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Crazy Storms, Hail Damage and Hank's Jeep

Jun 6, 2014|

We have been getting a lot of storms with hail. It will damage your car and Hank's Dented Dream.


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EJ and -- Loss of 59 the DJ and Jamie morning show twelve minutes after raids heavy thunderstorms. Again today. He's been in before like -- like five and four other Iraqis Cayman Islands so that's going on this weekend you know I was just as in I have no idea. This supposed to start afternoon but I don't when it's gonna end the sun is hitting and in around 6:37 o'clock mid -- came back again later. You know -- like the people's -- going on here does start on. But I'm not. I'm not a meteorologist I don't know I don't know I know bands say in the -- than it does start today or is that tumor. People say or had any that distortion -- -- the big the -- a lot going on downtown who aren't there all current -- one on. And now so it's a big deal definitely for though he supposedly heavy heavy thunderstorms again this afternoon. He old. Which is not good knowledge doctor Christian in the big and especially when you have thousand dollar deductible if you have not good. Now let me know what you do here's what you did at because this what we had dinner last half yet you look around the room and you go OK who as the biggest deductible. Well I didn't and so on what we did is take his yes Gary how much -- deduct mileage you know whenever you get a and deepening and your car into the garage -- wherever you are and then you agreed that you pay off the person that has the lowest deductible that moved their car for. Correct if I didn't sense that that's the business he. Yeah at least it keeps her car -- side it's the more expensive car in the highest deductible right which is working out for us yeah. But we've yet to have anything to humans damage so Russia saying here's some. -- it's hopefully not today but let's see what happens a lot of places did and you know even there's selling cars and different cart dot. With -- images posted discount does I think it works and. -- -- And I mean. I -- newly hired. Do you know. I don't know though if in and look I love the car companies hope to do great business I hope these sell all blame he'll dented cars that god I hope so. Five wanna go buy one no that's all beat up but my -- I think what you can do is you get when those as seen on TV -- earth movers on -- and it is so I mean it's gonna take about a thousand times doing it. But even that little section about a group. And recruit candidates to get thousands of India remember that big suction to -- -- elements of pop out -- is trying to. -- never have -- it takes to chairman he's gonna go get one of those cars from Nebraska. From the other day I still yet because he thinks that they'll be real cheap with all the big -- marks on them. They're going to be the grass Jimmy and Jerry said he's like they are all size he -- there he didn't seem to care if he's -- it. -- think's gonna be cheap you think they'll sell it cheap or will they just send him back and. I don't think it's gonna get a really good gas mileage is all those holes and a Philippine waters got bogged the car yeah. It is also realize that if it's attorney 5000 dollar 30000 dollar vehicle she means still fifteen. 181000 dollars and he's in its -- not getting one for like 200 bucks. It well you know now and now their brand new cars have healed yet you're still gonna pay 151000. At least. 30000 dollar you know he really squish a man's dream. Which is you're trying to save -- match there is -- now. Assert Nebraska not really square -- man's -- Jamie you realize he's crawling in that GB of this. And these two and a hacked his way put all the stuff that has -- 200 dollars to 6090 Easter. A six and -- like these and he's a head start and is it doesn't have a top out at I don't think you don't top does. -- top out customer he's gonna take 200 dollars in his pocket he's gonna go to Nebraska -- keys to get a new car. I'm just saying you know maybe we should sometimes we should be positive people we should be the -- to -- The positive -- you know while it. Good luck -- put them. In the great idea Hank and we wish you well and up till lunch. -- Not -- because I'm a hi I'm part of the positive thinker he literally thinks she's gonna go get one of these cars from 500 ball. It's Friday. -- shots I'm really happy Hadley to be non negative -- like call and didn't kick your dream buddy. -- -- Into. Their dead and dreams tonight them and in DC. I'd love it I think it's a reality