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BJ & Jamie - Producer Sean's spelling challenge #29 (5/15)

May 15, 2014|

Only one week left!


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And Jamie. WE. IEI it's. And. And then I. This is yeah. Obama and while I'm here's the thing. One more. And doing economic and defense right right to school season. So my next week in his last week old boy this is the second to -- only had two chances to win it. Big money you're in trouble. Okay yeah I think it's. EXIST. I see me again and. You need. UMBER. It's hot and. -- -- Lies lies lies CAM -- knowledge. This bill. PH. Well Campbell again how honesty I like -- you know the -- Move the facility at CI am from jet right. Okay the meaning at a year. Than those used in the. -- My -- was in the -- place. You -- me. Street. DS OL leaning. This'll TI yeah yeah. It's -- hasn't. -- -- -- -- Then just to. Chaos. Yeah. Yeah. This storage. The whole segment. And I incidents. MI NSF a little hard to. T do any. -- -- -- -- Roland -- finding that like Arlen evidences that party right. An example rubble -- are you Dee. Dee. Bell the. June. Rubble rubble very good. They might make I might it help with the do you know rubble right I felt also gets a cocky I'm seeing -- -- in and I'm saying is I -- -- not. Yeah absolutely it's -- world we'll see -- at southern. She won't matter what and that's -- Eight NHL OGY. Ten dollars mr. Clinton -- on the slow. I was thinking. It but it did. Your ten dollars conclusion -- similar. You end. Do you eat and AT&T and daring are. Zero. Now it. -- -- -- -- -- Vertigo vertigo bird Diego. DE RTI -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A. -- little -- of the burden go we'll get you at the. ER TX. Dvd wasn't it. Drew on six when I. Hello -- -- even more I don't know I doubt they get a good -- He's sitting on slower than. You know it's then that. I'll go where we are. All good it's. What this is -- she didn't bring it. Stay WK. AW KWNER. Deep in my these are wrong and -- -- -- the news it began WK -- Is that plays well because I learned how to spell and after the. You do not. -- physically I think okay. -- -- -- -- -- For the guys doing in this economy has been made no word from the citizen and I don't know. Let this thing your life on the -- it's faster. Played eighteen seconds. SE PT -- apparently. Sent here SE PO. Sent. Are you sit there and see visit and see SC. And -- As CP. Sit there and CE. TTE. There -- -- in the. I guess it's like science. The IE and thanks Sunday nights prevent the defendant it's just it's just inconvenient and it's clear he could -- -- hot hot I thought. Mary -- in the you can hear them and. Nearly and MIR. And you're not. And and he -- and I am happy to. Why Iberia NY tomorrow and move our society. I was right and in -- why did why our -- now and that's why is the one. You can. This week. I'm ready when you. Making 125. Dollar word hopefully because he can use the month. It did you have heard. What he's glad I imagine. Even having might get a permit me you know bringing into premonition premonition. 25 dollars -- it. The -- should we or -- win moon and yeah is pregnant friend in this forum reminiscent. For him Monday -- in PR EM hey. Well I don't think that there. And no. Am remote PRI MON I TI alien yeah it's. -- -- -- every body isn't. I'm gonna bring those. And they show it. How CE OW. TI TIO. It's. Changed weekday mornings on -- 1059.