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Horse Herpes!

May 16, 2014|

A beauty pageant gone wrong with a case of HORSE HERPES! Beauty contestants are forced to ride around on a stick horse.


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On Alice the contestants. Proud parents and judges were ready. One thing missing. The only horses in the arena were in this bucket because of an outbreak of contagious and fatal horse herpes virus. Herpes -- surveys. -- -- Oh my god did you see the headlines now it's intended hagee because what is is -- like horse herpes outbreak getting -- Horses in December outbreak forces. Girls -- stick ponies. -- and and they competed and rodeo on stick certainly excited that we. Can about it. -- Turkey's outbreak forces rodeo queens writes only is that the. Oh it's a pageant and think yeah at the beginning of the rodeo they have pageant well so they don't let these girls I guess. But they don't land they let. So that girls have to -- stick ponies around their -- because usually they read their their own horses and -- -- because that was really cool you don't go to on your own course yeah. It's noticed it yet there it and they all have them they'll have the -- -- is that. It is here in Colorado known. No but at that point is is that -- right stick ponies because all the horses have -- new Mexican Farmington. I don't horses get herpes I don't know. And a mounting tension between. -- hang -- -- really -- horses again and see if yeah forces and get around so I mean. Why they canceled the entire rodeo by the way after -- -- to teach kids to zero run on stick -- well. Actually at the very beginning they were they had a few events still going and and the girls were just threatening stick birdies and then then outbreak and how that was so big that they cancel the whole thing. The whole thing over the -- released of course her -- from -- there's simply jokes now I just can't think of many people -- back. This is the weirdest looking thing because when you look at the -- he got these unique and -- and addressed inner cowboy gear obviously because expected to ride a horse and their artists' -- yeah. Parading through the rodeo arena anything notice because of Brody has been canceled. That anybody -- it now yeah. Fair and there is -- -- to pony in these or let grown women. These are you know that's a groan when the -- -- and they're trying like they're they're chatting with a stick -- like the really. -- in -- lady the lady in the -- 45 or so forty and she's kind of a bigger gal that looks like her thighs Nader morsel but I. -- Have a -- things like that over the Miranda. Well our first dollar and largely to get the horses have her -- -- I've never heard it you gotta cancel the rodeo cancels the Japan. No I don't put these girls out there are and stick horses stick ponies it isn't like kind of humiliating -- Yeah I'm surprised they did it and it looks -- yeah. Because again there's no what in the stands yeah so -- name in attending this thing looks a little humiliating to me who put the book read the I didn't Farmington. You ask you Lisa Graham policy there is that what they do they're Iran is the phones here it's really blew me resting place -- that ball hard good news Jamie. Now why you're saying dusty it says and study using the -- is we are testing the girls knowledge and ability to adapt. Sean put us on FaceBook because nobody is -- I win I did that nobody is generally how they did it. I think he's -- eighteens. Seen as a whole posse junior queen contest. That's not that he's not a teen -- The pageant director needed so that it may be she's shown that girls how to do it that at this looks great doing it and. She daddy can't quite -- Always had stared out the gators. A -- -- I'm so glad that this is sad -- -- -- -- feel like they're really humiliating him Helen Wright than like a thousand jokes you -- and it really is this -- in a moment. A PGA hence we mornings on how this 105 now.