaks come across this summit. The died and I come over here and Eckstein Jamey Wright on the marriage. Is she going to -- Now all hidden killer beat. Doesn't have anymore Barrymore any stronger than a minute -- Let's go to general. If they do because you what I wanted to do. It's because they're more crack at the -- and generate dealer -- Unless they're getting. And -- the children acidity in that about animals. You know a barrel Jerry unless you mess with it too well -- I disagree I anywhere. -- usual totally. -- that the PR actually just like with the regular -- people marched don't think -- say that they won't attack. It not really concerned that everybody banks and they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And bee keepers of the lines at the bank's call us back and these are in the news again that. It. And then he's over -- the nice guy. Exactly -- it was all about these really definitely does my dad's about making AG that was everything he's expert opinions Brittany. -- -- Martin it's really. And hanging out getting ready for alert on a great. Kirby you've written do you commuter meat tender their to make haste to get a little -- water to work. Wonderfully. And -- thirty QB that want. Go ahead. It was fantastic. A -- oh when the stinger there you can create and not even to credit card on there and I'm not. On your loan it out new -- credit cards contributor. -- credit card in the race. -- you know -- Brittany thank you thank you bring you retire any of mozzarella sticks on the low. Melted on here that amount PGA and -- We see mornings on Dallas 105.