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BJ & Jamie - Jay Z and Solange elevator fight.(reenactment) (5/14)

May 14, 2014|

Want to know what really caused the fight in that elevator? This reenactment is as close as your going to get to the real thing.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On Alice and the other huge story is again is look convoluted but that hold beyoncé Jay-Z and a sister in law. Yeah the fight that my -- in the elevator. We're finding out what happened okay. So apparently some of her friends showed up and used daisies name and -- these -- And so bad the system got mad and to compliment. You think it can't come -- -- and it. I'm a party at about noon. So that started it would then. They were all -- and odds and so he's like I'm just gonna go I'm wondering down as party. And then the sister in law said why don't take beyoncé definitely -- if in the bed and and then today this is not then you need. -- -- and he said number and Rihanna she's like you need to go beyond that with you and selling him. -- is trying to dictate everything you're trying to Tug cheesy -- should go right. And beyoncé you know what dot -- -- you should be very upset with him because your husband must go to -- sparked -- -- that nor are there. And then Indian beyoncé doesn't really speak up and and social conscious that. We'll sit down unconditionally fight has emerged all talking yeah we should've done roles like I should bend the bodies have been insulin to the army's JC. OK okay I'll -- beyond that I get kicked out of -- -- not beyoncé you know you're so launch yet LK I five and -- -- Now I'm Jay-Z and I'm beyoncé in your beyoncé OK so items along by such -- used to launch at the. My. Friends and I don't want your smoke and for. You don't like yeah yeah. And I hope you all. All at one reason at all. I and -- when you remember me I'm going to be honest party at a good health. -- It's a global demand it. -- -- I did not have legal body on him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm going to deal behind Matty I'm Gloria and I. Elevator I don't know how Ray Kelly yeah I'm all right we got we know little -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Elevator -- You know what happened and when you do man who saw it but me. Yeah. They are arguing after being put on our way to resolve them as if an Applebee's and and we shopping and it it -- tell you don't. And they -- in refining the revised and say anything in the and then. -- Town all of cold people with some of them have really really bad I. And I just look at the institute will be amended to. An end it will. It wasn't funny. And that wasn't fun. That -- at that that I acted that way at that that app and -- and I would. -- She -- to tee shot. Okay how I think again. And PGA and -- We see mornings on Dallas 105 time.