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The SkyDeck cracks and Should there be gift shop's at memorial site.

May 30, 2014|

The SkyDeck in Chicago cracked as a family was sitting in it. Should you be able to buy a shot glass or t-shirt at a memorial site? Listen to what we think and other callers.


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Mean yeah on analyst. -- and seen me. -- -- On Allen is when you -- on. Oratory and warped door and I love our I don't I -- it in my case sat and thought yeah. Lindsay -- that attitude toward -- you -- and then she's just heartbroken now this out yesterday lately show and I. I hadn't seen any pictures I guess he started circulating yesterday where that skyscraper. In Chicago where that outside deck that's glass broke I know whom I got so there's this. This I don't know if you've seen it if I'll be seen but it's a big skyscraper like he said. And it's all blast -- stepped out over the city on the glass. The windows like kind of turnout need to step out into the windows media and that and so this this family from California they are standing there and then like other is -- take a -- there's a link. Starts crack. These are running -- they interviewed one of the guys yesterday Indy he's like all man when I saw that I got off as. -- yeah I knew better than staying up there the whole family was out on this thing. Look -- the company that made they're you know the engineers are never said it was the plastic coating. That covers the glass that was shattering. I don't care I don't care who. It looks like he chattering I'm leaving now I was in Chicago just a couple of years ago and actually went up to this thing. This seniors on what I used to be the Sears towers right -- now they breed named it. It is called Chicago Sky deck and we went out there and Lisa went out on the deck I refuse to go. You're a 130 stories up right -- 130. And then you have this glass container they just literally sticks out off the side of the building. And there are lines of people waiting to get in this thing I'm not a man. I'm telling no end now and you know one another when I wouldn't do what -- you know that new Porsche type thing they've built its glass out of the Grand Canyon. Oh yeah have you seen that I did I wouldn't daddy either I -- do that did you think that's right and just I was just look at -- than. It -- can -- -- another thing happening -- one or a czar and and and dogma. Filipinos to Philly and -- a Zardari what is. Cheese -- The -- The world trade synergies place did you see that is trending yesterday do. And -- talking about OK so you know they made the then them. Memorial you know the big memorial to 9/11 and what did you others give supplements can knock exit agree friend because people are really ticked off that they have a gift shop for the best -- because the remains of a lot of people are still at the bottom of this memorial right. So it's it doesn't. Look at -- and who he asked him with a camera number stealing it's really don't disgusting anyway so finally yesterday that pulled the cheese plates. Cheese plate yet if it's that it's a united states of American cheese plate and has three hearts were added that to ours -- or whatever so you can purchase cheese -- when he went there yet and they told and they violently yesterday to -- problem to give show. I added I don't know either. I did because that things privately funded in you gotta be able to pay for the sake I know that -- -- charge admission it's the only memorial in wherever that in America that they charge admission. And -- -- I think you get shot 5 am not a wrinkle in and I had an item at night. My -- he died in their a look at got a cheese plate where my where my husband -- you can get a World Trade Center a shot glass. And illnesses. Instead this this she's played 'cause not kinds of problems. And they even have my dog eat rescue doggy T shirts. Stuff like that for your dogs yes I have a problem I because it's money that they have to generate paid for the sake. See I didn't NY how else you gonna do it admission that it you've got to leave I don't patient's private donations should keep that thing alive I don't think you do. And they -- to have a 39 dollar black hooded sweatshirt the people don't really like his flight blackened darknets buddy. And and it says in darkness we shined the brightest. And people don't like him to the left outside black and it's I'm just prices caused sustained at this point because they knew it was coming. They -- you would they are then you know there's gonna get shot. Victim's families didn't other's gifts they were informed of the minute shots because it was part of the planes from the very beginning that they say they had no idea that they where they are failing members have passed away he snuck it in on Fiat were gonna on this and Pam how they -- they were gonna -- Revenue because they passed away. -- -- it she's -- here now is that something you by the it's it's the one to show aren't pulled up there's like this this size in the United States using -- -- I don't know you're you're that brought a -- like. It's not cheese in the in the shape of the United States. -- what is. It's it's it's it's it's a plate of cheese on -- and CEO. Like she -- meaning you will displaying. And the grapes on the man. I don't have problems it's like a platter I got a problem I don't like to meet him. I don't know I stills and this is linked. -- mean you don't have to put yourself with these victims so your. Sole reason got okay brand in the world trade and she died. And people are buying -- cheese plate. Yeah. Most CIA it wouldn't bother me because because it was built as memorial. It's also billed as a landmark slash tourist attraction there's no doubt about it. In any to a stretch you go to go to Disney World it's. But yeah I Disney World might -- Gleason who died there but I'm -- in the -- and the -- in the -- but he had the whole thing the whole concept was a tourist trap. For people yeah. It might not like that's not it is partially why I don't know it wasn't wasn't that similar deal. -- it's a it's a normal thing I mean an -- to do. Something with it and ended they needed a beautiful place and -- -- -- and she -- plates right. Would people remain in the bottom of it that's where their house. Yeah and it's a big controversy people argue about it left to right I personally don't have problem and gift shop in Rebecca. She is that front tee and a guy like Greg Simpson. And had a hard time with estrogen like. National cemetery yeah. I get married at our club and national cemetery at 8 AME. Tourist attraction at -- I had to -- say that's ridiculous. So imagine now you know that's where your data is laid to rest and now there's so little doggy T shirts. Yes if -- shot glass like it went everywhere else and it seems like. He says she she actually Felix. That's how did these people. You know. I think BJ is having a hard time getting them and I'm not an artist I never heard this story I've heard it debated left and right for the past couple weeks I think that and I'm on the side of that I don't have a problem to get shot in method acting you need to take yourself manner the I don't wanna take myself there and wanna be a part of that offense it's horrible gory scene here Brian. -- -- Now what -- what I've was you know you go to Hawaii and when people wrote she knew Fiat. Proper memorial. They have a gift shop owners while. -- trying to. They're trying to generate record does well. Yeah the paper thing. And a dash up at Pearl Harbor. I could say more about the people in Oklahoma City. Oh yeah I had never better I'm not sure. Rush on looking at now he says he have -- in Oklahoma City -- They have 100. Evelyn Graceland. And he died indictment there we sure do and district to backyard and move -- Nancy I think that's pretty common so. I don't I don't have a problem with New York City doing the same thing and again that the argument is -- that's the only way they can -- for. I don't like -- Our Brian thank you and LA and our cheese plate doggy T shirts with the crazy to me don't forget shark class and -- last. -- -- mornings on -- 1059.