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Pride Fest is coming and give away VIP tickets.

Jun 16, 2014|

Pride Fest is just around the corner. We gave away VIP tickets to this amazing festival!


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-- -- -- When she gave us. -- -- -- Ritchie Davis who should you David Ritchie Davis is on stage of brightness this weekend problem isn't -- Prince damaged the girl or guy that it up. -- investigators. Yes that's right it's a huge party this weekend doesn't matter who is speaking citizens -- When it isn't this week -- yeah plan. We'll bring on Saturday night to the -- on Sunday -- -- this Sunday ES OK I. I and then Saturday actually it's a whole weekend they can -- that we have the FT. Tickets free courtesy of cyan. For the pride fest on Saturday civic center park downtown Denver includes access to the BIP area. With unbeatable views of the main stage free -- street bubble bubble bubble bubble below below Obama. Now I gotta tip over the weekend the people are really looking forward -- -- although our for our favorite fans are looking forward to is being on Sunday June Jamie. A BJ yes BJ they are looking -- volatility and an and so. But I of also been -- I guess this year they're doing a big thing -- squirt guns to. That's I guess we're we're supposed to squirt guns they have to work on -- we could -- What he's squirted we could be squirted my pants yes and some just a warning to -- -- -- jerks. About it. It's going to be that I reflect on this year's super density is that I have such -- thing -- yeah I think things can be so tell. -- Why I didn't hear. We're gonna be in the parade will be there on Sunday were on that big were on the big a fiery right yep we are trying to fire engine. It the square against its score so look out we're coming after he tied it again I'm I'm just a feeling it right now one of his it was such a long weekend. It was such a long -- causes some -- and I was very very busy I'll examine the Monday notice until -- -- -- -- about -- -- others. And it is now exciting -- but yeah no knowledge price since price dresses and a weeklong celebration. And people are celebrating tonight. So we've got to get rewritten and you've gotta you gotta pick up pace and -- does that feel like can move. I think we need to get away these tickets gone back to pride fest reality gaffe affect every Saturday given. Yeah. Target Iraq remember -- it's going to be busy weekend -- I -- 22 right now at three A 322 outs. Personal and EJ and Amy. Ellis 1059.