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BJ & Jamie - Drinkable Sun Screen! (5/20)

May 20, 2014|

There is a new sun screen on the market that you drink.


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We think it's strange it sunblock. That you drink. Let's nip and have product. The -- block the SPF 32. A anyway so I opened up like Coppertone and had a good good good good good exactly. Just like he would vodka so so it is like Coca -- I -- it to -- it's not like it's it's called harmonize H two when he used the. So it's should they may now like a pill grant liquid like Tylenol. Dead protect your skin valley saint. That's weird why. Does that mean when you take a pill. For something it's something that's -- -- something on the inside it's like a headache or you got you know blood pressure he got different things wrong. True this is a pill doesn't drew about -- -- skin gets into hiding pills. Not well I don't know I'm just saying that I've never heard of anything that you consumed that goes inside your body for elements on the outs on like OK if the wind at. Or for the sun nor for that. You know what I'm saying it doesn't. -- for the rain so like you take a rain they'll. -- so you don't get wet. So this -- -- don't get -- There it. I want it turns yellow orange. I don't know about that when an entertaining billion popped into manager enjoy. It was any until it wasn't Jamie scissors -- it tanning pill or used to be on the market might make that I don't know I had never heard of adult. -- never heard of that yeah that's. And other certain things out of that turn you orange that I'm never heard the pill itself. A long time ago there was now might be wrong and maybe I created my head that'll be called liar no but I'm but I feel like a long time ago you could pop a pill and it turned your -- orange. I think it was like it didn't I don't remember did you digging. Saturday. Each items and Yahoo! did you think that the -- -- horribly Google -- -- -- that's actually that you're going to be -- Yahoo! when it's my new thing I say that because it doesn't -- -- let Google it. Someone go against the grain I'm like yeah who are young girl this. With that -- -- -- -- that I tried being last night a young man do that -- so I don't what do you what I'm good on finest of stories about you can get SH sun kissed glow in a bill. I and that I'm just trying to find this field itself. Was any pills and in tablet yet they don't I knew it any tablets are safe and I care and are retaining tablet -- on the market that's right. Yet. Never heard of -- -- Ask the bonuses sunblock he -- they're calling it a lotion which doesn't make it very appetizing. You conclusion that I call it's it's a -- some blog in the -- a lotion. And they say during the lotion or cream itself will vibrate on the scale and from the inside out. Lately wrecked you know we went up by Britain doesn't gain since I don't understand. Are you reading the word right there's always an I early and once you drink the green and -- -- -- agreement when she drink the green and -- when -- drinking -- green you back. You. It. -- rates on the skin canceling out 97% of sun's rays. Liquids and screwing us over thirty dollars a bottle and comes into tight spinning in nineteen. Vibrates at Imus I don't know if -- take the risk then you put you in your system -- implies that your skin on the outside no problem putting lotion on. But but why would you wanted to -- -- to get the word vibrates Rhonda. Yes it's brilliant. How are you got what's that. What about that. Our aid kit you know turn themselves pollute like a smirk on her home 111000. Yeah yeah eaten -- to them kinda like I -- -- or something that would just. Wait too much at that time over a long period of time and it turned to look. -- liking what -- take like homeless. -- the mineral oil or mineral or something -- he. -- -- around for more than you know what I think you might have it now because it -- guy blew it you. I'll show you this picture yeah you're exactly right yeah that forms there yeah. -- Holy See. Hall we are well -- he has since passed away -- -- and now Ron does not line either. And that was from something that he put in his system yesterday's. It would. Well good. He revealed that his skin turned blue as a side effects. Of consuming a silver com. Pound for more than ten years to create a bad case of Dermot Titus on his face. -- -- are all really took to -- to clear the space turned in the. That's crazy. Brilliantly blue thank you run it as this sea of blue -- and -- This is like the trees and Arnie and right into it and he died I don't I mean they're -- group -- The isn't it now. I say that -- that was that partridge girl and a Partridge Family whenever the one that played the piano that they piano. Anyway she was so worried about her weight when she was in the partridge failing -- she would be -- to all the time she -- orange. From the -- again it's back to TV channel. Really turn -- She turned Norton she turned or Jim realized the girl that plays piano -- departure in this in real life because all -- she and I am learning so much for that. There's a blue man out there well was he die yeah. And then the girl to play the piano in the park extremely turned only turned orange because she was always dieting -- -- -- care and carrots and orange and know her name is our name isn't on the subject. Quite yet. What's up. I'm -- everything -- every -- and like my brother. I'll monitor on and he didn't trial and -- -- politics. In the hell out. Employing -- they may we ask. You know and you had quiet you know am -- going on the -- -- ankle bracelet on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thing done now I understand completely. All right -- the drinking too much Libya deep. Passes to the -- Rene -- yeah. Clearly that's he can take B twelve and because she's right everything does goes through your skin and it makes a smell I know -- and it gets rid of mosquitoes. B twelve if he didn't B twelve that makes us think a little bit on an equal it's not like it's not that mosquitoes can. I'm learning so much today are gonna take notes here you weren't anything else this. I am brilliant this is the most educational morning show you ever come across -- I mean we really -- -- and -- mark. You have to market it and -- it. And where now. When I went out what it girl at school and -- -- Her mom Donna strict diet associated with care and she literally had an orange -- -- you're. But let beta here -- doctor David. Yeah yeah. About stuff that's thing about me as just does come and not just the honesty you know you have a great memory from my old story hit the net. I mean crap that everybody else forgets about I -- who just sat around it and remembered that a partridge rural turned orange who knew and worked with the partridge. It can't remember some partridge the Asian guy he had a lot of portraits knowledge to -- do you know in the counterpart to just that -- down and covered anybody did -- A lot to argue that a lot of departures of my favorite part two story business by. Danny was so down and out at one time. That wasn't he would go to mall he leads among Arizona. And set a pear -- In the mall isn't there tree or content of character. -- Up from the body. Yeah and it stands. Ready to be allowed to avatar and I heard them all -- these sitting in it. Aired during. -- story this story I'm. Jane Jane. -- mornings on Dallas 1059.