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Is Facebook Invading our Privacy?

Jun 6, 2014|

Facebook can now watch us and listen to us without even knowing. Say What?


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-- -- yesterday when you were all concerned because I was giving you that at. That could take your picture somebody stole your phone were picked a picture of the thief. You tournament because I didn't like the app because it it's -- left a camera on the whole time it was it's a -- device -- so it could take your picture and you'd want your picture being taken you want any kind of snooping whatsoever. Well yeah because you know that happens on Skype or whatever. I'm -- what they tell people to cover the little camera button because people can tap into your computer. And see you in your house just like that baby monitor in Eminem thing right when he went way what's gone on over the. Dear realize that FaceBook is snooping on your -- -- Only agency. In here you. -- -- FaceBook these folks can bring new feature the most people don't even know about him and he quickly. Click on missile item which I guess that those who don't realize that I -- it turns on your Smartphone. Microphone. Where I did everything you see it being. They can monitor your conversation easy scroll through FaceBook air -- went to check this what I don't like yeah. Because every time I did this -- you call me a liar. I don't not a liar you know you're strong -- little -- if you just say yeah. -- well a liar. You always ask a generator. Will lose your sources -- unions who injury so I think the word liar for lives okay not a lot not a liar not here and look at best. FaceBook is this. Yeah there's a new feature -- basement and allowed you to make the microphone on your Smartphone active which will allow FaceBook. To pick up on what is happening around you if he hears a song for example I will identify the song -- status update. That's creepy yeah that's. They're listing you know what it's about to become. They're going to be listening and watching and we're not even going to -- well. And you know what's funny is because so only people complain about this yeah I think haven't they that they'll post the status like I like this I like those. Those sheets and that computer separate 1999. I never -- that I never. TNT but and they don't show it to me on my page but you almost see it but I don't know it's there. Because some -- it's not like oh you like the sheep and whatever my -- talking about. I was on -- so that they posted. Yeah I know I know I don't OK I was on FaceBook just a few days ago and always looking for. Oh I was on the -- and it was looking at a set of golf clubs I went to eBay it was going back and forth and whatnot so later in the afternoon and you tell me. If this is just a coincidence inked. Or is this something that was actually lanterns on scrawled in the FaceBook page. And all of a -- and add. For these specific golf clubs. Popped up on not FaceBook page it was planted there and I didn't put it there but it was the exact same model everything in the clubs I was looking. Showing how they do that it's the wind is set because I almost pulled you over here a minute ago and said almighty god Bora Bora the four seasons Bora Bora just showed up on my FaceBook. Because memorize the look -- it -- and it's like it's. But right now it's fifty dollars off per night which is nothing like fifty dollars off overnight in Bora Bora for a season as I'd like. I don't know -- -- I don't -- they've been watching your searches and you know she says that yes on FaceBook. It says many people are creeped out by the feature would seems to be spying on its users a lot of Diebler urging users. Today's able to feature and -- in letters and notes to the site so I did. I'm right now I don't know how you doing in settings right now I -- terrible at settings want tell us I don't know Jamie. I just know that he has the capability of turning on your Smartphone microphone or whether what about support dashboard that -- anything you could be -- yeah. I think you could be doing they can be listening to Jamie. You realize that. And I know right now. Eight years of -- under mark whatever name is not they can do listen to us on the web right now if you just to listen to the street I know aren't talking about your private life but even like. But the song you're listening to him in the posted as money -- yeah because you have -- suggested he. All these weird movies and stuff when it says like things I -- music I like every penny of that. I never bothered to go into that -- well on that likened whatever. What what's due to a guy that knows everything there is to know about the Internet wheel scooter producer Sean Sean -- the summer and I do this I'm in general you account settings and only felt that we do. Well we're gonna need to go to settings and -- need to find out that he the the name of this thing in -- go to settings on. How are you doing this is a PSA for our listeners droids to get over sure. When he got primary net. Or will appear next to my name what does that with my network if earning academic network little old Ernie -- support dash board. It's always here's a -- Severe reports an inquiry if we need more information we'll let you know he blind leading global underground Napster. Original -- Play is oh okay all right so I'm watching -- it's. I am what you showed as he searched through all the different settings on here. We're probably gonna have to get back to you and how to -- this lead off hitter and she did -- line which -- -- Does let's go back. -- -- -- -- It's not -- friends I can I can't think -- I found I found I think -- and had. As is our friends as his friends I think our eggs in for an opt out of -- I'm. -- They're slated for you by face -- based on what you do on a particular company's website -- IMAP I'm not putting it -- -- that's. Okay Nia writes we got that way I don't think that turns off the microphone now. -- -- There's party sites and -- still here at the PGA JB morning Carol -- -- settings are well when it comes to FaceBook the maybe so we may have if that TO this storm off the. I'll use this blood the end game is a website dubbed FaceBook and elsewhere. Turn it off turn it off when it up front and honest or not -- -- is not true enough but. Can you tell me is crap and then I. No content spin off my arch is set I don't know how to turn in our room here. -- -- music city you want to join go through a full sense -- exile you reflect a little -- -- if anybody knows how to turn this this microphone. Off were terrified and I don't like it we're terrified this is not okay. We don't want this we don't want to be on FaceBook and then all of a sudden out of nowhere with clicked on something we did no one wants. And the microphone comes onto everything on your phone is. Or anything in the rose being picked up and it started turning on a microphone. How do we know they're not turning on the camera yeah exactly. And his said that upfront you know permanent they're going to be watching and listening to everything we say and do and we don't even you know little -- -- has been my demise and -- I'm under center and yet I wish -- a galaxy shut the start of movement that shattered -- start a movement. But then -- I -- my friends eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- gonna know for duck wins the race I -- went to metropolitan state University of Denver while -- on the. More than try and take credit for -- they want to take credit for you yet. For him and then it's coated -- included -- might be helplessly Kate. We feel -- were being watched and listened to enough. I see what I understand it only on the application layer style. It about eight year old. And edit and it's exciting because now when you escaped but not -- can actually called -- boy I'll expect that enter. -- need to use -- I have. Trying to I already told me it that Quebec back your microphone that you -- application on -- I I don't know how to do that I. Other Smart aren't you can disable the microphone accepts. And -- I didn't think so call me the that he nearly yet. Yeah apps and you can't you static you can't -- the boycott and circuit but. On grew so wish. Okay why would I wouldn't say that I just read the holy Bible lately. What books have you read like our own country who admittedly I've read the holy Bible and Better Homes and Gardens new cook book -- good three year getting to be a better person -- -- read I don't know but I'm happy important. All right Kate that cleared of everything. Is that making that -- And -- on the -- say I don't know is that they just put them in there for me. We want to -- and picking apart quickly here let's go to -- -- stick to -- Shannon. Hello what do we do -- I don't know. If it's sitting eager to do it on your own. OK. It's not like Smokey Robinson. The but. -- Atlanta but -- my -- is elect to spice girl Pacific. Okay anyways I go -- let Kenya to do on -- phone. Yeah are slowing you go into here. -- year Aden to your apps settings. And it says -- messaging location service. Important. Never remembered only like one of V winging it and adapt well beware they're listening to you. This is all. A good luck as well as -- keep. I just found a thing they can -- in the corner take all those TV shows and music up. Merle Haggard is not. Smokey Robinson to go back to show and I'm sure he's gonna figured out. -- Yeah what's what's the deal with. Well. I did it ladies sit there at it to a location thing and it's and it turned off. But I that's not that's I have not found anything about it -- it's. A good job. I. Well -- you back to a separate. Good job -- okay. He -- a weekday mornings on Dallas 1059.