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BJ & Jamie - Sean is Gullible! (6/3)

Jun 3, 2014|

Sean thinks that reality TV is real! Poor guy.


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On Alice she would bring this up to -- because I'm concerned when Norman only believes in an -- played. Harry and let let TV show on fox went about how I don't -- inheriting just how I wanna marry Harry or something like that. That -- okay the teaser tonight which is a box. Yeah when Mary Mary Mary Mary. Shot in the whole premise of the show us this -- show -- yet because they have a fake Prince Harry are written in England yes. So they're taking an edge and he didn't say it this way but some bimbo girls and Lowell homered and they have a dating showed who's gonna date Prince Harry all blow the girls don't realize it's -- -- Exactly they have alluded to the fact that it is at but they have not said that it is him that they haven't said that isn't him. So the girls are -- -- web -- running and I'm -- hearing there's so producers have not said to the girls that it is -- and they have not said to them that it is in Terry. They've left it up to them to make their own decision. On who this person. Is the bottom line is this. There's this stupid show and it's about trying to get hooked up wit with Harry in the prince of right. And all these girls think that alma organ on getting a public area right now think that denying any good looks just like him actually conduct like him he's him. Here's that. Sean walks into the studio just -- minutes ago we can't -- the conversation on here just a little bit. He comes in any does everything he can't I mean everything he can't -- convinced Jamie and I. That these girls have no clue that it's not Prince Harry. That he sold more. That they that he dash sold our hand it anywhere but Sean do you realize it's a TV show no I know believes it's really him. Sean what are your reply. My replies I think they're totally -- to have any clue. That is not the only person to these you know now I think to date got them toll -- in these girls believe they have a shot at marrying. It's very I just they're drinking it and they're conspiring in their pocket and you can see you know there. You -- so -- so gullible you really your pockets so many yes. Yeah what about the sharks swimming around Manhattan -- -- and decent hour. Did you brought that picture to be going to -- pretty sure exit merit it's like showing footage this. -- have a better point and that is that what you said to be out there is do you really think the royal saint. And all the way. Is -- allow. Him to be on reality show. Do you think these girls and that the royal family that would allow I think he did because that's what you're saying there are so stupid now. That you don't. Realize that the royal family would not put the kibosh on this I. I mean that. -- that way. I expected these girls believe it to be here. You know here's the problem and that reality I don't agree that we got he's not -- that's. -- so colorful. And I'm concerned there's two reasons weren't concerned of one instantly goes out and -- -- -- and other people we're -- it's a reflection of our show is really a budget -- -- a -- rallies -- -- TA NOO. All right. -- I was yeah I don't think we have a lot like I of the game as -- way in the you know scholar not let's forget to point warrant OK -- number is now this isn't your point here. With point number two issue and I'm afraid that when you get later in life later in your years okay. That somebody's gonna come to your house selling something. Your style your -- -- all your IRA in one day. -- you're gonna -- you rat out your money your view are you scam waiting to happen well it's happened done via the continent. I may have spotted a club in time that was -- -- discounted stuff its eyes and and -- the club was like. Yeah it. The other -- how much that. -- commute via via and the best part -- it. The garnish your web can sign the -- and contract and then he's -- -- on the -- lot of -- gullible idol. Denied that petition was. Oh. I catch I had Shonn back on the -- because I watched it last week. These women are -- if they truly believe it Harry and I worried what you're saying. That there -- and Eric and its seat Mary secretary Derek that's. Down and that they're back all books questioning a man that -- Mark Foley to Kerry and I can't believe they're they vote. I can't believe anyone is. I don't think they're going 010 and beyond that don't show reality show with Prince Harry they don't there's no way is they got do you do you realize then. No I consider -- front and that the way to present it's. Funny how the mind works because they're not saving kids and that they needed but it. That -- helicopters. The security -- Our last week I run up to grab him electric. The helicopters flew Errol fast. Girl wearing little or. All the these reality. Is reality -- yeah yeah. I think we -- -- -- Yeah it's all come out over storage -- Right now I don't need many -- Dynasty is safe to bring you so bummed when you're when he could be said it was all rigged yeah. Where he's at its all year and -- they know -- those things they add. It's like bachelorette there are all fighting for you an advocate to write a stupid no this. Santa Susanna listen to us -- and Linda there are all raid did. Every TV show even Tori and dean everything were playing out there. Area and -- just tell you one more example and I know I've told the storm -- just elegant yeah. OK for example when it went breaking Bonaduce or whatever that show was a little. Filmed right when they any -- out. I filmed the pilot was in which means that that to see if they get it picked up side -- the pilot with him. And on the -- -- Depp he's my -- And I -- -- -- -- of the right the so we're all my Japanese like I can't believe how jealous screeching is over that when women and I said unlike. Well that's weird because she knows about the three other women you blinked. He flipped out on me we -- tape yet because that was retail. And -- what that in the snow the script with one woman who yeah. You tell us why the other because I mean we're all we also on The -- every one of them is fake they're not. Yeah I hear you that the way to the train right now it's like any you know it its -- on -- it's. -- -- That's where they honestly think it's like actually our primary Prince Harry. And they remember I told you that and for Gretchen birthday yeah they hired strippers Gretchen knew they were hiring strippers but it looked like she and her friend hired him but -- -- and production crew hired the strippers male strippers for a day. Even if they can't really answer was our party he knows about he he he used discredit her gather all -- -- any gains and another step and and then Lisa the -- to -- the bad so with him. She got mad because he's likely how -- -- and she went to say eat in you know -- paid for what might make me the -- in this TV show via union. But he was a good after all that and. -- next stranger's car right exactly exactly as well. He used his credit cards that the EU intent of the is that it was a stranger it yeah I've done -- not. -- that was a strange -- pleasant now and about Ari does this sound act that problem probably had shots the other just prior to that all this obsessed in one of those. That's -- and thirst and that is a big shock. DA stated that so tell me that wrestling is not that I. Pretty shocked that the yeah so OK it's not chuck that's the only 13 even get to. Give sun something okay I'm committed to -- -- yes she is very nineteenth gullible gullible. You know I'm still hard to -- a -- of life or whatever so for example. I think that'd be go to the store and they have that weird little jar in enemy in and says please tell the kids of whatever and it's a spare change and I don't. Because -- like the employees at the into the night double back and -- yes I'm would you. Sun gets that James -- yeah -- until the other day because we went out there and I don't do that. Means. But he -- I don't. To see this is why banner and the person in maybe that's -- Maybe he should still believes in magic. Maybe he believes in my good accounting business of -- -- people yeah. People -- -- nothing nobody tries to pull the wool over anybody's in this world everything that everything is on the up enough. -- told me this this is sensing -- and generally hard. Oh my govern and and whatever in Angela to Internet and she says -- You can trust anybody. You can't. This thing I -- ever heard so true hole east it's so true -- that she can't said I want it always remembered. You can't contrast of that. And that brand that's a season amnesty pat there pissed. She's right now a little lonely you knock you. Or she's up to know. Who lives I trust everywhere and I believe in mankind that people want to do the right they aren't. Yeah. -- -- Sorry at -- needs music can I do your speeds up you're screwed for it. -- You are so -- it's never going to. -- and eight weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.