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BJ & Jamie - A bride has a baby on her train? (6/3)

Jun 3, 2014|

The bride wanted the baby in the ceremony but did not want to carry her...


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On Alice in this ladies and idiot well I just tell Beijing has said. It's amazing to me and let you know I mean everybody's made a bad decision thing about how my dad used to -- -- that. The truck in that big boat and then to Dover England when it snowed. And to Dover on all of us kids and almost decapitated at the end so everybody may just dumb decisions you know in life I mean -- IBM. Living proof but everybody chooses one dumb thing to do in their life is that what effect -- -- everything CI I sept. Rates too because you know we used to ride in the back of a -- no seatbelts on you know I mean there were a lot of things that we did that now looking back on it is a little bit dangerous is a little bit on the original wouldn't know any better. She should know better it's very easy differences that you should just look at the situation and know that it's wrong and he should know better. So this woman had a baby -- to get a lid are bouncing baby bell murder of Adam. And so says she decided hey hey baby can skip me. You let me get married to a making you know legit with the baby and he's sincere and so then she's like -- to baby to be -- of our marriage. All of the baby to be there. But you know we're you know it'll ruin my address about a -- in the baby around my right. Because when you take a picture from the front first team given notices that they eat the right exactly and get to address prices box -- -- and put -- -- AB in the -- realm so this really long train perhaps you've seen the pictures. And she she put the baby contract to -- She put a little bit on the train and then -- it like with down. You know iron or whatever the staff is that tool if pesky -- the baby to the train with two. Via a walk down filed with the baby so you see so you see the lady from behind in the take pictures if she's walk in the login then. There's that they beat. On the -- and trading dragged across -- -- -- it's -- we -- you know don't tease her she could get out and dragged across this war breaks but it's here's the problem with the story. This just like what mark. Yes it's not like the you're dragging along -- -- I each month old or what mural which still does Al. You know it like it tablet didn't like get thinks it's unlike. Yeah I don't like just like its slide made record it's the whole thing is weird even if it is that it is weird it is we've been disk may be is one month old in -- and -- discussing the story last night. And and we really think that they should really filed charges against the culvert child abuse and answer why. Because you about a -- baby on anything and drag her across the floor in your -- yeah you can do it you know I think that. If you put a one month old baby on the floor New Dragon across Florida's videotape of that thinking got in charge I don't think so there's no that the child was never harmed. Note to potential was and that's all it needs. I mean I don't think there's anything there but I did think she's bias started and a new trend like people that you know I have their dogs in in their weddings maybe they'll just put another -- You think -- I don't know I don't know if it's going to be a new -- -- hand or like if you have like. You're great grandpa Steve who can't walk right you just -- -- -- and -- its content. -- You've got to begin our decisions. And now is is it. Disturbing kids beyond disturbing is it didn't really need kids to forget that -- back then again in her mind if she. You know it was the baby was gonna be safe Minnelli thing -- but there was more dangerous is those people if they stepped down the -- disease and no baby was commenced a dollar dress. Which are beyond that. Surprised that you think that the baby is completely safe -- there's no question that there's no way to babies can be heard a one month old -- these -- the soft spot. Yeah and are now I think if something's gone wrong a lot of things that's to -- idea I just I mean that I don't think there's a charge I don't think so yeah. At all I think there's a chance to investigate it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tablet while he yeah well it's silly to say you know which was her. Really below the -- investigate for doing stupid things I mean we've talked about you know the dumb things we've done is parents who -- Now remember. -- ceiling fan. Oh don't get out of it but that would be more classified as an accident wouldn't -- -- Taliban their -- -- this is completely intentional and an idiot and there's a ceiling where I -- but that's -- our. Idiot and I had sued in that -- and we're not immediate proof and even though where parents. I just I mean this is a kid I was I saw yesterday went viral you know -- with a huge screen and Albania. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life I was taking a first athletes -- well how ridiculous. I know what when I first saw the picture because I didn't see the headliner that -- thing I thought. That it was like Photoshop. And right doesn't mean they completely full -- shocked I thought I thought what what -- do what I thought maybe there was took a brand out there to Photoshop babies. In different positions in somebody put it on address and liquidate putted and cabbage leaf for so. And they feel at all let Annie -- -- -- -- -- thing with cats I guess now where you can't see you in different things rat you know and a piece of toast. It definitely did that's right yeah right it I thought maybe that was party a part of the new you know online trend. So what if this is just to commit the acts like what does she need this and maybe this is gonna become a thing. Whatever you treasury put on back you're dressed like -- -- a big Mac. I want -- island room that come back to my -- made me. Anything can go viral so it could day. And although somebody started every trailer is right. Everything I've seen about the story and it was all a Twitter and it was everywhere yesterday. Everything I've seen I've not seen the word brilliant but tactics of the act at a hash tag and brilliant yeah in a I saw hash tag idiot a lot yesterday she defending yourself. She does that and yes he is she. We should pulled -- audio unfortunately yeah I think the lady says something to that to move back them like it's my business and I can do what I want AM this -- who -- never in. Harm's way. And I would do it again. And I won the baby to be part of our way yeah. Glover you know much shows reach that point. What was he should -- the kids. It's shows she'll say they've beaten him through the. That was you know they they lead normal is just too small hole. I knew that kid is though let's visit the babies had obviously as. Its base is unhappy sleep in and then the terrain here it's inside of turning him all stuck in that tool -- -- Ottawa police. He is how I find out but at that at equity TSE advertise it looks like it's super glued. He's been super glued to the train I this is wrong here his Drupal everybody makes bad decisions let's not to enter. I would like that how she's that I have an idea. I'm Michelle. I'm I'm talking he can't -- -- unless. We I'll make that decision. Let's not -- to open. -- -- -- I think judgment but let's -- and that's her love rather live not on bad. I can't make that you know there's a lot of deals I can make relieved that someone Obama no I got judges on the fifteenth yeah -- everybody makes him back -- BJ. You have -- -- that -- -- -- well -- -- -- so we encourage kids -- -- blood be -- usually train I'd be and I've made some really bad decisions in life yes right and -- be judged. So I judging people think that that that. Judge I'm judging other people will you tell you I don't judge you about your bad decisions. You would have if you've -- -- well I want them but now there -- -- bottom I don't wisdom and good for you for damage CE -- out there. O'Donnell will be judged you on your bad decisions. He's just as you make it a case that's when you judge -- judge tenure on the road it's time everything's fine yeah. Eighties. And fit tax it's. What is today Tuesday him again and I find via you know who played a really good decision not to get into this. That Obama. Relief that president. It's such a heavy topic and I think that I really get into it but I mean -- -- all -- best judgment -- here is he catching heat over that whole training in everything that the Taliban and the shoe and we're not political window -- and again it's not rampant even get it that's -- that lady with a baby on a train or Obama with his decision. I'd do one he -- he's catching heat for -- now that these other people come out and said hey did that concern us you know who other people killed them what -- but vigilant eagle which was the worst decision attitude. Out of the 20 yeah. Well. It's close to an end that that's really close to a city that they'd be an image that may be picture one more -- -- -- it. It's a close and and I just believe that close our -- I had to do that but I will say this. Hers was really stupid but it's -- Contains -- weekday mornings on -- 1059.