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BJ & Jamie - Family cat saves boy from dog attack. (5/15)

May 15, 2014|

We have a video of a cat saving the boy from a dog attack it is amazing.


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Jamie TC can't that you. Posted my god do I want to -- that video that is. My friends is why you need to get a cat called -- goodness that is amazing. This cat aware of that do you know I don't know it state there and I knew I just know it save that baby's life. This save that -- fly surveillance cam is on the front yard of this residence. In in the -- you see this kid on a small bicycle like the training -- small he would like fought for five years old BP's 33 Manny Harris is small can't. He comes on the sidewalk just your typical looking all Americans sidewalk -- art. Makes a turn your car into the yard out of nowhere. Here comes this vicious dog. I mean just come rolling around the back into the car and grabs he has got no lag I mean county. -- all over this kid right. Then out of no where you could tell us first candidate that isn't this dirt yet comes out of nowhere she. And they start. But it wasn't even a fight. Just jumped on him. Sees it he just jumped on mad dog and the dog you've gone and I mean how much -- that's not a breath. I was so I was happy for the let -- for the baby. It's. Yeah this -- team with all now keep in mind the dog's still has the kid's leg. They can't power design with all the little clause where -- There -- gap yes -- -- sect hits yeah. But yet knows what's going on -- wants to protect his kid jumps in -- -- clauses. This dog in this dot. Gone. God I was insane I mean the kid -- The four little boy had to have ten stages and we just on the gash on his leg is work here it is -- -- the -- -- -- -- off after the dog takes off for about old ten or fifteen feet -- Puts the brakes on incomes back checks on it so pressure I'm sure well actually Doug came back from but the month. And does it help the story right diet that story when I'm glad I am -- not to leave out certain things I went silent -- as vicious dog. Men and I and it was at the time you think it is isn't that -- we know now. Did -- manuals are vicious so it didn't have an able and did have a ball not as you know there -- other dogs bite two all dogs on -- that that dog was going after decades later like it. I'm noticing that pools but I mean did you all eligible by. I heard the dog was ill and just out of nowhere I now just solid kid Randall there and just -- on and it's a neighbor's dog. They use a nice to get it right. The dog in the very beginning when the dog comes around the corner looks like he just wants to play with the -- does Indonesia's run he's on him it must've been some them with. In the -- -- all -- mom -- and -- colony and a certain thing out of La Canada and Wilson is what you took out of the here's a mom explaining exactly what you saw on the front yard. It's honestly just a blur. I just remember hearing him and the next thing I know I see my cat. Flying out of nowhere on this dog and just remember trying to get to my son and get the dog. Away and back in its yard away from both of us that it was trying to attack. You know America loves dogs. Cats and underdog in that fight there's a public thing that -- bring. Heard about it seems to me was FaceBook no matter what he posts. People have some -- slam this is an amazing store right bullpen slammed. -- -- -- Why should just leave her baby on the ground. Why did you -- not scoop them up and read in the house -- she left the baby on the ground she checked on him for second or whatever and then he got out. Because the dog was coming after her. Right so you -- on the other -- -- put herself between her child and adopt but now there's all is. People can't we just look at the video that has a superhero can't get a little -- at bat -- How do you question how the mom reacted to what it's like an instant Danish even says it's all -- child's being attacked in the urban and in position where your child in trouble. You freak out. You don't always think the best decision but I don't think she made a wrong decision and you. I don't need it in the Douglas coming back and so she put her body like eat me before my kid yeah Dylan -- to run inside. So I -- a (%expletive) me and you know let them. Tells me those -- break that I had Clifford and forever brand new money. We need to have flash. As to why they know what's going on and they know it's going yet and it's on them every minute didn't they just act like at a fair weather though they're like they're not big liars. I I didn't think of them being liars like you didn't but. I did when I saw the video the first thing I thought was. Birdies sparked -- there because we've got two kids and they wouldn't even come close to this there and just -- out someone they know. Let us take all -- that's what you think that's Lansing and lack. Seizing my kids and do the same boat totally the -- lied they that's there I'll. -- -- -- Larry Atlanta. But particularly now like an old man and -- secretly. Secretly he might -- on to submit delegates and if I smoke spot that when diamond in the putt I looked at my cat I let you. Member. What you can do this can't story and I felt like he was communicating with me. Wasn't as -- but it is on high five to me. You still believe that yup now that you've seen this video that you think I think my cat and those I was stoned out of my mind. But I think -- high five me like he worked cool. Let's get the spelling. That right. Let let's let -- Larry I feel like you made a funny I'm -- I'm glad to think. I believe you don't think my cap hi by me like we're can I sit in the liberty F Clifford. You've got to talk to wait I know you didn't mean it hit me I know you can't and is looking at a low and then it is. Grabbed me you know. Clifford doesn't sound not really a good example -- this story because this cat attack dog dog ran up during the close. And clever -- eaten by coyotes. I was shred it. And I'm not exactly the same outcome my neighbor Tina cement -- when asked to do with. -- and weekday mornings on Dallas 105.