show. Good luck and I did to dream and it's like myself who pony with that Romney. My -- doing and be sure and now Texas a picture we do car. Out. I feeling it tear -- -- it's like that cancer movie right it's not what I. Into dreams. That I did you think he can you imagine these city over the Nebraska. Going -- car lot that car lot well it does 500 dollars. It's easy thing is that I don't I don't think yeah yeah I'm at the show and I. Here and he's gonna get a new car not sure how an intern qualify for a loan. -- -- -- -- -- Seeking a loan notice these things can. I'll with the trading Australia's 69 GPA or trade in the Jeep couple hundred bucks on top to give the new car have you look that bad Jeep. -- I've looked into outlook that similar ones and it's it's experts though did you -- look at. With how it looks not the ones that are in and mint condition of the condition not -- like lawyers the it. Nine or eight -- like that. That car you're driving is worth binary thousand dollars. Intrusions. Acknowledge that no it's not unbeatable obliterate. That -- are real -- really nice ones out there effort 20000 that are moment. Actually -- Yeah. And -- when your -- -- yeah. -- -- got -- and is now I would think he needs 300 dollars of that car. It's just -- And there's nothing good about it there's no parts to be like that aren't the classic the -- And I couldn't come to the negative side. -- feel it's a classic -- evaporated. -- And we literally have to push started. My in the parking lots of us. It's too late he thinks like give me a push each -- can you help me out here a parked -- a hill and he. He noted is here's what I visited as. You know when I told you the other day I walked by Mir and I was I -- that's not me I was like -- when I get so ugly. He thinks his vision of what that -- looks like the classic and what we -- There -- different when it's a cup classic accordion collectors aren't. Right exercise like I think my -- -- -- -- adorable there but other people like move Switzerland -- -- Exactly. So when he's -- said the the Jeep it's his lazy eye and we look at is like rule of lazy like. And I'm looking at this thing is maybe three weeks from scrap metal. You guys are looking at it as a collector's item its new. Listen. It's way it doesn't go to -- It's attached to include -- can't Kelley blue book because it will go to an. Go back that far hated his bride didn't. But actually -- your car before. Take a page amendment and -- -- you wouldn't know where tiger says his is worth nine and 8000. That's what he has signed a thousand died 8000 dollars you tell us what you think that. People that picture of they tell us Kelly what would you pay for this turf like a net. Take flight and don't take -- shot that you did it where it's like these do real life he's actually tried to sell yet. Because he doesn't wanna go to Nebraska and get a dented up car and that's his goal Kimberly McCain to back that are killing will be a a lot of weird goals your -- -- About we have Harry -- the intern his goal is to sell this beat -- piece of crap from a car he's got which he says -- 98000. Dollars for. He wants a -- so he can hit the road and go find some of the most beat up cars in America in Nebraska. And by. Everybody has hopes and -- speech working his way up and everybody death. Our look at the picture on FaceBook you tell us what you think this cars worth of that it's a piece jock. Off. He's gone he's companies in the elevator are okay here at Yankee years but I I would say distance to -- is is he loves. You don't want but I think that the he says it's his baby -- how much she loves his car. Dude if you offered him another car with four wheels right now the swap out even he'd take it. In all part. Evangelicals this woman's baby he would let his big fly in a heartbeat. Let's just give that soccer away and but I wonder feature from -- public absolutely would in a minute here it's seven yours better car. Well yeah well it's every you have to have it up the hill and then you have to let it. You have to have that neutral and then -- in the first year to get its start quickly here with man. That's -- -- -- starter didn't start -- -- to push it was so this is this is sitting in Trey and Matt. Nor -- they Matt have you seen this car we're talking about. I haven't that I don't have they thought that you call a classic. Because it's a -- Serb and a lot of its annual -- and rested and I appreciate it. -- -- -- Management gives -- -- RB music so we do our talking on the air and I don't put picture of FaceBook -- you -- -- the -- Maintains a weekday mornings on -- 1059.