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BJ & Jamie - Diet Soda makes waist line bigger. (5/21)

May 21, 2014|

New study says Diet soda not only kills you but it also makes you fat!


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-- on Alice -- every props today. The diet soda you know he finally had to listen to me I know finally. Well I was you action I read an article now and I've been harping on you for what months now. I about -- so it's gonna kill you and read that didn't listen to you I read an article did you. I credit you. The one where they followed those those people for ten years we have got what I read yesterday. Excellent excellent -- Here's what I don't understand okay. So I've been telling you the diet soda and ladies this is true. People who drink diet soda have a big -- health risk huge and -- could kill you at some point so I'm -- -- -- this for several months. She won't message comes in here with two big giant leaders and drinks both of them every single morning he's not online -- it ending yesterday she goes on money -- times article about how it broadens your waist. A hundred times. The person that doesn't drink a diet so this. The articles that I give her about it Tilly knew. Don't register the collegiate times out -- it's -- brought her why -- All of us on a oh I can't drink it really really bad that I -- Oklahoma. It's here it's. It says a -- -- them and understand what I'm saying that it says that research out of the University of Texas at Austin and the people who drink diet soda. Tended to the moon have larger wastes. After filing -- 174 people for about a decade they found that those whose scrolling. Drink diet soda had a 70% greater increase in waist circumference is. Compared when it's going non drinkers what -- are people who consumed two or more diet -- today's age. -- hundred person greater increase. 500%. Greater increase in your -- I stopped drink and it yesterday. Again -- that I -- looks. -- -- In tests mock up. -- -- -- -- Because he is that you don't use you don't listen to the ones that say it's going to -- me that this is the ones about away since you're all concerned about what about the other things that provides I would -- -- -- Artificial sweetener. Has more intense flavor than the real sugar so overtime products like diet soda. All our senses -- actually sweet food public anyway and then it goes on -- in the counter. -- says. Your body doesn't know what it's taking and so remember what I nineteen yesterday it's that weird fact where did you. Because he's sort traveling their shooters. -- Indians -- the show understand into diet soda have been shown to have the same effect on your body. Sugar. And it triggers and -- since you -- body into now. And storage mode didn't -- has the story and storage and that is blubber. Not expand storage mode that's what it -- That's a heavy turn folks to you know what I just thought of them please I don't think that storage -- we've been kind of doom and gloom for the past hour. We have lived the -- -- criteria and I know Latin and it doesn't look. Guy but what I don't. Mainly the drinking really have any that. This is the good the water. No I'm talking you know you are you listening I think your deer drinking it is sad thing that I can do they can do I. Probably any -- that I -- what a great picture you had to juggle water. Yep looks like moon job and it it was vinegar. Just of a gallon of of -- I guess what most people to get water genie in drinking water they drink eat drink and water bottles. I know that this may or feel like it's still achieve in a bottom here drinking it's like the moon shot bottle and a bit makes you feel like you still have that two liter bottle that bring an -- drink out so it. That it feels kind of the fake cigarettes -- -- Hussein. These are not a diet cokes and -- yesterday for fish. Are you doing good right. What was he brought in this morning. That little bit of -- -- little bit and I compass flat so through to a oh you get thrown away. The good for you good for you what you know I I thought he might have snuck well I thought he Stuckey hit on trashed. OK that's good to get a good job at he's not hit this morning. I hear of so let's listen listen. Audience is blacks -- kinda cool. Not at all she get a little and it. That was going on. For you you're go into the water like that got the water and a waste 500 times what's the word what does it. -- storage that unit Nat storage mode you have that yeah so yeah -- is that George noted. And that's that. -- you're probably better off streaking up -- it has real shooter in that this -- uses that -- uses her body you -- drink soda drink the real stuff don't drink the -- of the -- of skill because they have extra amount to sweetener and it didn't then you would drink real -- learned -- -- Pepsi whatever it has sugar. And so that's why that's the outlet is sport -- person but it's a bad mood I mean I can't let. -- the aggravated and it contains eight. They mornings on -- 1059.